Where is the Odometer on a Tesla? (Guide For Tesla)

where is the odometer on a tesla

With Tesla automobiles, digital screens act as odometers, which register the miles covered. Tesla owners can track their vehicle’s distance using the data on their odometer. This makes it easier to keep track of planned maintenance and spot potential problems early on. But where is the odometer on a Tesla?

The components of a Tesla were all thoroughly thought out; each is critical to deciding how effectively the car runs, and the odometer is no less significant than other highly-liked features. This article will cover the details of where is the odometer is located on a Tesla Model. And you will also know why this is Odometer Important.

Where is the Odometer on a Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3?

The dash-mounted trip odometer reading and the clock must share an identical panel. Also, you might access it by tapping the Tesla logo that is currently visible on the dashboard of the main device.

Tesla cars aren’t the most visible, especially in terms of what you might often take for granted. Elon Musk predicts that Tesla batteries will last for 500,000 kilometers.

Drivers should expect Tesla cells to outlast most EV batteries and perform like new for 100,000–150,000 kilometers. With a battery deterioration rate of under 10% after 160,000 miles, Tesla cars are among the most durable ones currently on the market.

To access the odometer on any Tesla Model S, follow the steps below. Simply click when you see the car symbol on any Tesla display.

The odometer is displayed on the placard on the left. When you reach the bottom of the outermost card, slide together all the way to the bottom; your odometer will appear.

To make the Tesla Model X’s speedometer visible, perform any of the following steps. Select Controls, then Software. By tapping Controls, you can select Trips. On the smartphone app’s primary display, scroll to the bottom.

To locate the odometer inside a Tesla Model 3, In contrast to the majority of fuel cars, which display odometer numbers on the panel either technologically or physically, Tesla’s odometer can only be viewed via the tablet or a mobile app.

The location of the Tesla’s odometer is described here. Choose Software under Controls here on the touch interface.

The restart for the journey is found to be close to the current mileage. Instead, choose Trip under Controls. Immediately just above, reset again for the journey, and follow the link to observe the odometer number.

The odometer number can also be accessed by scrolling all the way to the vehicle bottom of a Tesla mobile application on your smartphone. At the bottom, you’ll see the present odometer measurement as well as some common information regarding your car, such as the VIN well as the version number.

Find the trip meter restart button to change the mileage setting across trips and lifespan. When you press the restart button, the travel meter will automatically go back to zero after a brief delay.

Start the car’s engine and put it in the drive. Search again for the odometer’s power switch. After pressing the reset key, it takes a short amount of time for the meter to return to zero. After turning off the engine, put the car back in the park.

How to Find the Odometer on a Tesla Model Y?

The touchpad pad may be used to operate all of the multiple instruments on such a Tesla, essentially. The majority of the equipment you use when driving, including the GPS, speed, plus tachometer, are shown on one pad, which simplifies things and makes it easy to use.

The odometer won’t show displayed on display, though, as most drivers don’t utilize it much during their routine travels.

In that situation, fiddling with the tablet pad on such a Tesla will enable you to use its odometer.

There at the bottom left edge of the display, directly below the automobile symbol here on the pad, users can quickly locate the odometer by checking again for indicators.

It won’t seem immediately obvious since it doesn’t state “odometer,” so slide left continuously till you come to the vehicle’s odometer.

Once we comprehend what every one of those various figures suggests, we realize it’s really the odometer.

This odometer for your Tesla Model Y may be found on the panel or within the Tesla application.

The location of the odometer can be found here. Choose Trips by tapping the automobile symbol here on the dashboard’s main screen.

A record of all previous travels can be found here. The odometer would display the total number of miles traveled there at the bottom.

This Tesla meter for any Model Y can be accessed via the primary touch screen, despite the fact that it might not be immediately visible.

Here on the automobile symbol, swipe left to access the trip planner and odometer.

You’ll need to scroll to the bottom to see the odometer number because it is really the final item on the list.

The overall mileage will be included in any of the Trips as well unless users change it. You should most likely use one to complete your present journey.

Why is the Odometer Important?

Attributed to the reason that it indicates how far a secondhand vehicle has already traveled, the odometer number constitutes one of the most important criteria for calculating its worth. The odometer’s job is to give the amount of time an automobile has driven.

You may gauge how hard an automobile is working by knowing how far it has driven. When looking to purchase a used car, examining the odometer is crucial since it may serve as a guide. An automobile with a large mileage will undoubtedly be in worst shape than one with a lesser mileage.

Why is the Odometer Important

Many people believe that precise odometer measurements are among the most crucial elements of a good fuel injection system. A fleet owner’s understanding of several crucial aspects related to his or her vehicle, such as vehicle repair and substitution, fuel gas consumption, including gas mileage, is greatly improved by accurate miles.


A fantastic tool for tracking your car’s overall mileage is the Tesla odometer. Some customers express frustration with their inability to find the odometer or slide correctly first from the dot here on the home screen.

Sadly, there isn’t a method to make the odometer number on the Tesla primary screen remain up all the time, even when you’re traveling.

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