What is Hyundai Blue Drive? [Complete Guide]

what is hyundai blue drive

Hyundai Motor’s guiding principle is called Blue Drive. Hyundai Motor has developed the Blue Drive policy in order to transmit an atmosphere that is defined by fresh air plus fuel-efficient and emission-free automobiles. What is Hyundai Blue Drive?

So, to speak.

What is Hyundai Blue Drive? By increasing fuel economy and looking for new power sources, the firm aims to pioneer the future of pollution-free travel. Hyundai’s Blue Drive plan has as its ultimate objective the development of automobiles that run entirely on renewable energy and release no carbon dioxide. More precisely, the approach intends to lessen emissions and consumption of fuel by increasing the performance, security, and overall efficiency of cars.


Due to record-high gas costs, many people are looking at hybrid automobiles and other energy-efficient solutions. It would appear a little perplexing if users fit into another group and came upon a Hyundai model classified as a “Hybrid Blue” instance.

Hyundai’s hybrid vehicles, which are already incredibly efficient, are made even more effective thanks to a unique combination of technological improvements called Blue Drive. A Hyundai Blue Drive hybrid car is the best option unless you’re searching for a non-plug-in combination that still gets more than 50 miles per gallon!

What is Hyundai Blue Drive? Summary

A group of technologies under Hyundai’s Blue Drive concept are designed to increase fuel efficiency and lower pollution. This includes modifications to automobiles with internal-combustion engines as well as hybrid, electrical, plus fuel cell models.

This features low friction coefficient tires, electronic power steering that saves cost plus storage in addition to engine speed and gasoline, as well as the Alternator Management System, aka AMS, one that only recharges the cell while braking or while there is engine speed remaining.

The vehicles also include Intelligent Stop & Go, or ISG, which uses a grip to restart the motor after it has been switched off due to a traffic junction or other stationary object.

The optimal moment to change gears to maximize fuel efficiency is made clear to the operator by an eco-drive indication. Hyundai’s ecological goals and objectives are met via vehicles constructed in ISO 14001-certified facilities that adhere to the Blue Drive philosophy.

Blue Drive Refers to What Precisely?

In reality, Blue Drive refers to both “Clean” vehicles as well as “Clean” engines and transmissions. Blue Drive designates vehicles with fuel-efficient, emissions-reduced engines, and transmissions. The revolutionary drivetrain components that reduce pollutants and gas mileage are also referred to as Blue Drive.

What is Hyundai Blue Drive? Aspects

ISG Stands for Intelligent Stop & Go

Whenever the car reaches a complete stop, ISG turns off the motor, while when the throttle is depressed, it turns back forward. This lowers pollution and may save up to 15% on gasoline.

Alternator Management System, aka AMS

Only while the motor is slowing down or has extra power can the cell be charged using this fuel-saving technique.

DPF Stands for Diesel Particulate Filter

The DPF filter collects small particles of soot from the emissions, and when it has been gathered, its dirt is burned away at an elevated temp during the restoration, leaving behind very little ash. Exhaust fumes effectively disappear, and recharging resumes at light voltage.

Electric Power Steering

Electric Power Steering substitutes conventional systems depend on a hydraulic piston, valves, cables, plus oil, with only a power source that pulls the battery’s energy during turning, using less engine thrust and conserving gasoline.

Tires That Have Little Ride Quality

Maintaining that power is crucial since it was produced from the gasoline tank and is most often wasted as it travels out from the motor towards the wheels. Reduced performance efficacy in much less energy being utilized since low friction coefficient wheels minimize friction and bend.

With no sacrifice to traction and security, such tires assist you in reducing carbon dioxide emissions along with gas consumption.

Eco-drive Signal

This cutting-edge device indicates when to shift into a lower gear to enhance fuel economy. It may reduce gasoline costs by 7 and 9%.

Why Does Blue Drive Exist?

First, Blue Drive caters to the increasing percentage of new vehicle purchasers who are already worried about how traveling affects the quality and wish to make an environmentally responsible decision by choosing a car that is both pure and fuel-efficient at current tech permits.

Furthermore, Hyundai’s Blue Drive initiative fulfills the company’s goal for sustainable transport and exemplifies our CSR commitment to environmental preservation.

The Green Move program embodies Hyundai’s dedication to acting as a good citizen. To preserve the environment, they collaborate with local governments from all over the globe. They are putting recycling initiatives into action, planting trees, and assisting in the habitat restoration of endangered animals.

With educational initiatives, clean technologies, and subsidies for green vehicles, they are also assisting in the reduction of air pollutants as well as the prevention of climate change. In their capacity as accountable part of corporate social responsibility, it’s the minimum that could do.

Which Automobiles Utilize Hyundai Blue Drive?

Hyundai has already incorporated Blue Drive into a handful of its cars. Hyundai originally introduced the innovation in its 2009 Elantra as well as 2009 Accent models, which were joined by that the Sonata gas-electric combination.

In order to assist fuel cells to get better, the business built the Tucson Fuel-Cell Car, as well as Blue Drive technologies, which were used to build the Santa Fe electric cars. In the long run, the business hopes to have its Blue Drive technology available in every one of its new brands and models.

The Blue Drive logo: What Exactly Does It Mean?

  • The green leaf represents Gaia, her vital power of Mother Earth, first and foremost.
  • Second, its blue hue in Blue Drive evokes the cleanliness associated with our blue sky and seas, which serve as essential mainstays in our day-to-day existence.
  • Finally, this “Blue Drive” logo’s components are all emphasized to give off an impression of speed and motion.

Why Can Not It Be “Green” Instead of “Blue”?

Blue, a hue linked with morality, reliability, and integrity, is Hyundai’s company color. Blue Drive’s core ideals complement the clear and unblemished representation of the ‘Blue Planet’s sky and waters.’

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