Understanding BMW Active Driving Assistant: Drive Smarter

what is bmw active driving assistant

As you guys already know, BMWs are excellent cars! They perform well, are stylish and also have advanced safety options. So, if you are wondering “what is BMW active driving assistant” you should know that it is a system of your BMW which assist you in safety. Here, they have used artificial intelligence in operating the BMW active driving assistant. It will give you warnings on lane departure, blind spots, rear cross-traffic, forward collision and other risky situations. We’ll tell you about BMW Driving Assistant and how it works for your protection.

What is BMW Active Driving Assistant?

BMW Active Driving Assistant is a feature that you have for safety. It comes standard on many new BMW models. This system can be found on all new 5-series and classy BMW models. Also, BMW’s active driving assistant is an optional feature on 3-series models. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given this system a 5-star safety rating.

BMW Active Driving Assistant activate automatically in a risky situation when the driver is slow to respond. This will help to minimize the risk of a potential collision or accident that might occur. This feature helps you with warnings on lane departures, blind spots, forward collision warnings with pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic warnings and low-speed automatic emergency braking.

You can maintain a safe stay and control your BMW on urban roads and everywhere with the help of the technology capabilities included in this cutting-edge BMW safety suit. The more expensive versions, including the 5-series and X5 of BMW, are equipped with the active driving assistant on default.

How does BMW Active Driving Assistant work?

BMW uses a combination of cameras, sensors, and machine learning algorithms along with artificial intelligence for BMW’s active driving assistant work. Using these will provide warning signals and a comprehensive view of the risks to make decisions for the driver.

Following is how the cameras and sensors work on this.

  1. There are radar sensors that help in detecting the distance and speed of other vehicles. The radio waves emitted by these sensors will help in that they will gather information if there is a risk.
  2. Ultrasonic sensors of your BMW is also a part of the active driving assistant. These sensors will help you detect the objects such as other vehicles and parking barriers around you, in adjacent lanes, or close to the vehicle by using high-frequency sound waves. And provide data on the distance to the algorithm.
  3. There are camera systems, including front-view, side-view, and rear-view. With the help of all these, they provide data to the algorithm to ensure activating safety methods.
  4. Some models have “LiDAR,” which helps in determining accurate depth perception.

All the data gathered by these sensors and camera systems are processed using machine language and algorithms. And they make decisions on responding to the potential risks and hazards using artificial intelligence.

How do I Use BMW Active Driving Assistant?

Easy peasy! You don’t need to worry about how to activate the BMW active driving assistant. It will automatically activate when you are driving. This will benefit you because the mechanism in the active driving assistant operates automatically. When the car runs into an oncoming obstruction and in the case of signaling an accident, the sensors and camera systems turn on and audibly warn the driver.

And if the driver is too slow to take the necessary actions, the BMW active driving assistant will help you to avoid an accident by getting involved. As this works automatically, there are no specific procedures on how to use the BMW active driving assistant.

The warning signals will go off once the sensors and the system feel it is safe to drive. If any problem occurs with your active driving assistant, please get in touch or inform the BMW service team in your area.

How do I Use BMW Active Driving Assistant?

What are the key features of BMW Active Driving Assistant?

Key features of the BMW active driving assistant can be described as follows:

First, let’s see what the key features are.

  1. Forward collision warnings with pedestrian detection 
  2. Warnings on lane departures
  3. Blind spots warnings 
  4. Rear cross-traffic warnings 
  5. Low-speed automatic emergency braking

In forward collision warning, sensors and camera systems continuously look for obstacles that are ahead of you. This includes people, parking barriers, and other things, but not other vehicles. Also, this detects pedestrians and warns if any issue arises while ensuring the safety of your vehicle and pedestrians as well.

Drivers can easily drift out of the path because of various distractions. Warnings on lane departures help them to avoid this. Your BMW will warn you if you drift away so that you will be able to correct it and keep driving safely.

When driving, there will be areas that you can’t see, and it will be dangerous if you are in a crowded lane. Blind spots warn you in such circumstances. It will become your eyes and monitor for any obstruction in the blind spots, and if there is an issue, it will let you know both audibly and visually.

In rear-cross traffic warnings, your BMW will warn you if a vehicle approaches you from your right or left and the vehicle is backing out from parking in reverse mode. And as for the final key feature, the active driving assistant will hit the brakes automatically in low-speed traveling.

How does BMW Active Driving Assistant enhance safety?

It is an amazing fact that technology is taking first place in ensuring safety without the involvement of humans. The BMW active driving assistant enhances safety and gives the diver a stress-free mind through different options.

It prevents accidents and upcoming risks when driving by collecting and providing data. It determines the distances and depths on its own and also the possibility to happen an accident. Also, this system helps in reducing the severity of collisions. Additionally, the system provides help in traffic jams, on highways, and at traffic lights by detecting the obstacles in the surroundings, speed limits, and distance between the other vehicles.

This is an important feature that ensures the driver’s safety, the vehicle’s safety, and also the safety of pedestrians and other vehicles.

VIDEO CREDITS: Century BMW YouTube Channel

What are the limitations of BMW Active Driving Assistant?

Even though this is an important feature, this could also give errors as it is a machinery-generated feature. This can give drivers faulty alarms on certain occasions. Therefore, it is needed drivers to be attentive and remain alert. Also, you should check for any faulty issues in the sensors from time to time. Although the BMW active driving assistant is operated to activate automatically, there will be occasions when it may not function properly.

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