Nissan Leaf SV vs SL Comparison: Read Before You Make A Decision

Nissan Leaf SV vs SL

You may be tempted mainly by Nissan Leaf, the best-known electric vehicle in the industry, but you’re not sure which model would best suit your needs. We provide you with a concise contrast that will unquestionably assist you in choosing between the Nissan Leaf SV vs SL. The Nissan Leaf SV vs SL is presented here without any more hesitation.

What Is Nissan Leaf?

When you’re searching for a reasonably priced but entertaining electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf should be your first and only option. You’ll note that several Nissan vehicles come in SV and SL base models while seeking a new Nissan car. See the below list of features for every version.

Standard Value, as well as Standards Luxury, are abbreviations that mean the same thing. Nissan SV vehicles are preferred by those seeking an improvement over base trim levels and yet still needing substantial savings. These vehicles would probably appeal to drivers who desire much more amenities and alternatives.

Nissan SVs

Its wheels may be changed from bare steel to alloys by moving up to the semi SV. A more modern 7-inch display with complete navigational as well as the Nissan Connect application platform is used instead of the previous entertainment display. In addition, faux suede is used on the chairs in place of fabric.

Components of the Nissan Pathfinder SV

  • Smart Lane Interventions and Smart Blind Spot Interventions features of ProPilot Assistance.
  • The seat has ten horsepower adjustments for the driver.
  • Two-way motorized lumbar assistance for drivers.
  • Heated chairs up front.
  • The mechanism for remote starting a motor
  • Temperature controls using intelligence.
  • Exterior mirrors with heat.
  • SiriusXM-powered Nissan Connect features.

Nissan Maxima SV characteristics

  • Nissan Routing from doorstep to doorstep with exceptional traffic
  • Automatic Cruise Control
  • seats are covered with leather.
  • Frontal seats with heat.
  • Blind Spot Alert

Specs of the Nissan Rogue SV

  • Sonar in the back and automated stopping in the back.
  • Liftgate with motion detection.
  • Ridge rails.
  • The Nissan Intelligent Key has a Pressure Release Starter, a Remote Engine Start Technology, and Smart Temperature Controls.
  • Eight-way motorized driver’s seat with two-way lumbar support.
  • Center seats with Quick Comfort heating.

Nissan SLs

The top-tier Leaf SL model features LED lighting, heated rear seats in addition to the forward chairs, fog lamps, and elegant natural, comfortable leather fabric.

Nissan Pathfinder SL characteristics

  • Nissan Connection has a 9-inch display.
  • Nissan Professional Traffic Entrance Navigator.
  • Incorporation of Apple CarPlay wirelessly.
  • First and second-row seats have leatherette trim.
  • Driving wheel with heat.
  • LED fog lamps
  • Bright Around Vision Monitor.

Attributes of the Nissan Maxima SL

  • All of the Maxima SV’s characteristics.
  • One-touch opening and closing of the dual-panel panorama windshield.
  • Sonar systems in the front and back.
  • Hydraulic lift for the front passenger side.
  • Driving wheel with heat.
  • The excellent sound system from Bose.

Rogue SL from Nissan

  • Get all Nissan Rogue SV characteristics.
  • Receiver for HomeLink Ultimate.
  • upholstered chairs
  • A set of 19″ aluminum alloy tires.
  • Nissan Premium Accessories are readily available.

What Is Nissan Leaf?

Nissan Leaf SL, as well as SV models

The most comprehensive model is the SL, which standardizes a number of the pre-SV features. Due to the 17-inch rims with P215/50R17 all-season wheels being used by both compact sedans, they do have a very similar exterior appearance.

The quicker charging and connection that are optional here on the S model are also included on the SV through top-tier SL versions. A premium option featuring a 360-degree imaging system and a high-end sound configuration is available both on the SV and SL.

Nissan Leaf SV vs SL Comparison

Let’s compare both and see. 

Mist lights

The SL gives you essential Headlamps and LED trademark daytime driving lights in addition to the headlamps that come, including both models as standard equipment.


There is also built-in turn signaling for the rear windows and essential warming. Along with the hybrid heating system and the beneath-seat heating ducting inside the back, Intelligent Driver Attentiveness is a primary feature as well. Additionally, the Leaf’s steering column has a warming quality, making it even more pleasant to use in chilly climates.


There are many similar amenities in the staterooms here on SV and SL. However, the SL once more establishes a few additional items as standards. Given that it has more standard amenities than that of the SV, the SL’s interior design has a little more upmarket vibe.

Screen with a contact

A 7-inch monitor and Nissan Connect Technology featuring integrated voice commands and mapping are standard on the SL base model, just like they are on the SV. Furthermore, it integrates mobile applications and features HD radio, SiriusXM Digital Radio, the hands-free Bluetooth phone network, plus innovative power steering.

Reflectors and cameras

It has a sophisticated all-around camera that keeps an eye on the car’s sides in addition to its front and back. This SL also has HomeLink as well as an auto-dimming rearview mirror as standard equipment. Additionally, the SL has a detachable cargo covering that none of the two lesser trim levels has.


Essential equipment includes a driver seat that is eight-way electrically changeable and has 2-way back support. The stylish leather interior replaces the fabric trim.


Nissan also equips the top-of-the-line SL model with the latest multitrack recording. The SL receives a beautiful seven-speaker Bose sound system that is fuel efficient in place of an SV’s six audio. The sound is relatively clean and adds a nice extra.

An audio system with seven speakers may seem underwhelming. However, the manner speakers are placed around the cabin really improves the actual sound overall performance. It goes without saying that a lot of customers will be drawn to this and purchase the SL only for this upgrade.


Those safety elements would be last but by no means least. Whereas the SV, as well as SL, share many features, the SL is given full access to all available driver assistance. Blind-spot tracking and backcrossing traffic warning are among the SV’s set of standard protective gear, even though they are both only available as options.

Several safety systems, including intelligent zone interventions and automated emergency stop plus pedestrian recognition, are available as options here on SL. The SL trim does, without a doubt, come with all the other regular essential equipment.


Fewer features have been added to the Leaf SL compared to the SV. Whether these optional extras appeal to you and any traveling companions, think about the Nissan Leaf SV vs SL.

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