Do Hybrid Cars Need Smog Check? Here’s the Answer!!!

Do Hybrid Cars Need Smog Check

Every state has a smog check program to maintain the inspection of vehicles for excess emission of smoke. They do this to reduce air pollution and improve the cleanliness of the air we breathe. Different states have different smog check policies implemented based on the type and model year of the vehicle. Generally, we are requested to do a smog check on gasoline, alternative-fuel vehicles of the year 1976 and hybrid vehicles. So, the answer to your question, ‘Do hybrid cars need a smog check?’ is a yes. They are subjected to a smog check in many of the states. Let us walk you through what smog check is, smog check on hybrids and more.

What is Smog Check, and Why is it Required?

The smog check is an inspection done on our vehicle emission-control parts and systems by the Bureau of Automotive Repair administers. The smog test is done on vehicles to measure the emission of pollutants, the amount as well as the type of pollutants released.

Smog check includes some of the following types of inspections; the functional inspection of the OBD system or the onboard diagnostic system, the engine check light, the exhaust gas recirculation system, the ignition timing, and the gas cap and evaporative system.

What is Smog Check, and Why is it Required

In addition, the inspection is also extended to testing our vehicle’s tailpipe emission and visual inspection of the emission controls and systems.

It is crucial that we do the smog check every other year for registration purposes, when you’re changing the ownership of vehicles and when registering a vehicle for the first time.

Do Hybrid Cars Need Smog Check?

Yes, hybrid vehicles, too, need a smog check. But luckily, the hybrids consume much less gasoline compared to other traditional vehicles. So, the hybrids usually have a small amount of smog output compared to traditional cars, so they can easily pass the test.

According to California state regulations, if our hybrid is more than 8 years of age, the car will need a smog check biennially. Any new electric hybrids aren’t subjected to the smog check. And if our hybrid is 4-model years or more and the ownership of our car is changed, it needs a smog check. And in Nevada and Arizona, the hybrids are exempted from smog checks for 5 model years.

In Colorado and Delaware, all the electrics, including the hybrid, are checked for smog after 7 years. In Idaho, Indiana and Illinois, electric vehicles, including newer hybrids, are exempted.

These are the hybrids which are exempted from smog checks; all years of Honda Insight and Honda Civic hybrid, the Toyota hybrid Highlander, the Chevy hybrid Tahoe, the Toyota Prius, the hybrid Camry and the Lexus hybrid RX, GS, and LS.

How Do Hybrid Cars Compare to Traditional Cars in Terms of Emission?

We have hybrid cars designed for both gas and electric motor engine. This works by switching between the two engines, which depends on the driving condition and speed.

Where compared to the hybrids, traditional gas cars are designed with a conventional gas engine. Since the hybrid has the ability to switch between the two, gas and electric, their fuel consumption rate is much less than the fully gas-consuming traditional cars.

The hybrids, compared to gas-run cars, work on three mechanisms; the full hybrids run on both gas and electric, where the battery is charged by the gas engine.

Then we have the mild hybrid with both an electric motor and gas engine, but the battery can’t power on its own. The third one is the plug-in hybrid with its onboard battery rechargeable externally in stations.

Because of this very reason, the hybrids could actually help save gas and also reduce air pollution due to lower levels of emission.

What to Do If your Hybrid Car Fails a Smog Check?

There are many reasons why your hybrid may fail the smog test, so we need to identify the issue and rectify it before getting the smog check again.

Sometimes the individual readiness monitors don’t give the result ready for the vehicle. When this happens, the vehicle will fail the test.

This normally happens when the car has had a repair or battery-related issue in a recent time period. So, drive the vehicle for around a week and take the test again.

Another will be non-restored software in the vehicle if the software is not restored to the OEM or the EO-approved version.

It may fail the test. So, try scheduling an appointment with the smog check referee to modify the software before testing again.

What are the Maintenance Requirements for Hybrid Cars?

Hybrids don’t actually require such frequent maintenance. The hybrids only require to have the most basic form of maintenance, for example, checking for wear and tear on the brakes, where hybrids could run more than 100 000 miles before changing them. In addition, we need to do oil changes for the cars because of the internal combustion engine used in the vehicle, and the other checks include the battery maintenance, the auxiliary fan system, regular charging and also, the car battery has this serviceable air filter to reduce the heat.

This filter should be replaced occasionally. Other than that, they don’t need any major maintenance.

Are Hybrid Cars More Polluting than Petrol?

Hybrids are one of the least polluting cars we have today; others include fully electric cars like the Tesla. Compared to the other traditional cars we find; the hybrid’s emission is much less as they switch between the electric motor and the gas engine.

The gas engine gets to be used only when the speed and driving condition change. The hybrids are known to be more environmentally friendly by producing 46% less than traditional petrol and diesel engines. Because of the reduced amount of greenhouse gases emitted, they are much safer for usage.

Petrol and diesel engines pollute the atmosphere by the amount of toxins they release into the environment along with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen.

The only downside comes from the plug-in hybrid because their battery emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the official measure that is suggested.

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