Does Tesla Have A Car Wash Mode? – Complete Guide

Does Tesla Have A Car Wash Mode

In terms of electric vehicles, the Tesla range of cars has propelled the automotive industry forward by at least a few years. Tesla has been able to break through numerous obstacles and has become an indispensable part of people’s lives all across the world. Tesla constantly creates useful software upgrades to improve your car. Despite its sophistication, owners sometimes encountered issues while bringing their cars to an automated vehicle wash. So people wonder that does Tesla have a car wash mode. Keep on reading to know all about Tesla’s car wash mode.

Does Tesla Have A Car Wash Mode? And What Is Tesla’s Car Wash Mode?

So, does Tesla have a car wash mode? Tesla’s electric car lineup received the convenience function known as Car Wash Mode over a software update(v2021.24.4). When washing the automobile or bringing it to an automatic car wash with such a conveyor belt. Car Wash Mode essentially acts as a shortcut to mass enable or disable specific car functions.

What Does Tesla Car Wash Mode Do?

The Car Wash Mode on your Tesla disables the windshield wipers, sentry guard, walk-away door locks, and driver monitoring chimes, in addition to locking the charging outlet and shuttering all of the windows. 

You don’t need to access the corresponding settings individually since Screen Clean Mechanism and Fold Mirrors are two additional buttons on the Car Wash Mode screen.

The Enable Free Roll setting in the Car Wash Mode also places the vehicle Neutral. It is helpful for automatic car washers that use conveyor belts. It stops the brake pedal from deploying itself when you leave.

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Here is an overview of what the Tesla car wash function does:

  • Shut the windows
  • Secure the charging port
  • Shut the trunk
  • the condition of the trunk and the frunk (front trunk)
  • Activate the wipers manually
  • Disable Sentry Mode
  • Turn off the walk-away door locking
  • Remove the parking assistance chimes
  • Display climate control status 

How To Enable Tesla Car Wash Mode?

The steps listed below can get used to putting your Tesla in vehicle wash mode:

As a Pre-requisite, you must have your Tesla in park.

Step 1: Navigate to Controls > Services > Car Wash Mode on your Tesla touchscreen.

Step #2: Tap “Enter Car Wash Mode” on the alert window.

That’s it; doing so will activate the vehicle wash mode and display the progress of each task on the list.

Sentry Mode, turning off the park assist chimes, and locking the windows and charging port are some things that will be done for you automatically. Additionally, information on folding mirrors, the status of the frank, and other items will only get shown for user assessment and action. For instance, if your Model 3 is older than 2020, it won’t automatically shut the (manual) trunk for you. Still, it will let you know if it is open so that you can be sure to do so before you take it to the car wash.

Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Car Wash

Now you know does Tesla have a car wash mode. Everything, even car washes, has advantages and disadvantages, as you are undoubtedly aware. And to be honest, there are many drawbacks to doing your vehicle wash this way.

Particularly for auto enthusiasts who like their vehicles and don’t ever want the worst to happen to them, what are the benefits and drawbacks of washing your automobile at a car wash?

  • Pros 

Let’s start by discussing some of the benefits of the Tesla vehicle wash. What benefits come from using your Tesla’s wash mode and an automated vehicle wash? Let’s expand.

Convenience is the main benefit of using an automatic vehicle wash. Washing in this manner is simple. When the car is thoroughly cleaned and dried, the machine takes care of everything and leaves you with nothing to do. Drive there, then drive away, just like that.

Since its origin, this idea has prevented billions of hours of hard work, making it one of the finest ones ever put into effect. And, to be honest, that is a lot of time. It implies that you won’t ever engage in activities that cause you to sweat or feel exhausted. The machine handles every task. Everything is automated, even drying. You can see why it’s the best course of action now.

The cost-effectiveness of employing an automatic vehicle wash is another benefit. If you didn’t know, a car wash is inexpensive, and it won’t matter if you wash your car once or twice a month.

And considering the time you would save, this amount is a very modest sum to pay. You may use this time to do something more rewarding, like going on dates or having fun with friends.

  • Cons

One of the main drawbacks is the risk of causing harm to your automobile when utilizing an automatic car wash. Many individuals lack the Tesla vehicle wash mod. As a result, they either unintentionally leave the windows open or the sunroof open, allowing water to enter the vehicle and flood it.

The machine’s harm to the paint is yet another drawback of automated car washes. The machine’s brushes can cause swirls on the car’s paint, and they become worse after some car wash sessions.

Choose a car wash that won’t harm your paint because of this. You must thus test many locations to see which of them is ideal for your paint. Additionally, it gets suggested that you get your automobile covered before washing it.

Overall, there are fewer drawbacks than advantages. Therefore, you shouldn’t ever be hesitant to wash your automobile at an automatic car wash. If you own a Tesla, all you need to do is turn on the Tesla car wash mode, and you’ll be ready to go.

Final Thought

Another small feature that makes having a Tesla even more convenient is Tesla Car Wash Mode. It’s like having a helpful checklist of everything you need to do (or turn off) before cleaning your Tesla manually or sending it through an automated vehicle wash. We hope this information was helpful to you.

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