How to Remove Moisture From Car Headlight Without Opening?

how to remove moisture from car headlight without opening

When you park the car in an open space outside overnight, there are high chances of resulting a headlamp clogged in moisture. You can remove that water without unsealing the lights. How to remove moisture from car headlight without opening? Knowing this general fact will help you survive your time in a busy morning.

The evolution of a moisture layer inside the interior walls of a car headlight is called condensation. This happens when the outside surface gets cool rapidly than the air inside the space of the lamp unit. If the water vapour and the other gas molecules are in a heated position, they tend to move upward. Similarly, as the temperature inside is higher, air will move to the boundary. On the other side, cold air will come towards the exterior surface of the lens. When the air with two different temperatures lies near, condensation will take place. 

How to Remove Moisture From Car Headlight Without Opening?

If there is an unseen crack in your headlight, you will often face this scenario. Sometimes the fault is in the sealing. The location of your house and parking also affects the fogging inside headlights. When your area has a high humidity level, this could happen often. When the vent that maintains enough ventilation to maintain the temperatures are blocked with dirt, you will face the trouble of inside moisture formation. 

If you are driving with a foggy headlight, the amount of area covered by the light beam will be reduced. As the emitted light becomes thin, the vehicles coming towards you will have difficulties identifying your vehicle. Thus, it creates a high percentage of an accident. Condensation could make the filaments of the lights burn. Therefore, cleaning the fog is essential before you drive, especially at night time.

How to remove moisture from car headlight without opening? When you do not have time to open and remove the moisture, there are alternative ways you can use it. We will describe the steps below. On the other hand, if you open the assembly and fix it wrongly, the issue will be repeated. But whether you do this for instant recovery, it would be better to inspect whether the sealing is the case and treat it if so. If the reason is a cracked light, you will have to replace the headlight assembly ASAP. If the blame is on the vent blocked with residuals, you will have to clean it. But you should be careful when you do this cleaning as the debris could go inside the lamp. If such a thing happened, you would have to open the assembly making the whole process more complex. 

  • Hair Dryer Method

The hot air flow of the hair dryer could take off the moisture if the lamps have got a slight layer of condensation. Direct the air to the exterior wall of the lens or near the vent space. Before turning on, the headlights, make sure the light has completely cooled down. 

  • Silica Jell Method

If this method does not work, you can try inserting silica gel packets into the assembly. It has a nature of absorbing water and moisture. 

  • Magnet Method 

Here, you should take two even magnets and cover those with a microfiber cloth. Next, you will need to insert one magnet inside the light using a plier and keep the other one on the outer surface. Now you can move the outside magnet and clean the inside moisture.

Can Condensation Go Away on Its Own from My Headlights?

Sometimes, the moisture will vanish if you turn on the headlights as a result of the heat generation of the filament. You can also park the car in a sunny place for a while and check whether it is enough to remove the moisture. 

If none of these methods succeeds, you will have to remove the assembly and dry it. After taking it out, you can wipe the moisture with a piece of cloth. If there is exclusive moisture content that will not dry out with wiping, keep it in your oven at a temperature less than 180 °F for a few minutes until you see the moisture has gone away. Anyway, do not keep it for more than 20 minutes inside the oven. 

We recommend you get the service of a qualified mechanic to remove the headlight, as you are also needed to reseal the assembly after drying. This is because replacing should be done without leaving any leaks using a quality sealer. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Condensation in Headlights?

The price may vary according to the fault. If there is nothing to be installed new, it will cost like $20. But if there are replacements, it will have a sum of around $200. 

Where is the Vent on a Headlight?

Nowadays, the headlights are manufactured between the top and the bottom. These vents are the secret agent in self-resolving that sometimes happen when your headlights have been subjected to condensation. 

How do you Clean the Headlight Vents?

If wiping with a dumped rag does not do, you can use a pressure gun for cleaning. But if you eventually push the debris inside the headlights, you will definitely have to remove the assembly. 

Can you Touch a Headlight with Bare Hand?

You should be extra cautious if you are going to replace the headlight assembly as a DIY project, as the Halogen bulbs could damage if your bare hands get contact with it. This is because of the salt and oil on your skin’s surface. Experts suggest using disposable gloves when you are doing a headlight project on your own. 

How Long Does It Take for Headlight Sealant to Dry? 

Initially, it will take a time between 10- 20 minutes. If you have installed a brand new headlight, it is advised to keep the car exposed to sunlight for at least 8 hours. 


This article will guide you to get rid of the condensation on your headlights without damaging any component of your lighting. 

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