Why Do People Tap Their Tesla? Is There A Hidden Significance?

why do people tap their tesla

Tesla vehicles are getting increasingly widespread in today’s society, and it is typical to see users flaunting their Teslas on social sites. There is a peculiar thing Tesla consumers perform before powering their vehicles, and you might have encountered it in person or online. Before beginning to recharge, they knock their automobile at minimum once, but generally multiple times. One of the most significant charging points is Tesla, which gives drivers a lot of time. Tesla’s charging infrastructure enables consumers to relax or engage in other pursuits while their vehicles get charged. But why do people tap their tesla charger? Does this have a hidden significance than just being a fanatic like Jeep ripple? This guide will explain why almost every Tesla owner knocks on their vehicle before powering.

Quick Summary: Tesla consumers knock their vehicles 4 – 5 times to access the charging station lid as a practical method. A panel replicating a driver’s side taillights light typically conceals the charging station door. For this reason, onlookers frequently assume that it serves a specific purpose when Tesla users touch their side taillight lighting.

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A Tesla charger is just a wall socket that may get used to power a Tesla quickly. Since a Tesla adapter has higher power and can recharge a Tesla seven times quicker than comparable charging terminals, it is superior to standard charging terminals. There are three connectors on a Tesla charger that enable automobile connections.

Additionally, the charger has six ports for connecting charging cables from the power socket to the vehicles. Vehicle owners who get often occupied could conserve time by utilizing a Tesla charger. Since they can rapidly power their Tesla while continuing to perform their task. Let’s look at why do people tap their Tesla.

Why Do People Tap Their Tesla?

To open the charging outlet, Tesla users knock their vehicles before plugging them in. The knocking technique is the most practical approach to unlocking the charging station; however, there are other options. Suppose nothing opens as a consequence of the knocking.

In that case, it may be since the Tesla’s motorized system is functioning well, you may have seen. Otherwise, Tesla customers would try alternative approaches, including touching the bolt symbol on the center console panel or depressing the pushbutton on the charger connector.

Note: The connector could be opened from the dashboard, via a smartphone application, and with your Key FOB. You could utilize a key FOB or smartphone to unlock the door if you neglect to perform it from the dashboard. The door to the charging pot would open with only one tap from any of them.

When Tesla users press the panel that resembles a tail light part on their vehicles, they are striking the display rather than the tail light itself. By performing this, Tesla’s charging station may get opened. And it is the approach most Tesla enthusiasts choose to use anytime they need to power their hybrid vehicles.

Activate the Charger

Not all adapters would experience this. However, in rare cases, the charger won’t turn on after insertion. You smack your charging nozzle on the rear of your automobile many times to solve this issue.

Re-insertion should cause it to start charging. It’s unclear whether it gets pushed by strategy on the side of Tesla or if there’s a technical problem that could be rectified by repeatedly pressing the charger.

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Non-Tesla Charging Points

The charging connector may be opened in several ways, particularly if you’re at a non-Tesla recharging station. Using a Tesla adapter, you could press a toggle on the charging spout to unlock your charger connector door.

But, these features won’t be available at non-Tesla power outlets. In these situations, tapping your vehicle near the taillight region will be necessary to unlock the charging port.

Remove Debris

Debris might have accumulated in the charging opening, which is another typical cause of Why people tap their Tesla. The junk that might have accumulated in the charging groove could get easily removed by pressing the charger.

It is usual in external charging stations that are vulnerable to the surroundings and a high volume of customers. In the end, debris will inevitably accumulate in the charger, creating this predicament. You do not desire it to gather in your charging station.

Social Media Custom

The causes why individuals touch their Teslas are many, as we’ve looked at in this guide. Since it belongs in the “not legitimate” classification, we’ve included this one last. It honestly happened that striking your Tesla before powering it at one time became a popular TikTok trend. Because of a social networking competition, additional Tesla owners just joined in whenever this occurred.

Nowadays, it’s crazy that individuals post-internet. And it demonstrates how easily they can join a trend without comprehending why it’s happening. Perhaps the time has come for Tesla devotees to develop their own “thing,” similar to the Jeep Wave.

In case you’re unaware, Jeep enthusiasts have a long-standing custom of nodding to one another every time they come across one another on the roadway.

Benefits of Tesla Charger

Minimal electricity gets produced to charge the car when utilizing the Tesla charger. It has several advantages. For example, a Tesla charger reduces CO2 pollutants since it does not use coal or gas to generate energy.

The Tesla connector fills one vehicle in less than 30 mins. Therefore, just slight electrical connectivity is necessary to run the Tesla. A Tesla charger also uses fewer batteries, meaning fewer natural elements get used.

Bottom Line

Tesla owners tap their vehicles to gain accessibility to the charging outlet. The charging port may be opened in various ways, although knocking is unquestionably the most practical. In particular, a panel that mimics the Tesla’s tail light covers the charging station. Individuals frequently assume that Tesla owners are striking their tail lights.

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