How To Tow A Tesla – All You Need To Know

How To Tow A Tesla

Tesla inc. is an American Company that manufactures excellent electric vehicle models. If you own a Tesla, you might know how well it would perform. But similar to most automobiles, you might also encounter situations where you must need to tow the vehicle. In this article, you will learn how to tow a Tesla.

Since the towing method will differ for electric cars, most people often like to know about it. If you are wondering how to tow a Tesla, then you are in the right place, as this article will explain how you can tow a Tesla.

When driving in your Tesla, you may encounter various issues like illuminating warning lights, weird sounds, strange smells, and difficulty driving, making you think whether it will be safe to drive the car. In such a situation, it is better to get the help of a professional to check on the issue sooner as possible.

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Imagine that you are driving your car as usual, and suddenly you notice that the vehicle is not performing well, and then you realize the battery charge is very low and will die sooner. Hence you decide to park the car on the roadside and search whether it is possible to tow your Tesla. You don’t have to panic in such circumstances as in this article; you will be able to find how to tow a Tesla.

You might have seen or experienced towing gasoline cars using another vehicle where you will have to drag the car, but most electric vehicle owners will not prefer this method. Hence, they search for a safer method to tow electric cars like Tesla or Volkswagen without causing any damage. That is why many people do not suggest towing Tesla with an RV. Continue reading to know the most suitable method to tow your Tesla.

Why You Might Need To Tow Your Tesla

There are a few situations where you will need to tow your Tesla as driving will be risky, and some of the causes are mentioned below.

  • Flat Tire

Tesla cars will not have a spare tire for many reasons like weight, space consumption, lack of use, and many more. Hence when your Tesla suffers from a flat tire, you will need to tow the vehicle.

  • Lack Of Charge

You know that the electric vehicle will not have a combustion engine; instead, it will have an electric motor that gets power from the battery. Hence it is necessary to have sufficient charge in your Tesla battery.

If there is an insufficient charge, the car will alert you. If you don’t give due attention to the alert and continue to drive the vehicle, then, in the worst case, the car will stop functioning. In such a situation, you will have to tow the Tesla.

  • The Issue With The Brakes

Regardless of a gas-powered or electric car, having a properly functioning braking system will be crucial. If your Tesla has problems with the brakes, it will not be safe to drive the vehicle. Therefore, you must tow the car and take it to the nearest place where you can repair it to solve the issue.

  • Car Shipping

When shipping the Tesla to another country or state, the companies usually use the towing method. As using the auto transport service will help to prevent wear and tear.

These are some reasons why you will have to tow the Tesla and in the next section, let’s see the method to tow a Tesla car.  

How To Tow A Tesla

It is true that Tesla cars are among the best electric vehicles and will provide lots of advanced features.

Similar to any automobile, you may also come across a situation where your Tesla will require towing. Suppose you also encounter such a situation and wonder how to tow a Tesla without causing damage.In that case, you can follow the procedure mentioned in the article.

You know that you will be able to hook a gas-powered car with another car, but when it comes to an electric vehicle like Tesla, it is best to use a flatbed truck or a similar vehicle to tow your car.

You can use several methods to tow your Tesla, but it is best recommended to use a wheel lift and dollies or a flatbed tow truck.

When you use these methods, the wheels on the vehicle will not be touching the ground; hence it will prevent from damaging your Tesla.

Whereas if you plan to tow your Tesla using alternative ways where the wheels will touch the ground, then when the wheels spin, they will generate power; hence this may cause overheating and damage the vehicle.

Even when you check the owner’s manual of your Tesla, it will suggest towing the vehicle with all four wheels off the ground. Therefore, it will be best to tow Tesla or any other electric vehicle with the help of a flatbed truck that most auto transport companies will use.

Flatbed Towing Vs. Alternative Towing Methods For Tesla

Suppose you don’t still get the point why you cannot tow a Tesla similar to other gas-powered vehicles by hooking it with another car, then let’s make it clear.

You know that when the wheels of an electric vehicle start to spin, this will cause the magnet to rotate. As a result, the mechanical energy gets converted to electric energy, which will help to generate power.

During the towing process, the vehicle will not use the generated energy for any purpose. Hence this will start to overheat the car and cause damage.

That is why towing using a flatbed truck is recommended compared to other alternative ways, as you can prevent the wheel from spinning, which will help to avoid catastrophic damage.

How To Prevent Towing Situations For Your Tesla

Apart from the unavoidable circumstances, you can prevent your Tesla from towing with proper maintenance. You must check on the battery capacity. If it is below 70% and the battery loss is too much, you will have to replace it. Also, when you get alerts, you must check on the possible causes and try fixing the issue sooner as this will help to prevent you from experiencing the worst case where you will have to tow the Tesla.

When you detect any signs of a problem or malfunctioning, repairing in the early stage will reduce the cost and increase the vehicle’s performance. Therefore, adequate maintenance will prevent you from stopping your Tesla in the middle of the road and searching for solutions.

We hope this article will have helped you to understand the most suitable method to tow your Tesla.

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