How to Find Mileage on Tesla? Methods Explained!!

how to find mileage on tesla

A Tesla is an electric car by Elon Musk named after Nikola Tesla. Tesla is built with an autopilot system, enabling the vehicle to accelerate, brake and steer automatically. The latest version of Tesla includes 12 sensors and eight cameras with a 360-degree view of the background. Tesla is also designed with a filtration system protecting from toxins, bacteria and pollution. And, tesla gives the driver access to a web browser, streams movies and games etc. Tesla can travel for around 400 miles on one battery charge. How to find mileage on Tesla?

Does Tesla Record Mileage?

Yes, a Tesla can keep track of its mileage. The Tesla trip and mileage information can be checked in the ‘trip’ control of the car. It will provide information on average energy use, distance and duration. An odometer will display the miles travelled by the Tesla. All relevant information is stored and can be reviewed on the screen.

How to Find Mileage on Tesla?

The Tesla software versions change from time to time. And the options on the odometer can change. If you want to check the mileage, you can tap on the car icon on your screen. Then click on the trip control. The screen will display data on your last trip. Using the odometer, you can check all relevant information on the journey: the distance travelled, energy consumption, and the mileage travelled.

It is essential to check for the mileage to ensure it goes against the running cost and charging frequency. If you want to check the mileage and trips travelled. The odometer can be accessed in two ways.

One method to find is to swipe the three Dots on the touch screen at the bottom left of the screen. And at the bottom, you will find the option odometer as you scroll to the end. This odometer will show the total mileage of your vehicle. The second option is to click on the ‘software’ icon in the ‘controls’ of the display screen.

How Much is a Mile in a Tesla?

Tesla has many versions and models available. Each of the tesla models has its mileage. A model 3 long-range Tesla’s official mile is 340. And 295 miles in actual- world range. This is for one charge. Complete charging takes around 11 hours and 45 minutes, and rapid charging takes approximately 22 minutes. Model X and SUV of Tesla have about 285 miles. 

How Much is a Mile in a Tesla?

How does Tesla Mileage Work?

How the mileage works depends on the driving and nature as well as the performance of the battery.

Currently, Tesla has a maximum of 405 miles per full charge. Like any gas engine, Tesla can adjust the mileage according to the vehicle’s nature. If the driving is aggressive, the mileage travelled can be less than the standard range. And each model has varying mileage in formal settings. For example, model 3 travels 272 miles; model 3 performance is 315 miles; model S is 405 miles; model S Plaid is 396 miles etc. the miles travelled differ based on customer requirement, battery performance and size, and affordability.

The bigger the size of the battery, the longer the miles it can travel and the higher the price of the Tesla.

How Accurate is the Tesla Mileage Estimate?

From what is observed so far, a Tesla can hold on to its original range of miles. The car can hold at least 85 to 95% of the mile range over its lifetime. The age of the Tesla is considered the only factor to determine the content.

This data is assessed from testing nearly 3000 Tesla’s and more than 3 million data collected. The range is also predicted based on the battery size. The mileage estimated may not reach its full potential when the battery is degraded due to driving style, battery charging nature, and the level of performance.

We must remember that the estimation will be less than 100% accurate. There are many internal and external factors as well as conditions affecting the range. Factors like weather, including extreme temperature changes, different types of terrains, auxiliary systems and how aggressive the driving is, the battery age, level of battery discharge and nature of charging affect mileage estimation.

Why is the Tesla App Showing KM Instead of Miles?

That depends on the region that you choose in the settings. Some areas use km to check the range travelled, while some countries use miles to calculate the distance travelled. So, when you change ‘regional settings to US, the mileage will be indicated in miles. And if you set the regional settings to a country like the Netherlands, it may show in km.

Some call it an issue or a bug that needs fixing. There were many cases reported in the UK regarding the problem. 

How Many KM is Tesla Long-range? 

A tesla long-range model 3 can travel 560 km or 350 miles on one battery charge. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour. In 408 seconds, at least. An extended-range model 3 dual motor can travel for around 485 km on one charge and 155 km per hour. The km travelled varies for different weather conditions. For example, the long-range can travel 455 km in cold weather and around 700 km in mild weather. 

How Do you Check the Mileage on a Tesla Battery?

The tesla mileage on its battery depends on the battery size and capacity. The larger batteries can hold more charge and can travel longer miles. A more minor, more affordable range battery can travel only smaller distances and fewer miles on one charge.

On average, a tesla can travel 366 miles per every single charge. This can decrease over time with driving style, overcharging and undercharging, performance, weather etc. the most extended range tested lasts 405 miles on average.

An odometer can be used to check the mileage on a tesla battery. The odometer is a part of the tesla software designed where you can get all information regarding the trips, distance, battery usage and miles travelled at each charge.

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