Lexus RX 350 Tire Pressure: Keeping Your Ride in Check

lexus rx 350 tire pressure

Are you looking at the tire pressure for your Lexus RX 350? Then here is the best place to know about the pressure of the tire you want! We will provide you with all the details on Lexus RX 350 Tire Pressure, including checking the pressure, maintenance and sizes of the tires. You should have recommended pressure for both the front and rear tires. Other than this article, find the exact tire pressure recommended by the company for your car model; you have to refer to the owner’s manual also.

What Is The Tire Pressure For A Lexus RX 350 Model Year-Wise?

The pressure of the Lexus RX 350 models should be within the range of 30psi to 35psi. However, the tire pressure varies depending on the two factors. The year of the vehicle model is one of them. When you are concerned about the pressure of the tires, you should consider the pressure of the front tires and the rear tires separately. Given below is a table that shows tire pressure for the Lexus RX 350 model year-wise from 2007.

Year Front Tire Rear Tire
2007-2009 30 psi 30 psi
2010-2015 32 psi 32 psi
2016-2022 33 psi 33 psi

So, from the table, you can see how the Lexus RX 350 models change the pressure of the tires.

Why Is Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure Important For The Lexus RX 350?

Tire pressure should be concerned in many aspects. It gives you stability, a safe and comfortable ride. Because tires are the part that keeps you steadily on the road, it is important to have proper inflation. That is why the proper tire pressure is important for the Lexus RX 350. The tires should neither be overinflated nor underinflated.

Tires are the main part of your car, which absorb various shocks from the road and maintain traction well. Therefore, it is important to maintain the proper tire pressure to ride safely.

If the tire of your car is overinflated, that will not touch the road properly. The contact surface area will be reduced, increasing the risk of accidents. Also, it will become less responsive for the steering as well. If the tire is underinflated, it will cause a flat tire. And that will consume more fuel, reducing the performance.

How Often Should You Check The Tire Pressure On Your Lexus RX 350?

It is recommended to check the tire pressure on the Lexus RX 350 at least once a month. But if you’ve noticed a flat tire or the above-mentioned symptoms of an overinflated tire, check the pressure of the tires immediately.

To check the tires, you can either see for visible changes in the tire or use the pressure gauge to measure the pressure of each tire separately.

If you witness any sign of a flat tire, wear or tear of a tire or damage, or any crack in the wheel system, pay attention to those closely and measure the pressure to be sure that anything has gone wrong.

How Often Should You Check The Tire Pressure On Your Lexus RX 350?

How To Check Lexus RX 350 Tire Pressure?

On Lexus RX 350 models, they have installed a special feature called TPMS. That is Tire Pressure Monitoring System. So, when one of the tires is underinflated, the TPMS will warn you by giving a sign on your dashboard. The TPMS warning lights will be lit up and stays on if a tire is underinflated. This way, you get to know that you have to inflate the relevant tire or tires.

Or you can use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure of the tires.

To check the correct pressure, the tires should be cold. It is considered as cold when the car is parked or at rest for about 3 hours. Here are the steps to check Lexus RX 350 tire pressure.

Tools needed

  • Pencil gauge
  • Digital gauge Air compressor


  1. Locate the valve cap of the tire
  2. Remove it from the tire.
  3. Place the pencil gauge properly on the valve stem and press it down hard. The pressure amount will be shown on the pencil gauge meter. If you use the digital gauge, the psi amount will be displayed on its screen. The pressure amount should be between 30 psi – 35 psi, or check for the proper amount for your tires in the user guide.
  4. If there isn’t sufficient air in the tire, place the air compressor straight on the valve stem and press it hard to seal the opening of the valve.
  5. Keep it until your tire gets inflated, and then repeat step 3 to remeasure the pressure level.
  6. Add or release the necessary amount of air if the tire is overinflated or underinflated.
  7. Then, close the valve tightly with its cap and repeat the steps with the remaining tires.

Can You Reset The Tire Pressure Sensor On A Lexus RX 350?

Yes. You can reset the tire pressure sensor or TPMS on a Lexus RX 350 if it keeps warning you after you’ve found the reason. The TPMS sensor lights up not only in an underinflating tire but also when there is a malfunction with the sensor and in changing ambient temperatures. It lights up differently on each of these occasions.

You have to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to reset the tire pressure sensor. That is because the instructions and the ways to reset that button vary from model to model. Therefore, to know the proper way, you should refer to the owner’s manual.

What Size Tires For Lexus RX350?

The sizes for the tires of the Lexus RX 350 varies from specific range year to year, the same as the pressure of the tires. When the size of the tires changes, the pressure changes too. If the tire is small, then the pressure level will also be lesser than a larger tire.

I’ll show you the tire sizes for your Lexus RX 350 by a table.

Year Tire Size
2007-2009 225/65R17
2010-2015 P235/55R19
2016-2022 235/65R18

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