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how much to tint tesla model 3

The hot summer days are ideal for long road trips and traveling around the state. But probably the harsh sun rays are in a way troublesome when you are driving. Tinting is one of the best methods to cool your eyes and the interior too. The tinting cost will vary according to the model of the vehicle. How much to tint Tesla model 3? If you are a searcher with a Tesla Model 3, this article will clear out all your doubts about the budget. Do follow the lines below.

Is it OK to Tint Tesla Model 3 Windows?

Indeed, it is alright to tint a Tesla model 3. There is nothing minus you get from tinting your vehicle. You can continue the tinting not only for the windows but also for its glass roof. 

Tinting is a main upgrade that all the Tesla model 3 users tend to proceed with. Most people prefer to go with ceramic tint. Crystalline is also a quality tint that is widely used in the procedure. It is recommended to cover the windows with 35% window tint and the rear windshield with a 50% tint layer. The rear windshield is manufactured with UV/IR coating. 35% means that the tinted cover only allows 35% of the sunlight that falls on the surface to go inside. 

But before you proceed with the tinting, you will have to refer to the law regarding tinting in your location. In some places and countries, tinting is prohibited, and some states have posited limitations regarding the shielding percentage.  

Why Aren’t Tesla Windows Tinted? 

The closest reason could be the legal restrictions. As per the law, coupes and sedans are not allowed to be tinted initially. Tesla Model 3 is considered a sedan. Similarly, this law will differ from state to state; therefore, we can predict that it is hard to define a tint percentage for the windows, rear windshield, and whole-glass roof. 

Personal diversity of preferences could also be a reason. Some like to have a lighter shade in tinting, and some do not prefer any. Therefore, we could tell that the default features remained without tint covering. 

But some people may misunderstand that the Tesla Model 3 is tinted as it has dark windows, and the interior is cooler than the outside on a sweating day. The reason behind this is the UV protection layer in the car. It is designed to reflect 98% of harmful UV rays and thus create a favourable temperature inside. 

Is Tinting a Tesla Worth It?

There are many benefits you get along with a tinting modification. The light control on the brightest days of the year and the coolant property are two major plus. It also acts as a protective layer to save you from UV radiation. It is true that the default settings of the model present a UV protective layer, but all most all the harmful UV radiation will be blocked if you install a tinted layer. The overall vibe of the car will also be enhanced with the tinted glasses. 

The whole glass roof of the model has been able to add a futuristic visualization. But there is also a potential risk of harm from broken glass pieces when in an accident. If you have tinted windows and roofs, the damage will be minimal from the sharpened glass particles, as it has the ability to hold on to things without letting those fall inside. 

Is Tinting a Tesla Worth It?

How Much to Tint Tesla Model 3?

The cost of tinting a Tesla Model 3 will depend on the type of tinting film you use. There is also a slight variation in the labor cost according to the location. 

Dyed, Metalized, Hybrid, Carbon, Ceramic, and Crystalline are the six different types of tints you can use for your Tesla. But we do not recommend going for a cheaper type as the quality is minimal in such types. You will not receive the intended benefits, and it will start chipping in a short time. Whether you go for a quality product the next time, the labor expenses will increase as they have to remove the first layer of low quality. 

Ceramic and crystalline are the types that most preferably tally with your necessity. If you choose ceramic tinting, you will have to spend between $400 and $1200. The crystalline tint coverage will also cost like $1200. You will find it too much sometimes when compared with other tint types, but it is the best investment you can make for a tint layer as durability lies lifelong. 

Tinting is a complex process that requires professionalism for neat and well-protective tint layering. We highly advise you to avoid doing this as a DIY project. With less skill, you may end up bubbling. Bubbles occur when the cleaning is not done properly. The dirt and debris contaminated with the layer make the film pop up in those particular places, and eventually, these patches expand when the surface is heated from sunlight. You will end up double spending for the installation. 

What Percentage is Tesla Factory Tint?

Tesla has included 20% tint covering in the rear in the newest models in a way that does not exceed the law. They use conventional glass in all the windows, and therefore there is no need for tinting. Tesla uses a ceramic coating or a paint protection film in their tinting procedure. For instance, the Tesla Model Y has a 24% tint cover on the rear windshield. 

In the earlier versions, like the Tesla Model 3, tinting cannot be seen, and it has been mentioned that it contained a UV protective layer.


Tinting a Tesla Model 3 will cost you different prices, according to the type you choose. We have mentioned that ceramic coating and crystalline are the best types. For instance, ceramic coat possesses an exclusive glare reduction and protects the interior from fading by the hardest UV rays. 

Generally, the process will cost you about $1200 with the labor cost. We do not recommend you do the tinting on your own as it may result in an improper installation. For more info on the topic, please refer to the above paragraphs.  

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