How To Turn Off A Tesla – Know The Basics Of Your Car

How To Turn Off A Tesla

Tesla is a luxurious electronic car manufactured by an American multinational company. The car produces energy from the battery and has to be recharged to produce power. The system of Tesla is different from a regular gasoline car. Hence, most individuals may not be familiar with the car when you switch from a regular gasoline car to a Tesla. Most new Tesla drivers are unfamiliar with the features and get slightly off in understanding the process. Hence you will want to drive a Tesla and learn the basics like how to turn on a Tesla and how to turn off a Tesla.

In reality, Tesla is an automatic electronic and technologically advanced, one of the easiest to drive. They have a luxurious design with a significant look and comfortable driving mode. It is also more convenient when you understand the process of driving. It might take some time to get used to the features once you switch from a regular gasoline car, but it is definitely worth the try.

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How To Turn On A Tesla?

Turning on the Tesla is quite different from other gasoline cars as this does not have an ignition key. To produce power for a Tesla car, turning on the car the right way is important. Because the car is completely controlled through the car computer and electricity, it is powered. It is easier to turn on a Tesla if you find the right way and follow the necessary steps.

You can open your Tesla using three ways, the key, the Tesla Key fob, and your phone, which you will have set up through the Tesla app. To open the car with a Key fob or the phone, place it on the right side of the handle to unlock. Opening the Tesla does work like other cars; you must swipe the card in the B- Pillar.

Follow the steps below to turn on the Tesla after unlocking.

  1. Be comfortable on your seat and press the brake pedal. Now you are ready to drive the car.
  2. Select the drive mode on the touch screen.
  3. Put the drive stalk down to move forward.
  4. Now drive, use the steering wheel to drive, and take turns.

How To Drive A Tesla?

Once you unlock and turn on the Tesla. The car is ready to drive. If you are used to handling the power steering in a regular gasoline car, it will be easier to control the power steering in the Tesla as it is designed with high technology and is smooth to rotate.

To adjust the setting before driving the car, you can press the front-facing car icon n the main touch screen. And then, a list of setting options will list on the screen. You can select the preferred options to adjust the steering, side mirrors, driver’s seating position, control the lights, etc.

Push stalk down on the right side of the steering column to move forward and push up to reverse. To drive on neutral mode, press the button on the right stalk for 2 seconds.

The Tesla has automatic cruise control, which accelerates and decelerates the car by detecting the surrounding by the installed cameras to maintain the distance. You can also adjust the car’s speed, with the speed option using the plus sign to increase and the minus sign to decrease.

You can also activate the autopilot option in your car. It allows turning the power steering, accelerating, and using the brake automatically. To activate the autopilot in the car, click the right stalk in the steering column twice. You will be notified when the autopilot is activated and the roads you take turn blue in the driving graphic.

However, the autopilot activation depends on Tesla’s models. Ensure you guide yourself using the car manual of your model to activate the autopilot.

How To Turn Off A Tesla?

You can turn off your Tesla in many ways, whether inside the car, outside the car, or if you use the Tesla mobile app on your phone. Either way, it is vital to turn off Tesla properly to keep your car safe from thieves. You also must follow the proper steps if the Tesla is in Locked Mode; it can be challenging to restart the car without the key if you are seated inside the car.

The methods used to turn off the Tesla car differ with each model. Below are the steps for turning off the Tesla Model 3 while inside the car.

  1. Activate the parking mode in the car.
  2. Press holding the brake pedal for the parking to turn on.
  3. Click on the power button and hold for 5 seconds until the car shuts down.

You can follow the steps below to turn off the Tesla Model S, which has a different format to turn off the car.

  1. Put the car on Park mode
  2. Tap the Controls option on the touch screen.
  3. Click on safety and security in the next menu
  4. Select power off to turn off the car.

You can also turn off the car using the Tesla mobile app on your phone; it also helps save your battery power. Turning off the car through the app also disables the features that require internet. Follow the steps below to turn off the car using Tesla’s app.

  1. Go to the Tesla mobile app.
  2. Click on the controls section.
  3. Select the shutdown to turn off the car. It is optional to put the car in parking mode through the app before shutting down the car.


According to the article, how Tesla turns off depends on each model. The article explains how to turn off a Tesla Model 3 while seated inside the car and using the Tesla Mobile app. But it is not safe to turn off the car while seated inside. As previously stated, if the car is locked, you might find it difficult to turn it on without a key. Hence, it is recommended to use the mobile app to turn off the car.

But if you follow the steps correctly is safe to turn off the car while inside and restart by pressing the brake pedal or the touch screen.

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