How to Open Tesla Glove Box? [Step By Step Guide]

how to open tesla glove box

The glove box is usually located on the back window of a Tesla, as one might expect. Every car has a console that also functions as a storage where you can store your essentials. Right in front of the compartment is the front rider. You arrived here because you couldn’t open the glove box within that car. An electrical engine frequently opens and closes the Tesla glove compartment. Therefore you can’t merely grasp a lever and yank it out if it freezes up or breaks. Tesla detests adhering to rules that get set. The old, unsightly handle you formerly used to open your car’s glove box gets eliminated. This guide will show you know how to open Tesla glove box.

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If you’re among the privileged few who just acquired your brand-new vehicle, you might be asking how to open the glove box in a Tesla. The usage of glove boxes may take some time to get used to. However, once you understand, it will flow effortlessly. So let’s look at how to open Tesla glove box.

How to Open Tesla Glove Box?  – All You Need to Know

Tesla Voice Control

Among the easiest ways to access the glove box on your vehicle is to employ voice commands. It’s what you should do:

  • While trying to hold down the voice activation button on the center console to your right, state, “unlock glove box.” Whenever the glove box lifts, a message appears on the touchscreen to let you be aware.
  • The glove box would instantly open, including its LEDs.
  • The function will show the entry display if a glove box pin arrangement is present. You must enter the pin for the glove box to open.
  • If, in some cases, the voice control doesn’t work or if you choose an alternative route. It could become second nature to open the glove box using the touchscreen.

Using the Display

Your Tesla‘s touchpad could get utilized in a second approach to access the glove box. the following

  • On the main screen, tap the car icon. As a consequence, the controls bar would show up.
  • Look for the icon that depicts a glove box that seems to be open. Below it is inscribed “Unlock Glove Box.”

The glove box would immediately unlock as a result.

Mechanically Discharge the Latch

Suppose the glove box is jammed and can’t access utilizing the two earlier procedures for any cause. In that case, you can try personally unlocking it with a slight do-it-yourself. The process is simple. The procedures below must get taken to reach the glove box latch actuator directly:

  • Unlock the driver’s side door before opening the passenger door.
  • Remove the side cover from the console’s back window.
  • Release the latch manually by utilizing a wrench or an angled pin, such as an Allen key.

At this stage, you must have limited accessibility to the glove box. If this seems too tricky, you could use the Tesla application to arrange your car with Tesla servicing.

Note: Lock the glove box by pushing up on the top of the door while gripping it and feeling it snap into position. The glove box must get manually pushed shut in contrast to the software-assisted release.

You could access the back hatch from the interior by utilizing a motorized lighted latch installed there. It still works if the electricity in your car is out. This automated system also allows an individual who is incarcerated in captivity to exit. Gently push the illuminated button toward the arrow to release the latching.

Tesla Glove Box’s PIN

Suppose your glove box holds confidential material, including your USB device for Siege Mode. If so, you should think about installing a glove box Pin code. The Pin Code is required whenever anyone tries to open the glove box. A PIN lock is not standard equipment in a Tesla glove box. But, if you would like to keep stuff valuable inside there, it would be a great thought to add one.

A persistent sufficient thief would achieve in their endeavours. But slowing down children is one of the most effective strategies to deter them from thieves. Remember that the glove box doesn’t get intended to function as a safe. The glove box could get accessed manually by getting a passage to the side panel and manually disconnecting the latch. Entry should get gained before the back hatch may be unlocked and opened. The steps to follow to enable the PIN feature on your Tesla glove box are listed below:

  • Select the Car symbol to view the vehicle’s options.
  • The Safety & Protection selection
  • Browse and select the glove box PIN.
  • Your creation of a PIN would get recommended.

After setting up the glove box Password, you must input it each time you press the button to access the glove box.

Note: Except when the automobile gets locked via the touchpad, the glove box gets simultaneously locked whenever the car gets shut. Your glove box will also close when you lock your vehicle utilizing a keyfob, smartphone, keycard, or application. The glove box locks itself while the car is in Valet Operation.

The Glove Box Won’t Stay Closed

You could tell the trigger no more springs backwards if your glove box won’t remain closed. You can determine if that is the issue by manually releasing the circular springs on both sides of the glove box and attempting to lock it. If it keeps closing, there’s undoubtedly an issue, and they need to be replaced. The Tesla warranty covers this specific part.

Bottom Line

Drivers have additional storage space in the Tesla glove compartment. And the suggestions above will significantly assist you if you require help opening it. We hope that these instructions proved helpful in demonstrating how to access the glove box.

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