What is the Best Color for Tesla Model Y? [All Available Colors ]

what is the best color for tesla model y

Every car has a color that the consumer is far more eager to purchase, and Teslas are no exception. Appreciation is influenced by things like how effectively a color sells, which color best conceals blemishes, and which color best retains its worth. Given these facts, you might be curious about Tesla’s highest-chosen color. We’ll explain how each Tesla color differs from the others and reasons why you should give it some thought. So what is the best color for tesla model y? Let us find out.

What is Tesla’s Main Color?

Tesla vehicles come in five main distinct color options.  These colors are red, pearl white, strong black, deep blue, and pearl white. You may select any of the following colors.

The crimson paint job and the sleek, flat texture give the automobile a very upscale appearance. The nicest part about this shade is that numerous individuals still adore it despite its widespread use in other automobiles.

Secondly, Tesla provides a silver metallic finish that is visually stunning and conveys a feeling of wealth and refinement.

The deep blue hue conveys a sense of stability and dependability, much the same as the capabilities that Tesla guarantees. An unexplainable emotion is produced by the luxury design and deep blue color.

 And then Black has consistently been the color that automotive enthusiasts choose the highest. 

Tesla has made it easy to select from a variety of vehicles offered in white for those who prefer bright colors.

The color white denotes refinement and decent behavior. Individuals who enjoy taking the lead adore this color. You may alter your character’s image just like your sparkling white Tesla, which has long reigned the automobile industry.

What Color Tesla Sells the Most?

The most popular appearance for such teslas is thus Pearl White, which is, fortunately, a stunner. In addition to being a multi-coat color, it also has a glossy surface that provides it more character than the typical plain, uniform whites that are provided for free by other companies. 

The Model S mostly tends to purchase in pure Black, whereas the most common Model X colors are reportedly Red Multi-Coat, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic. Additionally, Midnight Silver is the most popular color for the Model 3.

The Model Y is the latest Tesla version available. While it leads the Sports utility vehicle sector in places like California, no trustworthy sources are showing which color is currently leading out. 

What Color Tesla has the Highest Resale Value?

The red color tesla Model seems to retain it is worth better on the secondary market; however, it is more costly than the other colors.

Not many Tesla automobiles are treated similarly, particularly if you intend to resell a used Tesla.

According to a recent analysis by automobile analysis websites, brown Model S vehicles depreciate the quickest of all the Tesla vehicles, with a 25 percent greater likelihood than the typical Model S of being reduced upwards of 10 percentage points in the used automobile sector.

Devaluation is also a concern for Model S vehicles that are grey or green. Both have a 7 percent higher chance of being severely reduced than the typical Model S.

On the contrary side, red Tesla Model vehicles often maintain their worth the finest. Black and blue automobiles perform about average, while white and silver vehicles rank above that.

What is the Best Color for Tesla Model Y?

Which Tesla color is best is primarily a matter of taste, although some are superior to others for particular tasks. The Pearl White basic color is the least expensive. Though brilliant hues are great for reflecting sunlight, you could choose a different shade if you wish to preferable mask damage.

Pearl White Multi-aesthetics coats are among the greatest in addition to simply how they bounce light, despite the fact that the best colors for a Tesla are purely a matter of personal preference. For starters, the hue is more straightforward to keep than darker colors since it effectively hides flaws like scrapes.

Additionally, it takes longer to warm up than Teslas having duller exteriors, which could be excellent for those who live in tropical climes. To enhance this impact, you must choose lighter interior colors, so keep that in mind.

If you desire to be highlighted, Red teslas are seen to be dazzling. Red automobiles are more conspicuous, and some individuals even assert that law enforcement officers often draw them over.

To make your Model Y sparkle, When refined and cleaned, certain hues have the propensity to seem more vibrant and shiny than others.  The ideal colors for your Tesla are solidly blue or red if you want it to truly stand out.

Midnight silver is the best option if you desire a tesla in a color that is more fascinating than white or black without being as noticeable as red or blue.

Midnight silver is a capable all-arounder as well. On a white automobile, dust particles won’t be as noticeable as they might be on a black one, and scrapes won’t be as noticeable as they might be.

When picking a color for your Tesla Model Y, it isn’t a terrible concept to consider factors like scars, dust, and what other folks will assume when they look at your vehicle. However, these factors don’t matter.

The color that you want is generally the greatest choice for your car.

What is the Rarest Color for a Tesla?

The rarest color for tesla cars isn’t held by model X, Y, or 3; it actually is a tesla roadster from 2011. Exclusively only one-tesla roadster was created in 2011 with the colors Brilliant Yellow, Insane Green, and Lightning Green.


The ideal color for a Tesla is often Pearl White since it is the standard and consequently least expensive color that bounces radiation to maintain the vehicle’s temperature comfortable and effectively conceals blemishes. The truly important qualities when picking a color for a Tesla Model Y aren’t things like blemishes, dust, or what others will think when they view your vehicle. Still, it’s not a terrible idea to consider such things. In the end, the finest color for your Tesla is your choice.

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