How to update Subaru Maps? Get Lost No More

How to Update Subaru Maps

It’s crucial to keep the Subaru Navigation mapping current so you can get the greatest and most precise driving instructions when you’re on the road. How to update Subaru Maps? Here are a few simple procedures you may follow, regardless of the Subaru model you get around, to rapidly update your maps.

This piece will give you a quick rundown of the maps that Subaru uses and how to tell when your Subaru navigation needs to be updated. Learn the advantages of updating the Subaru GPS maps as well as how frequently to do so.

What Maps Does Subaru Use?

Through the integration of TomTom maps, navigational software, and modern user interfaces, Subaru’s STARLINK Multimedia entertainment system improves the driving experience for drivers.

TomTom provided the navigation software whenever Subaru originally debuted its STARLINK Multimedia in-dash entertainment system. The next year, Subaru strengthened its collaboration with TomTom to introduce an entirely new STARLINK Multimedia package with industry-leading technology plus a user-friendly UI.

The in-dash system receives bespoke mapping capabilities from TomTom in addition to incorporated navigation technology. The display on the touchscreen has Low Fuel Warning notifications and a clear path Bar that shows a clear overview of the path during every journey.

How to Say You Need To Update Subaru Navigation?

When the program first begins, a “+” icon must be present in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To obtain information on your automobile, select the button and input the VIN. Once you unlock the driver’s door and look inside your car, you may see the VIN even though you don’t already know it. It is located close to the bottom of the middle pillar.

Select the “Updates” tab to view the latest version when the Map Downloader application has located your car. Click “Start” to begin downloading any map changes if there are any more. It can take some time because this is a big file.

After downloading your updated chart, plug the external hard drive inside the system and select “Start Installation” to transfer the data to the storage device. The next step is to update the map data in the GPS system of your car.

Downloading your update may start by inserting your USB drive through the appropriate port and following the onscreen instructions.

How Often Should You Update Subaru Maps?

If you have the car connected to Wi-Fi, you may modify the maps whenever you want. The handbook contains information on how to upgrade the Starlink software. Now that automobiles can communicate through Wi-Fi & hotspot data, upgrades from Subaru will appear much more often.

The majority of factory-installed GPS devices do not automatically update. However, over time, things do shift gradually. Streets were renamed, bridges were rebuilt, and traffic patterns were altered as a result of road rerouting or other safety-related changes.

Therefore, it’s generally worth upgrading every four to five years when you use your GPS frequently and travel a lot in strange locations.

How Often Should You Update Subaru Maps?

Benefits of Updating Your Subaru Navigation Maps

According to one estimation, having up-to-date mapping can help you drive up to 18% faster than you’d if you had obsolete navigational data. You’ll also get to the location more quickly as a result. You’ll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and save money on petrol.

Reduced mileage might also help your car last longer. By doing this, you may be able to maintain the Subaru in operation for an extended length of time before needing to pay for maintenance on parts that are worn out.

Driving directions are displayed on the maps by the Subaru Navigation system. You’ll thus get the most precise driving advice and guidance when you’re behind the wheel if you maintain them up to current. They may contain suggestions for avoiding construction zones as well as additional transient barriers that you might be unaware of if your system is using out-of-date maps.

Can You Update Subaru Maps Using A USB Drive?

You will require a USB 2.0 or 3.0 driving, the Subaru VIN, plus an email account. A minimum 16 GB capacity is required for a USB drive.

Visit Subaru Maps at.

Create a profile.

The Map Downloader program should be downloaded and installed.

Launch the app, then log in.

Select “+” from the menu.

Choosing the Updates tab. If a new version is accessible, choose Start to launch the download.

Upon downloading being finished, insert the USB device into your machine.

Choose “Install on USB Drive.”

Once finished, take the USB out of your machine and head to your car.

How to Update Subaru Maps?

Create a profile at using a legitimate email account. Then get the Map Downloader application. You may add your automobile by clicking the “+” symbol within the Map Downloader application.

When you click this option, a screen will open where you may input the 17-digit vehicle identification code (VIN) of your automobile, which is typically found on the title, enrollment, or insurance information.

Click “Updates” to see if there have been any navigation changes once the app locates your particular car. Click “Start Installation” after determining whether an update is available, and a copy will be saved to the USB storage stick.

When your Subaru navigator has received the update, get in your car and connect the USB drive to the front-row connector. Whenever the STARLINK System starts up, once you have selected “I Agree” via the touch screen, you may navigate to the “Media” area to download the latest update in accordance with the prompts on the display.

How Do I Get an Activation Code For Subaru Map Update?

The vehicle’s top unit’s “Settings” for “Navigation” and tapping on the “Map Update Information” will create the Request Number. You must make an entry of the inquiry code that will be required to generate a code to activate this car and purchase a subscription. After unlocking the driver’s door, look for a label around the base of the main pillar to find your car’s VIN, a 17-character vehicle registration number.

How Much Does It Cost To Update Subaru Maps?

Customers may get three years of map upgrades for free with the recently introduced Subaru Navigation Map Update Plan. This software is really valuable and will save you hundreds of dollars!

This most recent version will additionally be delivered without charge if a new map patch becomes available within sixty days of the arrival of a new vehicle. The free freeware Subaru Map Updating Toolbox enables you to buy, download, as well as install map upgrades onto/update your GPS micro-SD card.

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