Mobil 1 Vs Valvoline – Which is Better? 

Mobil 1 Vs Valvoline – Which is Better? 

Among the hundreds of oil brands in the automobile industry, Mobil 1 and Valvoline have a long history and strong brand recognition. Are you stuck between the two oil brands and confused about what oil you should opt for? We will help you figure it out by presenting a detailed comparison of Mobil 1 vs. Valvoline.

Mobil 1 and Valvoline are giant vehicle lubricant producers in the global market. When it comes to quality, both oils are top-notch. Given the significant standards, it is almost tough to choose one over another.

However, there are minor differences between the oils that can help you select the ultimate best option for your automobile.

As we go further, we will discuss how to choose the best oil for your car, which is a better oil between Mobil 1 and Valvoline. Stick around and learn everything you need to know.

How to Choose a Better Oil? 

Choosing a better oil can depend on the specific application need. However, certain facts can be helpful when you are on the spot.

Without further ado, let us see what things to keep in mind when choosing an oil,

  • Synthetic oil can serve as a more satisfactory option when compared to synthetic blends
  • It is always great when you go for manufacturer-recommended oil than any other available types
  • More protection can be provided to the engine by high mileage oil than standard oil.
  • Racing oils work way better in high-performance vehicles.

With the points mentioned above in mind, it’ll be much easier to go for the suitable oil.

Well, let us get back to business. What do you choose when given options between Mobil 1 and Valvoline, the two best lubricants?

Mobil 1 VS Valvoline 

In the following context, let me individually break down the aspects of both oils and go into detail one by one.

Full Synthetic Oils

Mobil 1 has a wide range of full synthetic oil options, ranging from

Conventional to racing oils. They are also cost-friendly and available at reasonable prices. You can choose the task-specific oil that aligns with your budget since the options are vast. 

Mobil 1 also has the diesel-specific oil option for heavy-duty diesel/ turbocharged vehicles, ensuring maximum protection and lubrication. 

According to users, Mobil 1 synthetic oils can allegedly protect the engine for up to 20 000 miles. Thus it is safe to say Mobil 1 synthetic oils offer maximum engine protection.

On the other hand, Valvoline synthetic oils offer five options that go well with all types of vehicles. It works well with extreme conditions such as temperatures. The resistance to engine stress boosts efficiency. 

However, there are no diesel-specific options in Valvoline as in Mobil 1. Both hybrid and modern engine oils are high in quality and protect and lubricate no less than Mobil 1.

Research throughout the years has shown that Valvoline synthetic oil is four times better than the Mobil 1 full synthetic oil in wear protection.

High Mileage Oils 

There are four high mileage oil types Mobil 1 offers. The standard high mileage oil renders up to 10,000 miles while the extended performance high mileage oil can render up to 20 000 miles. 

The risks of oil leakage are relatively low in these oils. The consistency and the makeup of the Mobil 1 high mileage oils also allow them to reduce friction. It also prevents debris from forming sludge, which can significantly hinder the vehicle’s overall performance.  

Valvoline high mileage oil comes with MaxLife technology. It provides an extra layer of protection to the engine as the oil is very thick. The oil will also prevent debris from stagnating and the engine from wearing off in short periods. Valvoline high mileage oils are also cheap compared to Mobil 1 counterparts.

Synthetic Blends 

Both Valvoline and Mobil 1 have a few synthetic blend options. Although the quality is highly similar, the price differs. Valvoline is cheaper than Mobil 1 synthetic blend.

Performance Motor Oils 

How do Valvoline and Mobil 1 differ in their performance oils?

Valvoline SynPower performance oil can provide ten times enhanced protection in extreme conditions like high temperatures. Break down of the oil during such conditions is also simultaneously fended off by the advanced properties of this full synthetic oil. 

The oil can be used in any motor vehicle, making it a convenient choice. It is also cheaper in budget compared to the Mobil 1 performance oil.

The Mobil 1 counterpart is the extended-performance full synthetic oil known for its durability. The oil can provide protection for up to a year in general estimation.

However, it depends on the way you use your vehicle and the type of terrain you use it on.

The oil can extend its lifespan with anti-oil breakdown and high protective properties. In means of protection, the oil also has the capability to render low-speed pre-ignition protection.

Which Oil is Better? 

By this point, you would have already made up your mind about which is the best. There is no argument on which is the best as both oils tend to do their specific jobs impeccably. Choosing one over another depends on your specific need.

Let me summarize the key differences between the two oils below. Skim through it to make up your mind on which would satisfy your requirements better.

  • Valvoline oils have high heat resistance properties, and they prevent leakages. Mobil 1 oils have low-speed pre-ignition properties, and it prevents wearing off.
  • Valvoline offers full synthetic oils incorporated with MaxLife technology. Mobil 1 also offer full synthetic (100%) oils designed with advanced technology.
  • Valvoline oils protect better against external heat, while Mobil 1 oils protect better against internal heat.


Mobil 1 and Valvoline are two leading oils in the market and can provide the best usage. Which oil is the best is requirement-specific. Study your requirement and choose the oil that will work the best, as you now know the whole scope of both Mobil 1 and Valvoline oils.

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