How to Lock Tesla Model 3? – Multiple Methods

How to lock tesla model 3

It is an open secret that many people dream of buying a Tesla car. The reason is that today Tesla Company is developing at lightning speed in terms of technology in the world. But its high technical development may sometimes confuse the new owners because the ways they should work with such technologies always update with the time. And such problem of many people who have Tesla cars is how to lock Tesla Model 3.

Thus, we are going to look at the Tesla locking mechanism. Also, this article will discuss how to unlock it using modern options. Stay tuned to learn more details. 

Does Tesla Model 3 Automatically Lock?

Yes; this unique feature is available in the Tesla. That means the company has given you the opportunity to turn this on or off if you want. The simple answer to the question is yes. After turning it on, the car will lock automatically when you move the paired key or phone key away from the vehicle. Another excellent feature is that all doors will automatically lock when you drive faster than 5 mph. Also, there are some very simple steps to turn on this feature. In cases where you have not turned on this feature, there will be no auto-locking. Let’s see how to turn this on.

First, touch “Controls.” Then you can turn on this special feature by selecting “Locks” from the resulting menu and touching the “Walk-Away Door Lock” option. Then, as mentioned earlier, as soon as you move away from the vehicle, the vehicle automatically locks. 

How to Lock Tesla Model 3?

There are several easy ways to lock your Tesla Model 3, the first of which is the key card. This is the key to connecting easily and identifying yourself with your Tesla Model 3. Here you are given the ability to lock and unlock without any difficulty.

If not, you can use the Key FOB. This is like a smart key. You have to buy this one externally, which can be connected to your Tesla. Then, you can unlock or lock the car with it whenever you want to.

The following method is to easily lock your automobile using the smartphone as a key. This connects your Tesla Model 3 to your smartphone via Bluetooth, easily detects you, and automatically locks when you leave the vehicle. There are some effortless steps to set up the phone key easily. First, open the Tesla Mobile app with a keycard nearby. Tap on “Set Phone Key” on the next screen. Or go to “Security” and find “Set Phone Key.” Then follow the mobile app and vehicle touchscreen prompts to set up your phone key.

And you can lock or unlock the car through the Tesla app. Even though you are far away, you will be able to easily lock it with one touch.

How to Lock Tesla Model 3 with Key Card?

With the Tesla Model 3, you will find 3 keys: a key card, a key fob, and a phone key. The key card has been designed to authenticate the phone key and add and remove other cards, phone keys, or key fobs. This will not help you lock or unlock automatically. This can be used when your phone is in an unstable state or when the battery is low.

This makes locking or unlocking very handy. All that is required is precise understanding. Here, all you have to do is tap your key card on the card reader below the autopilot camera mounted on the driver’s side door pillar. It then detects and unlocks or locks the doors with some sort of confirmation sound.

How to Lock Tesla Model 3 from Inside?

Okay, if you are sitting inside, how to lock a Tesla Model 3? This also has a straightforward solution. You’ll see a touch screen when you’re inside the Tesla Model 3. Touch the lock icon found there. Then you can easily lock or unlock your Tesla Model 3. The icon will change as soon as it is locked.

In addition, it can be unlocked by sitting on the seat as easily as it is locked. There are very simple steps for that. You can unlock it very easily and simply by pressing twice the Perk button at the end of the drive stalk.

Also, the vehicle doors can be locked using the child lock option, so they cannot be opened from the inside. This is used to ensure children’s protection. All you have to do is select “Control” on the touch screen and touch “Lock” again. Now turn on “Child Lock.”

How to Lock Tesla Model 3 from Outside?

Here is something that you can do automatically and manually with ease. We talked about the first point in detail in the previous section. That method is automatic. The purpose of this is to detect and automatically lock your Tesla Model 3 using your verified phone key when you walk away from the vehicle with the key fob and phone key in hand. For this, you must have activated the “Walk Away Locking” feature.

How to Lock Tesla Model 3 without App?

As we have discussed here, the simplest way to lock without using the app is to tap your key card on the card reader below the autopilot camera mounted on the driver’s side door pillar. Then you can lock it easily. Also, by activating the drive-away locking feature, you can easily lock without the app.


Tesla is not a topic that can be talked about and finished. However, we talk a lot here about the locking the Tesla Model 3. Now you understand how to lock Tesla Model 3 with several different methods such as key card, Tesla mobile app etc. Also, you got a great understanding of the most secure features like child locking and drive-away locking. We’re sure you now have some insight into the handling of the Tesla Model 3.

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