Is a BMW a Good First Car? – Pros and Cons of BMW


If you read this article, you might be considering buying your first car. And you may also have a crush on a BMW on your dream car list. But owning a BMW is not as easy as you think. So, is a BMW a good first car?

It is worthwhile for anyone to look into this in a little more detail. Thus, we will talk about the pros and cons of purchasing a BWM as the first car.

What Are the Pros of Buying a BMW As the First Car?

It is good news to announce that there are many advantages if you buy a BMW, whether it is your first car or not. As the old saying goes, anything has pros and cons, but when you buy a BWM, the pros outweigh the cons. Among them, let’s discuss the most prominent benefits.

Let’s start with its most remarkable feature. BMW is a highly luxurious motor vehicle. Therefore, you can get a very memorable experience with your first car.

Next, if we look at the matter of safety, as recorded in the history of BMWs, the records are good. It has better security than a regular car, so you can enjoy driving with peace of mind.

And BMW car manufacturers use the latest technologies for that. Likewise, you will experience a range of driver assistance features with state-of-the-art technology.

As we mentioned above, as a combination of safety and modern technology, technical features like Lane Keeping Assistant, Lane Departure Warning, Parking Assistant, etc., encourage even an inexperienced driver to buy BMW as their first car. These will be the outstanding reasons we will get when we buy BWM as our first car.

Imagine how awesome it would be if your first car would a BMW because the stylish look of a BMW car enhances your personality while adding new enlightenment to you.

What Are the Cons of Buying a BMW as the First Car?

If your first car is a BMW, you have to face some challenges too. If you buy a BMW, the purchase cost is exceptionally high compared to an average car. The company claims that the engine has more horsepower than regular cars. At once, you will not be able to afford it. So, someone would not be able to choose this as their first car.

Also, maintaining and insuring a BMW is extremely expensive. For example, wheels are expensive here. It can be difficult to bear even if you change wheels or a carb. So, you need to have enough assets for the maintenance of this luxurious car.

Like everything, there is a solution to the high-cost problem. If you want a BMW, consider buying an older model.

Let’s focus on other disadvantages. Due to the rear-wheel drive feature, this would be challenging for a beginner to control. Inexperienced drivers will have to spend some time to learn for a safe ride.

What Are the Cons of Buying a BMW as the First Car?

Is a BMW a Good First Car?

Since we already discussed pros and cons, now you might have an opinion in this regard. Definitely, a BMW car brand is worth buying as a first car because it gives you a highly-satisfying experience.

In general, BMW is a vehicle brand that has a good reputation and reliability. That’s why many people choose BMW as their first car. And no need to mention that those things affect the personality and social status of the person who buys and uses it.

Speaking of durability, as revealed by a survey of 500,000 vehicles, many BMW models are among the cars that can drive the longest distance without expensive repair among the vehicles on the market. It is a particular case because if the car you invest your precious money in can drive for a long time without expensive repairs, it is truly an excellent investment! 

And BMW models are highly concerned about the safety of the driver and the surroundings. Even if you are inexperienced, there is nothing wrong with investing in a BMW as your first car in some cases, just for safety reasons.

But remember that for this to be an excellent first car; you must be able to afford the high cost. But if you have the assets for this anyway, this could be the best investment you will ever make in your life.

Another thing you need to consider is that the maintenance costs are high. It is somewhat expensive but considering all the features we have discussed and the car’s reputation, it is an excellent investment. For example, models like the BMW 3-Series can save you money.

Taking into consideration all these matters, you can decide if a BMW car will be the best choice for you!

Is BMW Better than Mercedes as the First Car? 

There is no doubt that this is a complex issue to resolve because both BMW and Mercedes brands are very competitive and similar in terms of safety, reliability, and exterior design.

Both are very expensive when comparing the prices. However, you can choose the desired model according to your affordability.

Coming to the design here, the Mercedes comes with some classy looks and smooth lines, while the BMW comes with a slightly sportier look. Therefore, you have the right to choose the most suitable one according to your art.

Both brands are reliable when considering maintenance and reliability, and customers’ reliability worldwide is reflected through their high-quality motors. Also, when considering the maintenance, the cost of both the spare parts is expensive. Still, the maintenance of BMW can be done even at home.

But when it comes to fuel efficiency, BMW is ahead.

According to the above factors, BMW is the best choice as a first car if you consider fuel consumption and maintenance. Both are some key points to consider when buying a vehicle, so now you can focus on choosing a BMW as your first car.


This article has a clear answer that we can take as the most straightforward conclusion to the question: Is a BMW a good first car? A BMW should be your first car if you can afford its maintenance and high cost. Undoubtedly, it adds proper value to your reputation, social status, and the precious money you invest.

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