Matte Black Rims vs Gloss – Which One Should You Choose?

matte black rims vs gloss

Are you in doubt about whether you should choose Matte black rims vs. gloss for your vehicle? Don’t worry; we’ll provide you with some excellent facts on choosing between matte black rims vs. gloss.

 Matte black and gloss are both great colors for the rim of your vehicle. But when choosing between matte and gloss mainly, you should consider the appearance of your vehicle. Because whatever you are buying should be worth giving a splendid appearance to your vehicle. So, here in this article, let’s discuss what is better for your vehicle between matte black rims vs. gloss.

What is Matte Black Rim Finish?

The modern style is; wheels in matte black. The younger generation tends to prefer this color choice better. Nearly all cars look amazing with these matte black rim finishes, but cars that are completely black or white seem extremely cool.

Rims with a matte black finish are plain black and simple. They do not contain a glossy surface that is flashy or shiny.

Matte black rim finish is a non-glossy, flat finish that lacks the reflective shine of a gloss. Black vehicles with matte black rims give a unique appearance as they barely reflect any light.

Although matte black rims are not popular with every car, they are known for their subdued, understated, and stealthy look that offers a unique and more stylish finish to your vehicle. Also, matte black rims add an edgy appearance to the vehicle.

What is Gloss Rim Finish?

Gloss black rims are fairly common and go well with a variety of automobile colors. These can be worn with cars that have satin, matte, or gloss paint jobs.

You won’t have any trouble locating an appropriate spoke size, design, and offset because so many aftermarket rim manufacturers make gloss black rims.

The converse is true for gloss black wheels, which reflect more light by absorbing less of it. They appear sparkly as a result.

Their surfaces also have additional solidity from the glitter, allowing them to be more resistant to damage and scratches.

On cars other than black, these rims or wheel looks excellent. Many colors, including red, yellow, green, and silver, will blend flawlessly with this color. Yet, using gloss black rims on a black vehicle will make you appear more aggressive and sportier.

Moreover, gloss rims are known for their vibrant, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing appearance that can enhance the visual appeal and impact of your vehicle.

Comparing Matte Black vs Gloss Rim Finishes

We will show the comparison of matte black vs. gloss rim finishes in the table below for your ease of study.

  Matte Black Rim Finish Gloss Rim Finish
  • Plain Black and non-glossy.
  • Does not reflect the shine of a gloss or any light and absorbs more.
  • ·Gives the vehicle a unique, stylish, and classy look.
  • Gives a better finish to black and white vehicles with gloss paint.
  • Black in color but glossy.
  • Reflect more light and absorb less.
  • Gives a shiny, reflective finish that adds a polished and luxurious look to your vehicle.
  •  Gives a better finish to a wide range of vehicle paints with various colors but mainly black colour.
  • Depend on the manufacturers and the quality of the materials used to produce both rims. However, it is advised to use them up to 12000 miles!
  • Easily show scratch marks and stains of dust.
  • Scratch marks and stains are less visible.
  • Hard to maintain.
  • Can’t be polished to remove scratch marks.
  • Clean your matte black wheels at least three times per week because they can be stained or get dirty easily. Wash the entire vehicle to avoid the car body appearing dull when compared to the wheels.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Can be polished when the dirt is stuck in scratches. It will protect the gloss and shine of the surface.
  • Mop off the dirt and dust from the surface because it is noticeable there.
  • ·Don’t use a rough scrubber or a brush that can harm the gloss of the paint.


  • Cheaper when compared to matte black rims.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Matte Black and Gloss Rims

Other than the factors mentioned above, you should consider whether the rim you are choosing goes with your vehicle style or not.

Most importantly, when choosing between matte black and gloss rims, you should choose according to your personal preference. Not because others say you to buy. And choose wisely if that gives your vehicle a classy and outstanding appearance.

Also, consider the fact of ease to use and maintaining, cleaning, and providing protection is fitting with your lifestyle. If you are very much busy with your day-to-day activities, cleaning and maintaining your vehicle should be one of the least of your worries as it costs high if damaged or not able to be maintained properly.

Finally, consider the color of your vehicle and the nature of the surface of the vehicle paint.

Are Black Rims a Good Idea?

Yes. Using black rims on your vehicle will give it an attractive and desirable look. Any car or vehicle will look better with black rims. They can make sports cars look sportier. Also, other vehicles will look classy and stylish with black rims.

Do Black Rims Scratch Easily?

Yes, they do. The surface can be scratched easily, and it is common among vehicles that use black rims. Although the black rims give an outstanding appearance to the vehicle, they tend to be subject to scratches from small rocks and dirt as they are on wheels. Therefore, you should be careful when using and maintaining black rims.

Do Black Rims Scratch Easily

Do Black Rims Get Dirty Easily?

Yes. The black rims get dirty easily. You might think that because of the black color, they will hide the dust and dirt stains much better. But it isn’t. Dirt and debris are more visible on black rims, and you should clean more often if the rims are matte black because those can’t be polished like gloss rims.

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