How To Clean Tesla Seats That Are White? Your Ultimate Guide

How To Clean Tesla Seats

Nothing comes close to the dazzling Ultra White vegan leather seats in the Tesla with their sleek, futuristic appearance. Maintaining this luxurious interior’s cleanliness frequently is hard. So, how to clean Tesla Seats in the right manner? Brushing off dirt and cleaning with water and a non-detergent soap, such as Castile, is recommended. Dish soap, booze, bleach, acetone, stain removers and detergents should not be used.

This article will be the most helpful if you’re debating purchasing Tesla’s Ultra White vegan leather luxury interior or are wondering how to care for your elegant white seats.

How To Clean Tesla Seats: Keeping White Tesla Seats Clean

We will teach you how to clean Tesla Seats that are white through this article. Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water and a non-detergent soap, such as Castile, Aleppo, Fels-Naptha, or Marseille soap, to wipe up spills quickly.

You may either apply a tiny amount of soap straight to a damp cloth or use this simple Castile Soap Spray directly to the cloth. The best approach to maintain the cleanliness of your vegan leather seats is quite simple to make.

The recommended tiny spray bottle (5.4 oz/160 ml), which may be stored in the glove box or center console, can hold the following quantities. For bigger bottles, adjust the quantities as necessary.

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Castile Soap Spray: Simple Recipe

  • Half a cup of distilled water
  • Unscented Castile liquid soap, 1/2 tbsp.
  • Little sprayer (5.4 oz/160 ml)


  • Fill a spray bottle with distilled water.
  • Incorporate Castile liquid soap
  • Before usage, give a little shake.

Tap water can be substituted for distilled water in an emergency, but the impurities in hard water may cause the soap to become hazy or leave an unsightly residue. Just be sure to remove all soap residue from the seats by wiping them with a clean, damp cloth.

  • Gently circularly rub the area.

Use a clean towel dampened with distilled water to remove all soap residue. If soap residue is left on the surface, it might dry out the vegan leather and eventually cause cracking.

  • With a gentle, lint-free cloth, dry the surface.

Avoid using strong cleaning agents or substances like Magic Erasers, bleach, (rubbing) alcohol, acetone, or ammonia that might dry up vegan leather and cause cracking, bubbling, or discoloration.

Microphones are in the front seats but can’t be near any liquids. Avoid over-saturating the region of the chairs where these microphones are positioned during cleaning to prevent damage to the microphones.

How To Take Care Of Your Tesla’s White Seats

Although the interiors of Tesla vehicles are made to withstand stains, routine cleaning is advised to preserve the interior’s original appearance and functionality.

To stop them from digging into the seats as you sit, routinely vacuum or brush off crumbs, dirt, and other debris.

Use non-detergent soap and water to clean the seats frequently. With a clean, damp cloth, remove any residues of soap that remains.

In your car, avoid using hand sanitizer. Products with alcohol in them can harm vegan leather.

Before getting into your car, thoroughly wash and dry your hands.

Wash new dark-colored trousers before wearing them. Make it a practice to inspect the seats when you exit the car.

Use caution when placing goods on the passenger seat since colors from plastic shopping bags or unclean purses might bleed onto the white seats. Put these things in the trunk or cover the passenger seat with a towel for protection.

Self-tanners, body makeup, temporary hair colors, lotions, and oils shouldn’t be applied to skin or hair that will be in touch with the luxurious interior of a Tesla.

If you have a dog, cover your chairs to prevent damage.

If you retain a car seat for a baby, take it out sometimes to vacuum, brush, and clean underneath.

Avoid leaving your car parked in the sun for an extended time. Vegan leather may break due to sunlight drying it out too much.

Baby wipes free of alcohol should always be kept in your console for last-minute clean-ups. You can get Kirkland baby wipes here; they don’t contain alcohol and use one of the safest surfactants on the market. They perform well for rapid clean-ups but are not meant to take the place of cleaning using non-detergent soap.


  • How Can White Seats With Denim Stains Be Cleaned?

If you see that dark black or blue trousers have left their color on your white seats, wipe it away with water and a non-detergent soap (like Castile).

Circular motions are used to wipe. Then, wipe any soap residue using a clean, damp, soft cloth. Let it dry naturally. In a pinch, you can use a baby wipe without alcohol.

Consult a Tesla representative or a car detailer specializing in vegan leather if this doesn’t work.

  • Can I Cover My White Seats To Protect Them?

For the white vegan leather inside a Tesla, aftermarket seat coverings are not advised since they might reduce the sensitivity of the seat’s occupancy sensors. Additionally, they could harm or taint the surface.

  • Are The White Tesla Seats Difficult To Keep Spotless?

Do not wear dark blue or black pants, grape juice, temporary hair color, self-tanners, or other items that might produce stains.

  • Are White Tesla Seats More Hygienic To Clean Than Black Ones?

Tesla seats in black and white are vegan leather, cleaning them the same way and making them equally simple to clean. However, black seats are better at concealing stains. Maintain seats by routinely vacuuming or sweeping away dirt, then washing with non-detergent soap and water (such as Castile).

  • What Are Tesla Seat Non-Detergent Soaps?

When you think of the question of how to clean Tesla Seats, Tesla advises cleaning interior vegan leather seats exclusively with non-detergent soap. Natural ingredients are used to make non-detergent soap, which gently cleans without the use of synthetic chemicals or surfactants that might harm vegan leather.

Never use liquid dish soap, shampoo, bleach, stain removers, or laundry detergent on your Tesla seats.

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