What Year Mercedes has Ambient Lighting? Setting the Mood!

what year mercedes has ambient lighting

Most luxury vehicles have this feature called Ambient lighting. Mercedes, too, started using Ambient colors on their cars the recent years, and now they have around 64 colors on their chart. We could see how beautifully these colors light-up on the dashboards, the footwalls, the console, and the doors.

Many of the current models of Mercedes have Ambient light on them. And in this article, we will discuss what exactly ambient lighting is, what year models of Mercedes have this feature, what are all the lovely colors they have, and what benefit we could get out of this feature.

What Exactly is Ambient Lighting in Mercedes Cars?

The aesthetically spellbound feature of Ambient lighting on our Mercedes is an array of LED lights set around the dashboards, the door, the footwall, the console, and other places to create this soothing energy and luxury vibe inside the car.

This lighting system is well complimenting the lux and chic interior of the Mercedes Benz. You could actually monitor the brightness level and the glow of your Ambient lighting set.

There are at least 64 color choices for you to choose from. The Mercedes-Benz GLB ambient lighting has a multicolor Ambience with multi-hued motifs and a soothing theme. 

They allow you to select from a variety of many spotlights for the ceiling that has automatic modulation; you are also allowed to choose the degree of lighting from their dashboard master controls. You could also customize the light-emitting diodes to match that of your car interiors.

One other cool thing is energy consumption is way less than any other regular bulbs or dome lighting. These are so much lovely to have on night drives, and it gives such an amazing vibe.

What year Mercedes has Ambient Lighting?

They started the Ambient lighting on Mercedes Benz in the year 2010 via COMAND by setting 3 colors and 3 different intensities.

It was designed and placed as lighting that is used to create an outline of highlights for the console and its sharp and bold curves of interiors. There are so many of the Mercedes Benz A-class models designed with the feature of Ambient lighting.

These are some of the A-class Mercedes models that have ambient lighting on them. These are the premium compact Benz models that are seen as both hatchback and sedan body styles.

The Mercedes W176 A-class is a car that has Ambient lights of 12 colors, and the car can display only one at a time. The Mercedes W177 of 2018 has the Ambient feature built-in 64 colors with 10 colors that are pre-programmed onto it. And, the Mercedes W177 facelift of 2022 has the same 64 Ambient light to customizable levels and muti-colored hues.

How has Ambient Lighting Evolved in Mercedes Vehicles Over the Years?

The Ambient lighting in Mercedes started with only three colors at the beginning, as LED light strips outlining the most basic interiors of the car.

These lights only had three fixed intensities to illuminate, it later developed the lighting system to 12 colors, and the number of places the lights were placed included the dashboard, the console, and the door.

The colors were displayed one at a time. Today the Mercedes has designed features with better upgrades where you can light up nearly 64 colors and out of which you have 10 pre-programmed color combinations.

They even allow you to customize the Ambience to your preference. The areas of lighting include the front door on the top edge, all the door pockets and interior handles, the front footwells, the center consoles under edge, rear vents, the top and bottom part of the dash trim to the left and right as well as the front face vents.

What are the Different Types of Ambient Lighting in Mercedes Cars?

We can see the Ambient light illuminating and enhancing the lux and chic look of the expensive interiors of the Mercedes, which includes the cup holder, footwells, door trim, vents, door dash, and speakers.

We see some of the most common types of Ambient lights include the dome light, the door light, map lights, trunk lights, and accent lights.

They have added 64 colors with customization for combining your favorites or the color that suits well on the interiors with LED strips.

What are the Different Types of Ambient Lighting in Mercedes Cars

How Can you Use and Customize Ambient Lighting in your Mercedes?

The customization has many options where we are allowed to have more than one color illuminating at a time. Since there are 64 color combinations to choose from, they are allowing us to color coordinate the Ambient lighting scheme to match our luxury interiors.

They have options designed to adjust the color, the intensity, and the level of brightness. There are advanced features available with controls and interfaces allowing us to personalize the lighting effect so much as to have it to our liking.

The customization also includes the number of locations inside the car we prefer to have the lighting. The lights are also designed to respond and comply with the vibration of the music playing in the background.

What are the Benefits of Ambient Lighting in Mercedes Cars?

Having Ambient lighting in our Mercedes could actually bring so much of a calm and pleasant vibe to our cars when driving at night.

It gives the car interior a good level of visibility. It enhances the comfort we experience inside the car. The Ambient light has the ability to highlight the curves and edges as well as the focal points of the vehicle interior; it adds this lovely mood and vibe to the car by reducing the glares and creating a calm background.

The color combination and intensity adjustment could bring so much relaxation to the driver and passengers.

The colors distract the driver from the discomfort and tiredness they feel on long drives by heightening their driving experience and also keeping them drivers alert at night when driving.

Another benefit includes all of its customization and personalization options, allowing the users to go wild with their own unique combination of Ambience added to the mix.

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