How to Fix a Cracked Rim that Leaks Air? (Learn How To Fix It)

how to fix a cracked rim that leaks air

Having tires with a cracked rim that leaks air out is nothing new for vehicles when we run for a long time. This happens quite often over time with wear and tear. If you are someone having a similar experience and are looking to find out ‘how to fix a cracked rim that leaks air?’ you’re at the right place.

In this article, we will walk you through what a cracked rim is, how to diagnose the cracked rim, how to remove a tire from a cracked rim, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Diagnose a Cracked Rim?

The rim we find on our vehicle tire provides stability and strength in the form of metal, alloy, steel, or aluminum rings around the tire. And with time, the rim could actually crack, causing air leakage in the wheels. This creates an unstable and wobbly tire to run on.

To diagnose, we need to identify the signs of a cracked rim, so here are some of the crucial signs of a cracked rim;

There are many reasons why we end up with a cracked rim; one very common reason would be our driving pattern, taking the wrong turn, not handling the wheel safely when driving on hills, around pits and puddles, etc., without taking a toll on the rim.

Also, we need to make sure our tire is not out of the air because when driving with a flat tire, the leaking air creates a toll on the rim, cracking it eventually. Sometimes the rim cracks when we bump and jump into potholes or pits; these end up with a dent or crack on the rim.

We need to watch out when driving on the curbs because our tire rim will not correspond in a healthy way over the curb sharpness or length. The bending and maneuvering could damage the wheel.

Can you Repair a Cracked Rim?

Repairing a cracked rim depends on the severity of the damage caused. Not all the cracks on our vehicle rim could be a welding or epoxy fix.

Some cracks need to be simply replaced with a new one. Some small hairline cracks on the rim could be easily fixed, while other growing long and deep cracks can’t be fixed stable enough to last a long time. The crack will be back eventually to mess with the wheels again.

There are SMART repair techniques we could use for tiny dents and scrapes on the rim that are pretty cost-effective to handle.

What they do is mark the area with the dent or scrape, sand the damage and fill the damaged area, and dry heat it. And finally, finish it off with a good polish to top it off. And if the rim has a major crack, then we will have to consider welding or filling the crack with a sealant or epoxy hardener. If the crack is even worse, then it is better to replace the rim with a new one.

How to Remove a Tire From a Cracked Rim?

We can remove the tire either by hand or by using a tire removal machine. We will be discussing both methods, and you could use whichever is convenient for you.

  1. Removing the Tire from the Rim by Hand

  1. Removing the Tire from the Rim Using a Tire Changing Machine

How to Fix a Cracked Rim with Welding?

It is better to use the TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welding method over the MIG or the Metal Inert Gas method because MIG will weaken the beads by thinning them while also burning the alloy around them.

Before deciding whether the crack should be welded or sealed with epoxy or any other sealant, the location is more important. For example, if the crack is at the inboard side running in an orthogonal to the spin should be welded. Or if the crack is on the backside of the wheel across the flange or the bead area at a right angle to the wheel spin, it could be welded. Any other cracks in locations like the front face or on the spokes, as well as the cracks within the barrels, cannot be welded.

How to Fix a Cracked Rim with Epoxy or Sealant?

To fix a crack by using epoxy or sealant, start by identifying the location of the crack. After identifying the location of the crack, brush clean the crack surface. Then make sure to use some rubbing alcohol on the crack and let it dry.

Once the alcohol is dried, mix an exact quantity of resin with a hardener. Then stir the mixture with a stirrer vigorously so that the epoxy comes to an even color. Now apply the mixture onto the cracked rim surface. Make sure to use a flat scraper to smear the mixture evenly on the crack.

Once done, let the treated area dry for a few hours so the epoxy would bond well. Make sure it dries naturally. And reinstall the crack as needed.

How to Prevent a Cracked Rim?

we could prevent our tire rim from cracking by making sure we don’t expose the rim to harsh sunlight often. Always Park in a garage. Whenever we travel in snow or mud, we clean the tire as soon as we are done driving. And better not to let the tire run deflated for a long time because a flat tire can damage the rim. And also, make sure you drive safely without knocking the tires on potholes or curbs, etc. Doing so could prevent the tire rim from cracking.

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