How to Open a Toyota Camry Without Keys? Here’s How!

how to open a toyota camry without keys

Imagine your Toyota Camry’s door is locked while the keys are inside the car. You will be frustrated. And what to do if you are in a hurry? You can contact a locksmith, but it’ll cost you money, and you have to wait until they reach you. Therefore, it is better to try some methods on your own to not get towed. Luckily, you can open a Toyota Camry without keys. How to open a Toyota Camry without keys? There are some DIY methods you can try, but you have to keep the needed things by your side. Therefore, you have to think about how practical these methods are with where you are. We will provide you with step-by-step guides on those methods in this article.

Can You Open a Toyota Camry Without Keys?

Yes. Luckily, you can open your Toyota Camry without keys. But some methods will risk causing damage to the car. Therefore, it is better to call a locksmith if possible. If not, it would cost more than the money you are spending on the locksmith if you had to bring your car to normal condition without scratches and damage.

Some methods you can use to open a Toyota Camry without keys are,

Using a spare key. This is one of the best options because it will cost you nothing, and it is the quick and easiest method.

Using a coat hanger or a slim jim. As previously mentioned, using these things depend on your convenience to reach them. But it is better to try them and remember using something like a coat hanger will risk damage to your car.

You can also contact roadside assistance other than a locksmith.

And breaking a window will also solve your problem, but it should be the step you have to take if you are unable to follow none of the above methods!

How to Open a Toyota Camry With a Slim Jim?

Before telling the procedure to open the Toyota Camry with a slim jim, keep in mind that this is not the best option as it can cause damage to your vehicle. But, in case of an emergency, I’ll tell you how to do so. However, it is unable to unlock newer vehicles that have internal defences like barrier blocks and covers for functioning lock cylinders and rods.

  1. Go near the car’s passenger side door. You may go quickly to the driver’s side door to unlock it. But it is always better to approach the other side so that if any harm occurs, it is not the door you use most.
  2. Create a space to insert the slim jim between the weather stripping and the car window using a wedge.
  3. Insert the slim jim through that space where the lock mechanism is located.
  4. Move the slim jim vertically and gently until you feel that it is in contact with the lock mechanism on the door.
  5. When you locate the mechanism, pull the slim jim upwards or downwards to unlock the door.

After unlocking the door of the Toyota Camry, pull the slim jim back. Don’t try to unlock the door several times using a slim jim if you are unable to unlock the door with the first two tries, as it will end up damaging the car.

How to Open a Toyota Camry with a Coat Hanger

How to Open a Toyota Camry with a Coat Hanger?

Using a coat hanger is also not advised, and it is illegal in some regions also to use these things for your vehicle. Following are the steps to open your Toyota Camry with a coat hanger.

  1. First, you have to straighten the coat hanger. It will be a thin, long wire.
  2. Make a hook on one end of it by bending the wire so that it can use to manipulate the lock mechanism.
  3. Like the slim jim, insert the hook side of the wire through the space between the weatherstripping and the window.
  4. Locate the lock mechanism by moving the wire and once it contacts the lock, pull upward or push downwards to unlock the door. Or use it to press the button to unlock the car.
  5. Get the wire back once your Toyota Camry is unlocked.

This method is also not advised to try more than once or twice.

What to Do After the Car is Opened?

After unlocking your Toyota Camry and gaining access to it, first, you have to check the interior of the vehicle.

Check for any visible damages; if you are having doubts about whether the car is damaged or not, get the car to a service centre. Inspect the lock if you have used a slim jim to unlock the car.

See whether the key works. Lock the door and unlock it again to verify this. And it is essential to get a spare key if you don’t have one.

It will help you in emergency situations like this, and you won’t be frustrated or annoyed if your Toyota Camry is locked again with the key inside. After inspecting the Toyota Camry, lock the car and make sure to take the key with you. Check for any opened windows also.

How to Get Into a Toyota Camry Through the Trunk?

You have to use the key to open the trunk manually. There is a trunk release lever inside your car. Usually, it can be found near the driver’s seat or on the dashboard. But if you can’t get into your Toyota Camry, you should use the keys to open the trunk.

Then find the release lever or the latch to fold down the rear seats. It will make your way into the Toyota Camry. When the rear seats are folded down, climb into the car. Be careful not to harm yourself and also cause damage to the car.

Once you get into the Toyota Camry, get the keys and unlock the car using them. And then close the trunk.

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