How to Fix Scratched Tesla Rims? [Quick & Easy Steps]

how to fix scratched tesla rims

Tesla models come with various unique features and superb components. But with time, each and every vehicle needs some repairs due to various issues. It is common to the Tesla too! It is terrible to find that your Tesla rims have been damaged because it will be an expensive repair for sure. So today, we will focus on how to fix scratched Tesla rims in this article. You will not want to visit a professional in order to get the job done; you can fix this problem by yourself with a few easy steps. Let’s discuss all the important factors regarding this repair.

What are Tesla Rims Made Of?

It is worth knowing the material of the rims to identify the reason behind this issue. The rims of the Tesla wheels are made of an alloy with paint on their surface. This alloy is a soft kind, and there is only a thin layer of paint. And here, the issue is curb rash which scratched the rim of the wheel.

When it comes to curb, it is a result of concrete. So, the rim is less powerful than the curb because the concrete is so gruff. Consequently, the curb rips through the soft alloy of the rim. And the damage it does is hardly negligible.

How Much does a Tesla Rim Cost? 

Tesla is a high-end brand in the automobile market. So, you may be wondering about the average price of its rims. Basically, the price of the rims depends on the model and the trim level of the automobile. In general, the rims cost of a Tesla model Y is $200 to $550. According to the size and the type of the rims, the cost may be higher than that.  

Can a Scratched Tesla Rim be Repaired? 

Yes, of course, you can repair scratched rims. Actually, fixing the scratched rims is the most common type of repair, even in Tesla cars. Especially if your car is equipped with a black or gray wheel, the scratches can be noticed often. So, repairing is one of the two options that you can try. You can do the repairing by yourself or an expert in the subject. The other option is replacing the Tesla tires.

Sometimes repairing may not be suitable every time because massive damages cannot be fixed by repairs. So, it is only recommended to repair the rims if the damage is not giant. And if you need a perfect outcome, you can get help from a professional. When you are doing the repair, make sure to use high-quality products always to protect the components of the vehicle.

Can a Scratched Tesla Rim be Repaired? 

Is It Expensive to Fix Tesla Scratched Rims? 

There are two ways to fix this problem; you can either visit a professional or do the task by yourself. So, let’s discuss the estimated costs you have to bear for these two ways separately then you can get an idea. In general, you will have to spend $100 to $200 if you hire a professional to fix the rims. The price is always determined by the condition of the rims. If the damage is more serious, your bill will be increased because welding must be required.

At the same time, there is an alternative for you from the perspective of cost. You can go for a replacement because the usual cost for a wheel replacement from aftermarket is between $100 to $150. Most of the time, the Tesla wheel price is close to the high end.

The third option is to do the repair yourself. If you choose it, you will have to spend about $50 on supplies.

How to Fix Scratched Tesla Rims? 

Here we have bought you the method you should follow when you fix scratched rims by yourself.

  • First, you will need to gather all these items to fix the rims.
  1. Sandpapers to smooth the surface
  2. Rubbing alcohol for cleaning
  3. Old clothes to wipe the surface
  4. Painters tape to tape off the tires
  5. Spray paint
  • Next, wear protective clothes, gloves, and boots since you will have to face a lot of dust and debris in the next few minutes. It is even better to wear protective eyeglasses.
  • Then, take the sandpaper and carefully burnish the surface till the surface becomes smooth. If the damage is more serious, you will need 200-grit sandpaper, and also it takes some time to burnish.
  • Wipe the dust off and use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface thoroughly. Do not directly pour it onto the rims; use an old cloth to soak the alcohol. After that, wipe the area which is burnished.
  • The next step is taping the tire off to protect it from the spray. Make sure to thoroughly cover the rubber near the metal.
  • After that, you can apply the spray paint on the rim. Be careful when you paint, as you do not need to run the paint on strokes.
  • At last, you can let the rim dry well. Do not use the vehicle until it dries completely because the paint might flow onto the other parts of the vehicle. You should wait 24 hours at least.

Does Insurance Cover Rim Scratches? 

If you hope to get a claim for this issue from your insurance company, your agreement should contain collision coverage. If not, you will not be able to get paid by the insurance.

Collision coverage claims that it pays for the vehicle’s damages that are caused by the curb. And also it covers the other damages created by hitting other objects. If your car has full coverage insurance, collision coverage is also included to it. However, it is vital to discuss with your insurance company to confirm it before you apply for the packages.

Can you Replace the Tesla Rims? 

As we once mentioned earlier, you can go for a replacement if you think there is no point in repairing it. This is the most convenient and fast solution to fix this issue. Indeed, the cost difference between the professional hire and the replacement is not very big. And it does not take too much time like repairing.

However, replacing the rims is not a permanent solution, as this issue can arise again and again over time. And you will have to get help from an expert if you are not knowledgeable about replacing them.

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