Can you Put Rims on a Tesla? Personalize Your Tesla!

can you put rims on a tesla

Rims can majorly impact the looks of a car; upgrading rims adds a grand classic appearance elevating the car’s value. However, it is a question for most, can you put rims on a Tesla? The question is common to most Tesla owners when there is any damage, to improve the functionality or upgrade the look. Regardless of the reasons a Tesla owner wants to replace new rims, there are a few factors you need to consider. Though you can put rims on a Tesla, you need to be aware of Tesla rims because you do not want to waste money with the wrong choices. Hence, the article includes the factors when buying a Tesla rim. To find out more about whether can you put rims on a Tesla, keep reading the article till the end.

Can you Install Aftermarket Rims on a Tesla?

Aftermarket rims are the most budget-friendly option for installing Tesla rims. However, there are a few complications related when buying aftermarket rims.

Tesla OEM rims are meant to be expensive because they are company manufactured. Though aftermarket rims are cheaper than OEM rims, you must choose the right type and the correct fit for your Tesla model.

If you want to install aftermarket rims on your Tesla, first, you will need to examine the rim size and the model of your Tesla. If you are unsure, you can contact a mechanic or the local Tesla dealership to find the correct fit.

Always check the quality and prices when buying aftermarket Tesla rims and ensure the aftermarket store is legit. Though aftermarket rims are budget-friendly, they might not last long like OEM rims. There are chances for the rims to cause issues over time, and constant repairs are a question.

How Much Do Tesla Rims Cost?

The standard cost of a Tesla rim starts from $200 to $800 each, and the cost for a complete set is approximately $1000 to $3500, including the service and labour charges to change into new rims.

The cost of Tesla rims depends on the model, size, type, and whether it is an OEM product or purchased in the aftermarket industry.

However, purchasing Tesla rims from aftermarket stores is recommended if you want to invest in a complete set, as they are cheaper than buying them from Tesla’s stores.

What are the Benefits of Putting Rims on a Tesla?

The reason for changing rims on a Tesla varies with each owner; regardless of the reasons for putting in new rims, they come with many benefits. Hence the benefits of putting rims on a Tesla are listed below.

  1. Upgrading new rims on Tesla improves the efficiency of the wheels. As a result, it makes the rides smoother and faster than usual.
  2. New rims give better comfort when travelling, saving you from the inconvenience of potholes and bounces on the road.
  3. Upgrading new rims means uplifting your Tesla’s appearance. Hence, putting rims on a Tesla adds an aesthetic appearance to the car, making it look grander than usual.
  4. Handling and controlling become easier when you upgrade without constantly changing multiple gears when you want to turn or reverse.

Can you Change the Wheel Size on a Tesla

Can you Change the Wheel Size on a Tesla?

Though you can change the wheel size on a Tesla, a few risks are involved during the process. Hence it is better to find a suitable wheel size that is safe to change.

If you want to change the wheel size on a Tesla, you need to access the tire configuration in the on-screen or Tesla app on your smartphone.

Can you Customize the Colour or Finish of the Rims on a Tesla?

You can customize the rims on a Tesla according to your preferences through the Tesla on-screen or app

If you want to change the colours in the rim to make it look attractive and vibrant, go to service settings on the Tesla touch screen and select wheel and tire configuration. Select a colour from the menu and click on the installed colours you prefer to change. Now select update and wait for the system to reboot.

Can Install New Rims on a Tesla Void the Warranty?

Installing new rims does not influence the warranty in your Tesla as long as the process does not harm the car. Hence, installing new rims while you have the warranty on your old wheel will not always void the warranty.

How Do you Properly Maintain and Care for Rims on a Tesla?

Rims greatly impact the wheels’ functionality and contribute to the overall performance. As stated, rims also give a better look to your Tesla. Thus, it is better vital to maintain and take off the rims properly. Proper maintenance and care increase the rims’ lifetime and protect the looks. The tips below will help maintain the rims on a Tesla.

  1. Maintain the tire pressure when driving. Adjust the tire pressure accordingly when needed, as less pressure can harm the rims.
  2. Check if the tires are in good condition. If the tires are worn out, it is advised to change them.
  3. Examine the wheel condition often and detect any issues.
  4. Check if the asymmetric and reinstall the Aero covers, or lug nut covers in the rims to balance the tires.
  5. Keep the rims clean. Scrub the rims using a degreaser and a tire brush to remove the stains.

What are the Potential Risk or Challenges of Installing Rims on Tesla?

Changing the rim size in your Tesla will include a few complications and inconveniences, as stated. Below are some potential risks and challenges of installing rims on a Tesla.

  1. Installing new rims might consume more power to run the Tesla. As a result, the battery percentage starts to decrease sooner than normal.
  2. Overheats the car in longer rides because they consume more energy.
  3. It can be dangerous to handle when accelerating and is ineffective in increasing speed.
  4. Tires tend to wear and tear sooner than normal.

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