What does BSM Mean on Toyota RAV4? – (All You Need To Know)

what does bsm mean on toyota rav4

A Toyota RAV4 Japanese cross-over SUV launched in January 1996. The RAV4 was designed to cater to customer requirements for better cargo space, more visibility, a full-time four-wheel drive, cost-effective fuel consumption, and maneuverability. The short-wheelbase model is sold in Europe and Japan. The extended wheelbase version is for Australia and North America. North America has the largest market for RAV4, with more than 530 000 vehicles sold in 2019. It uses radar sensors mounted in the bumper, functioning as a BSM. What does BSM mean on Toyota RAV4?

What is the Blind Spot on a Vehicle?

A blind spot on a vehicle is a space or area outside the driver’s visual field that cannot be seen in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror or through the windows. It’s not just in large cars or SUVs. Blind spots are found in many vehicles. The taller or larger the car is, the bigger the blind spot. These spots cannot be seen directly by the driver. Visibility is defined as the distance at maximum a driver can see. The vehicle’s visibility is affected by the weather and the structure and design of the car. 

What does BSM Stand for on Toyota RAV4?

A BSM – a blind spot monitor is a green light on the dashboard of a RAV4 is a system that raises the driver’s awareness of the vehicles and surrounding within the blind spot. It functions with two orange lights serving as an indicator on each side-view mirror. Whenever the car arrives at a blind spot, an arrow will illuminate either the left or right side of the SUV.

What does BSM Mean on a Toyota RAV4?

BSM in a RAV4 is known as the blind spot monitor. This blind spot monitor is seen as a green light on the dashboard with the label BSM. The BSM indicates a blind spot when the RAV enters an area with the blind spot. There will be an orange light lightening-up on either side of the vehicle. The RAV4 indicates that the blind spot monitor is on from the green light on the dashboard. The green light will be off either when the BSM is off or when the vehicle is not designed with BSM.

This is like a warning light the RAV4 uses to change lanes or streets while driving in a blind spot. If the vehicle reaches a blind spot on the right side of the car, an orange light will illuminate the right side view mirror. And if on the left, the left side-view mirror lights up.

There are hidden sensors located on both the left and right sides of the RAV4’s rear bumper. These sensors can detect the vehicles arriving and leaving the blind spot using radar technology. It can detect any object close by to prevent the vehicle from knocking or crashing on the object.

Why is My BSM Light on Toyota RAV4?

The BSM light is on because it shows as an indicator the RAV4 is entering the blind spot area. If the BSM light is on without entering any blind spot area, or the BSM light is on at all times, you will have to check the blind spot monitoring warning light with a qualified Toyota technician. Because this light being on as such can indicate any form of malfunction that needs to be repaired properly.

This light is switched on as a warning to protect the driver and the vehicle from any accidents caused in the blind spot zone. This warning light is essential to prevent any dangers and threats to the driver, passenger, and car.

How to Turn Off the BSM Light on Toyota RAV4?

Turning on or turning off the BSM depends on the year and the model of the RAV4. To turn on or off, the first step is to turn on the vehicle RAV4 model 2016 to 2022. Identify the settings icon. And after locating the settings icon (from the left and right arrow keypad). Next, select BSM from the dashboard to the down arrow key. Finally, press the button ‘ok’ located on the steering wheel. 

For RAV4 2013 to 2015, turn the vehicle on and press the BSM button to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard.

How Do I Reset My Toyota BSM? 

Resetting the blind spot monitor is relatively easy to handle. You do not need any expert help. All you need to do is turn off the car and turn it on again. If this doesn’t reset the BSM, go to the MID’s screen settings and toggle on/off in the BSM settings. You will have to try the following method of resetting the BSM if that does not work. You will have to contact a mechanic or your local Toyota dealer. 

Sometimes when the vehicle gets knocked on something, the sensors stop working. The impact can cause this damage. In such cases, the malfunction caused needs to be repaired by an expert. This mostly happens when the vehicles try switching lanes or entering and merging into the highway. This helps maintain vehicle safety. So, if the BSM light or sensors do not work, please reset them or get help from a certified mechanic.

How to Clean a Blind Spot Sensor? 

The blind spot sensors are hidden under the rear bumper or the side view mirrors. These sensors monitor the location next to and behind the car. These sensors need calibration. This calibration is made by measuring from a reference point on the ground by suspending a plumb bob from the reference point on the vehicle body.

It is essential to keep the blind spot sensor clean to ensure that the sensors work fine. The number one priority of any driver should be driving safely. The dirt on the vehicle can obstruct the sensors and cameras from working efficiently. For cleaning, mix a mild and dedicated vehicle washing product with water and soak a microfiber cloth. Use the material and wipe the sensor off the dirt, snow, or mud covering it. 

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