How to Open Sunroof On Tesla Model 3? (You Will Be Surprised)

how to open sunroof on tesla model 3

Tesla has become one of the most popular and cool electronic cars mainly because of its environmental value and amazing user-friendly features. Have you ever wondered how to open sunroof on Tesla Model 3? This report is all about this topic, and we hope you will stay with us until the end. 

The evolution of cars has been on another level over the last couple of decades. You can consider Tesla as a prime example of that claim. One of the cool features of the Tesla Model 3 is the glass roof. It gives the feeling of riding a convertible while protecting you from direct sunlight and rain. 

Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Sunroof?

Most people are curious to know whether it has a movable sunroof. Actually, it does not have a sunroof, even though it consists of a fixed glass roof that is not retractable. There are no separate windshield and back glass; instead, it has one panoramic glass roof which connects the windscreen and the back glass. This panoramic glass roof will allow you to have extra headroom and feel spacious with a better view of the sky. The only issue is that it doesn’t act as a sunroof, which means you can’t pen and close it.

Does Tesla Model 3 have a Glass Roof?

The answer to the question is yes. Tesla Model 3 has a glass roof though it is not a sunroof where you can operate it by opening and closing it. It is a panoramic glass roof, meaning it has a one-glass roof connecting the windshield and back glass. This panoramic glass roof provides many benefits to riders and passengers, in addition to providing a lot of head space.

So if you ever wanted a Tesla with a sunroof, then Tesla Model 3 might not be the best car for you.

Difference Between Sunroof vs Moon Roof

If you are planning to buy a Tesla it will help you if you knew the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof. To be sure whether the car’s features you have chosen match you.

The main difference between the two is that you can operate the moon roof with a click of a switch, whereas you have to work manually on the sunroof. Also, you can see through the moonroof, and people outside don’t know what’s happening inside the car. So basically moon roof is a glass roof with a tinted glass panel.

But the sunroof is different when compared. It has a roof that you can operate manually with a handle or lever inside your car. It does not have a glass roof, and you can’t see through it. So basically, the sunroof has a solid roof panel that you can open and close to let the light and the air in. Unlike the moon roof, you can’t see anything when the top is closed. So the only advantage you get from the sunroof is that you can open and close it, allowing you to have ventilation whenever you need it.

If you ever face an accident on a Tesla Model 3, there is a chance that you will suffer more fragments than the regular roof, as it is made entirely of glass.

How to Open Sunroof on the Tesla Model 3?

As mentioned before, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have a sunroof. It has a glass roof that goes from the windshield to the back glass; it is one glass covering the entire space. They call it a panoramic glass roof. So you can’t move it at all. It allows you to have light and air inside the car.

That said, if you really want to make it openable, you can visit a service centre that provides this service and alter the panoramic glass of the Tesla to an openable one.

However, some Tesla models come with a sunroof that you can open and close with just a button on the vehicle’s screen. If you are looking for a car that you can open and close the sunroof, the best option is to buy a different model of Tesla but not the Tesla Model 3 because it doesn’t allow you to open or close the sunroof.

Many people wonder why Tesla Model 3 omits the open-able sunroof feature. This issue has caused controversy among many Tesla enthusiasts, and they wonder if there is any chance they will get this in the new Tesla models coming out in the future.

Difference Between Sunroofs of Tesla Model 3, y, x

Having a thorough understanding of the type of roof is essential if you plan to buy a Tesla. So let’s see the differences between Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model y, and Tesla Model x sunroofs.

Tesla Model Y

The sunroof is divided into two sections, though when you look at it from inside the car, it seems like a single glass roof. The glass roof is similar to the one in the Tesla Model 3 but is a bit larger than that. The Tesla Model y doesn’t have any support inside the roof, which means it doesn’t have the supporting joint as on the Tesla Model 3. Glass is fixed, similar to the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model x is different compared to the other two. This model doesn’t have a sunroof because the Tesla Model x has a door installed throughout the space, making it difficult to establish a glass roof.

Tesla Model 3

As we have mentioned before, the Tesla Model 3 has a sunroof but doesn’t have an opening. The glass roof is fixed, and unique panels are installed to provide extra protection. The glass roof is divided into two sections supporting the top inside. It will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the sky.

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