How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic? And How It Works

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic

Unlike the car’s gasoline gauge, the oil life display should never be considered a gauge solely for the amount of oil in the tank. Instead, it shows how well the oil can lubricate the engine, which it can no longer do if it is clogged with dirt and other impurities. But, what is oil life, and how to reset oil life on Honda Civic? 

The oil life indicator will display 100% when the engine oil is brand-new, when your automobile is new, or after each oil change. From this point on, the proportion decreases as dirt builds up during routine everyday driving.

How Does The Indicator For Oil Life Function? 

When you come up with the question on how to reset oil life on Honda Civic, for instance, just because your oil life indicator reads 15% doesn’t indicate you’re 15% from running out of oil. Instead, it indicates that the time for an oil change is closer by the day.

Once the 15% mark is reached, your Honda Maintenance Minder System will also notify you by displaying a yellow wrench icon. This does not imply that the automobile is dangerous to operate. Simply put, it signifies that the engine will soon require a new oil change due to the oil’s extreme degradation. Generally speaking, now is the best time to arrange a service call.

If the readout falls to 5%, the oil is so filthy that it needs to be replaced immediately before the reading falls much worse. Once it drops below 0%, you have passed the point where servicing is necessary and where the engine oil spill is likely doing more harm than good.

Your Honda’s onboard computer system continually records daily driving parameters such as speed, engine and ambient outside temperatures, number of starts and stops, engine load, number of miles traveled, and operational time as part of the Maintenance Minder System.

Is Oil Pressure Indicator the same as Oil Life Indicator?

The small red indicator on your dashboard that resembles a genie’s lamp with an oil droplet pouring out of the spout is the Oil Pressure Indicator; it should not be mistaken for the Oil Life Indicator.

When the ignition switch is turned ON, this oil pressure indicator will momentarily illuminate before going dark as soon as the engine begins. Never let the engine be running when it turns on.

When the Oil Pressure indicator blinks while the engine runs, the oil pressure has temporarily decreased before rising. When the indicator light remains illuminated while the engine is operating, there is a risk of significant engine damage since the engine has lost oil pressure.

In either scenario, you must act right now.

What To Do If Oil Life Indicator Lights Up?

Turn off the engine as you safely drive off the road. Activate the danger warning lights.

Allow the car to idle for a while. Pull the dipstick and check the oil level after opening the hood. If required, add oil to restore the level to the full mark as indicated on the dipstick (oil level and oil pressure are not directly related, but an engine with very little oil may lose pressure during fast bends and other driving maneuvers).

What To Do If Oil Life Indicator Lights Up?

What Elements Affect My Civic’s Oil Life?

The Honda Maintenance Minder System monitors your Engine Oil Indicator and other critical warnings, but many outside factors affect how long your Honda’s oil lasts. Your oil is affected by the following factors:

  • The Laurel area’s temperature
  • Overall kilometers traveled 
  • Motor load
  • Regular driving conditions and speed

Although every 5,000 miles or so is the suggested interval for oil changes, your driving habits may affect your car’s requirements. It’s necessary to schedule servicing if your oil light turns on sooner than normal. This indicates that your oil has degraded more quickly than usual.

Any car, including your Honda Civic model, needs oil to operate properly. However, what variables affect the oil life of your vehicle? The Engine Oil Indicator and other significant dashboard lights and indicators are managed by the Honda Maintenance Minder System so that you are constantly informed of the oil life of your model.

Your oil life may also be affected by mileage, engine temperature, engine load, and speed. Before your next planned oil change, if you start your Honda Civic in Oak Park and the oil life light flashes, it usually signals that the oil’s additives are degrading and that you should arrange repair as soon as possible.

What Elements Affect My Civic's Oil Life?

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic:According To Different Generations?


The bottom left spoke of the steering wheel has a button with the symbol for “home.” A menu will appear in the tachometer’s centre when you press it. Scroll to “Maintenance” using the wheel to the right of the home symbol. Choose it.

The dash will display the oil life %. It will say “A1” underneath the oil life reading. The maintenance menu number is this. Once more, press and hold the scroll wheel. You will be given the option to reset A1, additional maintenance items, or all maintenance items when a window appears.

Choose the desired option (you might wish to reset all maintenance items if the oil change was part of a comprehensive service), then push and release the scroll wheel until the oil life reads 100%.

  • TENTH GENERATION (2016-2021)

An information button with three rectangles and the lowercase letter I in a circle on the left spoke of the steering wheel. To access a menu inside the tachometer, press that button. Once you see a wrench icon, press the information button once again. An enter button is located to the left of the information button. Hit that. Service item A1 will show the oil life %.

For 10 seconds, hold down the enter button. Reset A1, additional maintenance items, or all maintenance items as desired. The oil life should read 100% after making your selection using the arrow buttons surrounding the enter button.

  • NINTH GENERATION (2012-2015)

A menu button may be found on the left spoke of the steering wheel. A multifunction panel will appear to the right of the speedometer when you press it. To navigate to “Vehicle Information,” use the arrow keys near the enter button. Enter the key. The message “Maintenance Info” will appear. Hit Enter once again. The first item that should show up is the oil life. It will prompt you to choose if you want to reset the maintenance information once you press enter.

  • EIGHT GENERATION (2006-2011)

A select/reset button (labelled “SEL RESET”) may be found on the dashboard’s extreme left side, underneath the vent. Press and hold that button until the tachometer’s service indication shows. To reset, press and hold it one more time. The oil life gauge ought to show 100%.

Check your owner’s or shop handbook for Civics manufactured in 2005 and earlier. Regular oil changes along with other regular maintenance like tire and engine inspection, may increase the lifespan of your car.

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