Can You Negotiate Tesla Price? Is That Even Possible?

can you negotiate tesla price

Is there always a tesla that appears when you are riding the rainbow to dreamland? This high-demand dreamy vehicle for everyone is quite expensive. Can you negotiate tesla price? This must be a question which wonders around if you are planning to go for one in this remarkable product line.

The demand for tesla never came to an end ever since it opened for sales. It can be assumed that less product availability in the market has made tesla a plea for. Thus, it also has made the used vehicles’ budget sky-high, similar to the brand-new options. Most people state that if the product amount increased parallel with the inflated demand in the trades, there could be seen a difference with the tesla prices.


Tesla’s mere ambition is to make a popularity in sustainable energy usage in vehicle manufacturing via electric-powered engines. The cars are powered by solar energy-storing batteries. These fully electric vehicles currently are of four types mainly, as two types of sedans and two different SUVs.

Tesla incorporation, which has a recent history, has been able to conquer the market’s top attraction from its autopilot option that comes along with their newest models.

Can You Negotiate Tesla Price?

We often negotiate when buying a typical car, even a used one. Tesla prices are skyrocketing, and everyone is trying to find a way to deduct the budget when buying a tesla and looking for a negotiation. But can you negotiate tesla price?

Sadly, we can’t negotiate tesla prices when buying a new vehicle as their prices are fixed labeled. But still, if you don’t mind using a used car, you could probably come up with a negotiation when buying tesla cars that have completed a limited number of miles already.

Why Can’t We Negotiate With Tesla?

Negotiation is a vice movement when buying a vehicle that would benefit you with hundreds of dollars remaining in your pocket after purchase. This is the way that we are used to so far when buying other vehicles.

There is a slight difference in tesla sold in the market. Although almost every other brand is sold via dealers, tesla does not provide that option. As a result, no additional fees are added to the market value which you see on a tesla.

We are used to assisting sales representatives when buying most of the cars on sale. But when you have saved enough for a tesla, all you need is to go to a service center where your favorite tesla is on display and buy your dream vehicle in a few minutes. The buying procedure is quite relaxing! There is nothing much paperwork or discussions with third parties to do with a tesla purchase.

Steps Of Buying A Tesla

As per the details given in the article so far, now you know that tesla could be purchased via a service center. Tesla owns 673 total service places in the United States. The company also has introduced 1372 mobile service providers for their customers of over 2 million.

Look at the following procedure, and you will realize that they have made the purchasing as simple as they could.

  • If you have a nearby showroom, you can walk in and select your desired model. The representatives of the center will guide you to see the vehicle, and you can clarify any doubts regarding the car from them. You will also be provided with a test drive upon our request.
  • But you cannot buy a vehicle on display just at the moment. For that, there is a simple online order placement that needs to be done.
  • First, you must visit their official website, which allows you a custom-made option. When you have finished choosing the required features and the model, this step is completed. 

You can also add your favorite color, modifications according to your necessity and tires, etc., when in this design.

  • Then you have to make the payment by choosing a payment method. Tesla company offers special payment options for their customers. It is also possible to make payments via another banking company. Or else, if you have enough to pay from your own budget, then simply do it and finish the transaction!
  • Finally, when all the above simple steps are completed, you can visit the nearest service center and pick up your car after the last checkups.
  • If you are making an in-store purchase, you can hand over your pay cheque. There will have to perform some desk work, but it is the only waiting! 

After that, you will be given your proud tesla wheels.

  • If you are unable to visit the showrooms, then you can ask the company for home delivery.

Can I Cancel My Tesla Deposit?

If you have decided not to move with the purchase, tesla allows you to cancel it and get your paid amount back. It is clearly mentioned on the company’s official website that the customers can draw back the order at any time. But it would take about three weeks to refund your money.

Can I Cancel My Tesla Deposit?

How Can I Get A Discount On A Tesla?

Similar to the negotiation option, tesla does not offer any discount for any of its vehicles at present. It is hard to believe that they will make discounts in the near future due to the high demand prevailing in the market.

But there are a set of vehicles that are used for test drives at their service centers, which are on a low-price sale. These vehicles may have driven a few thousand miles because sometimes they are being used as temporary cars for customers whose order is in progress.

Final Thought

In this article, we have done a brief discussion on the question can you negotiate tesla price with the prevailing circumstances and reasons.

Whether the answer to our main question is a NO, If you have a close enough budget for a tesla but need a lower-priced car, then you can go for a used vehicle in their showrooms.

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