Can You Jump a Car With a Tesla? [Step-By-Step]

can you jump a car with a tesla

Is your neighbour asking you to help him jump-start his car with your electric tesla? It should power up the dead battery because it’s an EV, right? can you jump a car with a tesla? Well, let’s find out.

How Does a Tesla Battery Operates?

Tesla is a milestone in the development of EVs and operates its automobiles with lithium-ion batteries. The sort of cell used in mobile phones and other compact, wide range of accessories is a lithium-ion battery. These battery packs are the greatest since they provide durability and capacity.

A cell phone utilizes a single rechargeable battery to provide electricity, whereas an electric vehicle uses multiple lithium-ion batteries to eliminate a gasoline engine effectively. Total cells from the Tesla Model S and Model 3 operate at standard voltages of around 400 and 350 volts, respectively. Unlike Prius, the Tesla core battery must be recharged from an independent source; it is not filled while the vehicle is moving.

Can you Jump a Car with a Tesla?

The first option you may want to propose when you encounter a vehicle on the side of a road with a flat battery is to jump-start it for the owner. It will provide them with the energy they ought to reach an auto repair shop and purchase a new cell.

What occurs if the vehicle you are travelling in is an Electric car? Can you jump a car with a tesla?

Negative, due to the low-voltage cells in EVs, the Tesla vehicle could be used to revive a standard engine, as shown in the Tesla holder’s handbook. You run the danger of battery harm as well as engine damage to the opposing car if you employ your EV to complete the task.

It’s possible to assist a local motorist in need in different manners, though. Therefore, we will discuss why you shouldn’t try to jump-start an automobile with the Ev and how you may be able to assist those without having to harm your automobile.

How Can I Jump a Car Without Using My Tesla?

Lithium Ion Starter

You possess the decision to carry a lithium-ion jumper on board if you wish to ensure that you possess the tools to assist others while you find them underprivileged. This gadget is just a little cell with cables attached for jump-starting automobiles.

It will function similarly to connecting a cell from your car, except that wires will connect the flat battery to the lithium-ion one. After leaving the wires in place for a while, attempt to ignite the automobile.

Leave the battery pack engaged for a couple of extra moments if the automobile won’t start fully. The cords from the power cell and the automobile can be unplugged after the engine has ignited.

If you wish to be capable of assisting other motorists, put this little gadget in the boot of your EV. Nevertheless, a significant jump kit like this may be very expensive, so you’ll need to consider your choices.

A less expensive alternative that is lighter and less sturdy could be suitable just for rescue operations. Although, investing extra money in a superior power supply can be your perfect idea if you wish to purchase one that you will maintain for a long time.

12-volt Cell 

A 12-volt lead-acid cell is included in every Tesla car that powers the car’s headlamps, electronics, windows, wipers, and other electrical equipment. So, even though it is not recommended, it is fully functional to kickstart a classic automobile with a Tesla if you can find the 12-volt battery.

Using connector cables to interconnect the 12-volt battery simultaneously, you may help another automobile with your electric car. This cell could be utilized to charge the cells in other automobiles, but it can be challenging to find.

Assist Them in Pulling Over a Car

While you shouldn’t abandon someone who requires rescue on the roadside, you shouldn’t damage your vehicle trying to start theirs. Therefore, do you have anything you can do to assist them?

However, when you’re in a location where there may be other automobiles on the highway, just attempting to assist them to signal down a different vehicle that may jump-start their vehicle for them could be sufficient to help.

Get Them a Tow

Alternatively, when you have availability to a towing services service, you might contact them and ask them to revive the other vehicle. Although it could take extra time, if it’s a period when there aren’t many vehicles on the way, this could be your only choice.

Additionally, if someone breaks down on the street, they will probably be so appreciative of your willingness to assist them that they won’t care too much if it takes some time.

Can One Tesla Charge Another Tesla?

Elon Musk founded the Tesla firm and released these cutting-edge automobiles because he believed that EVs were the future of mobility. However, the problem with EVs is that they frequently run out of juice when you require them the most. The best part is that another Teslas can jump-start Tesla motors.

Usually, Tesla vehicles must carry a lithium-ion emergency charger inside the luggage because Tesla cars typically need one to get back on the highway. However, there is an alternative: starting a Tesla with a Tesla means recharging the cell using a specialized linking cable that people can get from shops.

Why Using a Tesla to Charge Another Vehicle Is Not Suggested?

Even if it’s operational to use an EV automobile to generate sufficient energy to jump-start other vehicles, it is not advised.

This is due to the fact that the li-ion cells in an Electric vehicle are a low-voltage power supply that cannot charge the other car. A 12-volt cell in the tesla could help jump-start a vehicle that could be harder to find. So try to recharge another car’s battery at your own risk.


So, can you jump a car with a tesla? In conclusion, using a Tesla car to jump-start an automobile isn’t a good idea. The voltage output of a Tesla cell is lower than opposed to the voltage level of a petrol engine. It may result in a battery replacement if you attempt to kickstart one using a Tesla.

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