Does Check Engine Light Come On For Oil Change?

does check engine light come on for oil change

If you are an owner of a vehicle, then you know how hard it is to maintain it. If your engine light comes on, you are wondering why the light turned on. This means your vehicle needs some attention, and something has gone wrong. There might be different reasons for this. So let’s have the answer to the question, ‘does check engine light come on for oil change?’

Most people ask this question, and you are here to find out whether it is true.

Yes, this may be through in some cases. Your check engine light will come on if your car needs an oil change, but there may be other reasons why the engine light comes on. This may occur for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will see all the possible causes for that.

Does Check Engine Light Come on for Oil Change?

The check engine light appears on most vehicles’ dashboards as a warning. There is something wrong with the engine of your car if this occurs. You should consider if your engine lights come on.

An oil change is not the only reason your car engine light will switch on; there are many possible reasons.

As I have said before oil change or a dirty engine can cause this problem. Therefore first, you check the amount of oil on your vehicle using a dipstick. If it is too low to dark in color, you must first do an oil change.

You may experience a check engine light even though this is only a possibility for many. If you own a car, it is helpful to know why your car engine light will come on. So you can quickly check with your mechanic only after you cannot fix the problem. That way, you only have a little money for your mechanic.

We will discuss all of the possible causes of your check engine light coming on in this article.

What are the Main Reasons Why the Check Engine will Light On?

It will be frustrating to see the car engine light come on because you will have to take your vehicle to a mechanic, which will cost you some money. It lights on to say something is wrong with your car; it could be something simple or profound either way, you must give some attention to your vehicle.

Changing oil is a must when maintaining a car, and if you didn’t do an oil change for a while and your engine light comes on, you can think that it is because your vehicle needs an oil change.

And if your check engine will come on after an oil change, that might be a different reason why it was on. So let’s see the other possible reasons for that.

Dirty or Damaged Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor monitors the unburned oxygen level of your car. This is important because the oxygen sensor helps your vehicle indicate fuel consumption. If you see any difference or decrease in fuel economy, this might be the problem.

If the sensor is unable to detect the oxygen level or if the sensor goes out, the check engine light will come on.

So you should go to a mechanic as soon as possible and make sure where it is dirty or damaged if so you will have to clean or replace it at the earliest.


Overheating might be the other problem that will cause to come on the check engine light. If this is the case, you will likely see signs that indicate that your vehicle is overheating. At this point to should be careful not to drive your vehicle further. To begin with, you should stop the car and allow it to cool.

You should not take this lightly; this may cause severe problems. If you cannot fix it independently, the best option is to call for help.

A Loosened Gas Cap

This is also another reason to indicate the engine light is on. This might be a simple fault, but this may cause your engine light to come on. It may be loosened or damaged; either way, you must check and tighten the cap or replace it if damaged.

Before doing any of this, you should switch off the engine, and after you have fixed the problem, go and switch the machine back on and see if the light is still turned on.

Bad Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are the ones that help to fire the fuel; if those are damaged, then the car will not be able to fire the power properly. Your check engine light may also be illuminated due to this problem. Dont worry! I’m going to give an easy and inexpensive solution to this problem. If you still need to replace those after buying the car, you may need to replace those spark plugs.

And make sure you take a little time to fix it, even though it is a simple task to repair or replace. If you make the necessary arrangements to fix it as soon as possible, you will avoid worsening the problem.

A Problem With the Catalytic Converter

A damaged spark or oxygen sensor tends to damage the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is the part that converts the carbon monoxide into harmless air, which acts as a filter for emission air. This is also a problem that should address as soon as possible. Your mechanic will be able to assist you in resolving this issue. Set this up as soon as possible since it may cost you several thousand dollars.

Is  It Safe to Continue Driving with the Check Engine Light On?

Depending on the circumstances, this can vary greatly. Some advice you to pull over when you notice the engine light coming on.

If your car is overheating problem with the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor, you must pull over your vehicle and fix the problem. If it is something like a loosened cap or damaged spark plug, you can drive with the engine light on; it will not cause any severe damage.

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