How to Make a Tesla Dance? (Step By Step Guide)

how to make a tesla dance

It’s essentially an Easter Egg that developers, who undoubtedly take great pleasure in their profession, placed into the program. So let’s look at Tesla’s built-in entertainment capabilities, such as party mode and How to Make a Tesla Dance. Let us begin.

Teslas could or might not symbolize the pinnacle of the full Electric age in terms of transportation, but they do so in all their dazzling beauty. Vehicles today are more than just four tires and a few seats. Companies release new capabilities and easter eggs to their cars to attract new customers and keep the old ones stuck to the company. Party Mode, also called Celebration Mode, is a standard feature of the Tesla Model X that can make the car dance with the door and flashing lights synced to the music.

Overview of Tesla’s Built-in Entertainment Features

Teslas have a heck of a lot of entertainment features available. These consist of games, live music and video, easter eggs, and much more.

Tesla Theatre

Tesla cars include a streaming media feature that may be used on the latest Model S or Model X’s back screen or even when the vehicle is stationary such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. And, tesla Cinema is a wonderful way to kill hours during a long journey or expecting for anyone, or while recharging.

Streaming Music

You might utilize one of the many digital music apps to enjoy music while riding. You may utilize albums, browse, or even your speech to activate any music you want to hear.

Presently, Slacker, TuneIn, Spotify, and TIDAL are available through Tesla. In addition to having SiriusXM, the Model S, and Model X also offer FM radio.


A Tesla comes with a ton of gaming applications. Cuphead, Super Breakout, 2048, Fallout Shelter, Sonic the Hedgehog, and several other titles are among them. Tesla even lets you engage in some activities by hooking up a joystick to the vehicle.

Romantic Mode

There are various easter eggs in Teslas. One is Romantic Mode, which allows you to spend moments with the people you love in front of a digital campfire, even if you can’t bake marshmallows in your vehicle.

Party Mode

Another “Easter Egg” enables users to dance with a light display while listening to some music.

The vehicle will be moving its glass, doors, and headlights in unison while playing music and doing so.

What are Tesla’s Easter Eggs and Tesla Dance?

Tesla has long been renowned for its inventive and cutting-edge methods in the automobile sector. Outside its ground-breaking capabilities, the firm has incorporated several entertaining and intriguing Easter eggs into its cars, igniting the attention of consumers and courageous individuals who desire to locate them.

If you’re unfamiliar, Easter eggs are secret capabilities or discoveries not readily apparent to people. Tesla’s various Easter eggs make the riding process even more delightful in its cars.

These Easter eggs may vary from ridiculous and entertaining to practical and helpful, from lighthearted activities and light displays to allusions to old movies.

There are a lot of easter eggs inside the Tesla, such as the Monty Python Adventure, Tesla And The Christmas Spirit: Santa Mode, Mario Kart, Psychedelia, And Many, Many Colors, Tesla dance, and many more, which will transform the road into rainbow colors, rainbow-colored charging port, dancing falcon doors with synced headlights, Santa riding the Tesla and so on.

How to Make a Tesla Dance?

A wonderful easter egg in the Tesla Model X is the dancing option. Its title also identifies the Easter egg for the Vacation Light Show. This mode replicates a light display using the Tesla’s vehicle lamps, flashers, and tail lights while playing music.

The back mirrors fold, mimicking a dance, while the front and falcon wing gates open and close in rhythm with the melody.

According to the owner’s handbook, you can enable Party Mode in this manner.

This method of starting Tesla Party Mode uses the original Easter Egg drawer

You may adjust the volume of the tesla dancing feature before enabling the feature in order to not piss off the neighbors or law enforcement. Other than that, every feature is preset and cannot be altered.

Safety Guidelines While Making your Tesla Dance

Safety concerns should also be considered while using the dancing feature or party mode in your tesla model X. Tesla will not be able to enable the party mode if the following aspects aren’t completed.

Repeat the test while carefully following the directions, using a fully charged battery, in an even more isolated area.

Consult your customer’s handbook before utilizing Tesla Party Mode. This includes all the necessary data, especially safety precautions.

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