How to Tell If a Rim is Bent? Signs and Symptoms to Look For!

how to tell if a rim is bent

If you feel the wheels in your car are not aligning with the power steering and the instability in handling or controlling the vehicle, the defect lies in the wheels. The instability of controlling the power steering in your car is connected to the issues in the wheel, but the exact reason is uncertain if it is your first time facing the issue. However, the most common suspect of the repeated signs is associated with bent rims, but how to tell if a rim is bent? Since there is no clear evidence the defects in your car are caused due to bent rims, you will first need to figure out the signs of a bent rim to confirm. Thus, in this article, we have discussed how to tell if a rim is bent to find out more stick with us till the end.

Where are the Signs of a Bent Rim on a Vehicle?

The bent rim is a serious issue in a vehicle as they are prone to accidents because of the wobbly wheels and causing vibrations when driving. They make the wheels extremely weak if you continue to drive with bent rims, almost risking your life and causing severe damage to the vehicle. However, identifying the signs of a bent rim can reduce the effect and help with the situation. Below are some signs of a bent rim, with a brief explanation.

Vibrations in the Steering

Vibrating steering is one of the common signs your rim is bent because the unevenness in the tires and imbalance will cause the steering wheel to shake. The vibrations worsen when you accelerate or press the gas paddle to brake. If your power steering is vibrating, it is probably an issue associated with the front wheel rims; thus, check them before the condition gets severe.

Difficulties in Controlling the Power Steering

As stated in the article, difficulties in controlling the power steering are the first sign of a bent rim. The wheels do not align with the power steering system, making it challenging to take full control of the vehicle.

Constant Loss of Pressure in the Tires

The tires tend to deflate frequently if the rims are bent because they are rusted with small dents. As a result, the tires will need to be more frequently air pumped than often. If you notice the loss of air pressure in your tires and the need to refill them every week, the most associated reason is a bent rim.

Thumping Noises

When the bent rim constantly contacts the road while driving, it creates a thumping and thudding noise in the car. The beat gets constant and rhythmic as you drive smoothly.

How to Know If My Rim is Bent or Out of True?

If you are unsure if the signs can confirm the rim is bent, you can physically examine the wheels of the car. However, the physical signs of a bent rim will not appear from the looks. You will need to examine the rim interior. But you can try spinning each wheel and check if they are wobbling or shaking without rotating smoothly.  

How Easily Can a Rim Get Bent?

Rims are not easily bent unless you use a low-grade type for your car because low-grade tires are used to manufacture vulnerable and cheap materials. If your car rims are made of aluminum, you can expect them to bend easily, but steel rims, in contrast, are harder and more solid.

Are There any Noticeable Vibrations or Wobbling When a Rim is Bent?

If the rims are bent in your car, some of the most obvious signs are vibrations and wobbling. The vibrations are rhythmic, with a constant thud and beat. The vibrations are mainly caused when accelerating or pressing the gas paddle because it creates pressure in the uneven tires.

What are the Common Causes of Bent Rims?

Rims bending is a common and natural defect caused in your vehicle as they wear out over time. However, it is not only the reason why rims are bent; different circumstances cause them to bend. Hence, the common causes of bent for the bent rim are discussed below.

  1. Road Conditions

A very common reason that often causes the rims to bend is road conditions. Accelerating over speed bumps and hitting against curbs or parking blocks cause the rims to bend.

Poor road conditions like Potholes and uneven broken roads with rocks are another common reason the rims bend because of the jolts and excessive vibrations that put pressure on the tire.

However, you can save the rims from bending if you pay attention to your surrounding and follow a decent driving style.

What are the Common Causes of Bent Rims

  1. Wear and Tear

Your car rims wearing over time is a natural process and unstoppable circle building rust and corrosion while driving. Hence, bent rims result from prolonged use caused by corrosion and rust build.

Low-standard Tires

Using low-grade tires can potentially affect the performance of your vehicle. The poor quality used in the tires will corrode them too often, making it almost impossible to drive. Low-standard tires also lose air pressure and often deflate because they easily get damaged. The tires will also lose shape over time and significantly affect the rims to bend.

Is It Okay to Drive on a Slightly Bent Rim?

Driving with bent rims is unsafe and not recommended because of the instability and imbalance while driving.

It is also almost impossible to drive when the rims are bent because the driver does not control the power steering.

However, if there is an unavoidable reason because you are in the middle of the driveway, avoid accelerating and drive on neutral till you find a place to pull over.

What does a Bent Rim Sound Like?

If the rim is bent in your car, you will hear whirring and thumping noises with a constant beat while driving. The weird noises from the car are quite annoying and can cause you to lose your attention while driving, jeopardizing yourself on the road. Thus, if it is your first time hearing a rhythmic thud with a beat, check the rims first.

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