Subaru Access Key Battery Low – Follow These Steps!

subaru access key battery low

You can be upset to see that your Subaru access key has a ‘battery low’ warning. This message is merely a reminder that the key fob battery needs to be changed. This article covers the simple procedures to change the battery and guarantee that your key fob continues to function correctly.

What does Subaru Access Key Battery Low Mean?

The notification ‘Subaru access key battery low’ serves as a prompt to change the key fob’s battery. The key fob is a crucial part that enables remote start and keyless entry for Subaru automobiles. The car’s dashboard displays a warning when the battery is becoming low.

It tells the driver that a new battery is required. You can open the key fob using a metal key or flathead screwdriver to change the battery. The CR2032 battery that needs to be changed is located within.

Just take out the old battery and put in a new one to get the key fob working again. Owners of Subaru vehicles can consult their owner’s handbook for further instructions.

How Long does the Battery in a Subaru Access Key Typically Last?

A Subaru access key’s battery typically lasts one to two years, depending on usage and operational circumstances.

The car is still wholly operable even with a low keyless remote battery allowing you to move the gears, drive, and park without the key fob.

Even if the key fob battery needs to be replaced, the automobile can still be operated without a key after the engine is started correctly.

As soon as the ‘Subaru access key battery low’ warning message displays, replacing the key fob battery is advised to ensure continuous and dependable access.

How to Replace a Dead Subaru Key Fob Battery?

Follow these detailed instructions to replace a dead battery in a Subaru key fob.

First, ensure the key is within the fob and remove it to access the battery. Use a small screwdriver to remove any screws that may be located at the back of the fobs.

Next, use a coin or flathead screwdriver to pry open the fob by finding a slot or notch along the seam. Insert the tool into the opening and twist to separate the top and bottom sections.

Get the old battery out using a screwdriver and safely discard it after removing the fob. Assuring proper orientation, place the replacement CR2032 battery in the exact location. Snap the key fob back together to ensure it functions appropriately after testing it.

Check the battery orientation and repeat the test if the fob is still not working. If the problem continues, think about getting additional help from a locksmith or car dealership, or choose to get a blank replacement key fob and program it to your car.

What Type of Battery is Required for a Subaru Access Key?

A CR2032 battery is required for the Subaru access key. Key fobs and other small electronic devices widely use batteries.

Simply purchase a CR2032 battery when it’s time to replace it. Make sure it has the proper positive or negative orientation.

This battery gives the key fob the power it needs to carry out its keyless entry and remote start features efficiently.

It is simple to find availability at most general stores, home improvement stores, and auto parts stores.

You can make sure your Subaru access key is powered and operational for a long time by using a CR2032 battery.

How to Program a Subaru Key Fob?

Perform the following actions to program a Subaru key fob.

  • Pry open the key fob shell to reach the transmitter circuit board inside.
  • Please make a note of the initial 8-digit number series on the circuit board and keep it close at hand for programming reference.
  • The key fob case should be reassembled.
  • Sit in the driver’s seat of your Subaru. Make sure all the doors are shut and turn the ignition off.
  • Press the driver’s side lock/unlock button following the first digit of your transmitter number.
  • Repeat the procedure for each digit once you have entered the eight-digit number.

Your Subaru key fob should be successfully programmed once you accurately typed the entire number.

Make careful you carry out the procedures in the proper order, and make sure you have correctly matched each transmitter number digit with the matching button press.

If programming is successful, the key fob will work with your Subaru without problems and offer keyless entry and remote start features.

How Do I Start My Subaru without the Access Key

How Do I Start My Subaru without the Access Key?

  • You can start your Subaru remotely with the Keyless Access feature if you don’t have the access key. Adhere to the following steps to start your automobile remotely with the Subaru key fob.
  • Press the start button on the key fob twice in three seconds to start the engine remotely. The climate control system in the car will turn on based on the earlier chosen settings, and the engine will start automatically.
  • Press the unlock button on the key fob once to open your car from away. When you push the unlock button twice and ask for confirmation, the horn will sound, and the car’s lights will flash.
  • Press the lock button on the key fob once to lock your Subaru remotely. Press the lock button twice if you want horn and light feedback to confirm the lock.
  • Additional convenience is provided with keyless access, especially in bad weather when you may warm up your car before stepping in. When using the remote engine start option on your Subaru, essential to keep safety in mind and make sure the vehicle is parked in a safe place. Learn how to use your key fob and the Keyless Access system to operate your Subaru remotely effectively and seamlessly.

Benefits of Maintaining a Fully Charged Battery in the Subaru Access Key

The Subaru access key’s battery should always be fully charged to ensure smooth and reliable key fob operation.

  • Proper Functionality – Proper functionality is guaranteed by a battery that has been fully charged. It is possible to have unresponsive buttons or the requirement for many efforts to start any activity when the battery is running low or dead. If your battery is fully charged, you may confidently lock and unlock your Subaru with only one press.
  • Convenient Keyless Access – The key fob’s primary function is to provide easy keyless entry to your car. Your daily activities will be more convenient and effective when you can access your vehicle without a physical key when the battery is ultimately charged.
  • Enhanced Security – A key fob in good working order increases the safety of your Subaru by consistently locking and unlocking the doors. You can be sure your vehicle is securely locked with a fully charged battery, helping in preventing illegal entry and potential theft.
  • Remote Engine Start – Some Subaru models have remote engine start capability using the key fob. When the battery is fully charged, the signal will be strong enough to start the engine remotely. It allows you to warm up or cool down the vehicle before entering.
  • Reliable Engine Start – If the battery in the key fob is low, the signal it provides to the computer in the vehicle might not be powerful enough to permit engine start. The key fob can only efficiently interact with the car with a fully charged battery, assuring a dependable start every time.

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