How Much does It Cost to Paint Rims Black? Factors to Consider!

how much does it cost to paint rims black

Matte and glossy black rims have become a trend nowadays. They are not only stylish but also protective of dust and debris. So, you might also want to paint your rims in black color. But one of the major considerations when you are going to do a vehicle project, is the cost. how much does it cost to paint rims black? Today, we will be discussing the average cost of painting the rims in this blog post. It would be better to get an idea about its cost before starting the project, so move on to the paragraphs below.

Is It Worth Painting the Rims Black? 

Certainly! There are some positive lights of painting rims in black color. Mainly, black rims look really cool on any kind of car.

Your car will look sporty and luxurious with black rims. Most car paints can be matched to black-colored rims. And it does not matter the size of your car; black-colored rims can enhance other features like the color of the car. It is possible to use matte black or gloss black to paint your rims.

And also, you hardly notice the brake dust if you paint your rims black. And also, the swirl marks will not be visible because of the light reflection on the black rims. Therefore, you do not need to clean the rims often.

Can I Paint the Alloy Wheels Black? 

Yes, it is possible to paint your alloy wheels in black color. Indeed, it is the best practice to cover any scratch on your wheel. Moreover, it can enhance their overall look. But there is a risk of peeling off the paint, so the primer is a must in this case.

It is highly recommended to use the essential materials and equipment, so the final look will appear as you wish. If you do not have the knowledge, please visit a professional service center.

The popular way to paint alloy wheels is spraying. After priming and sanding, you can spray the paint. After that, you have to apply several clear coats on the wheel to secure the paint.

How Much does It Cost to Blacken Rims? 

In general, the cost is around $30 to $250 for black-colored paint. Then you will have the average repair cost, which can lie between $50 to $500. Finally, the average labor cost will be $500 to $1000.

Actually, there are some factors that affect the price variations. Basically, the paint you choose can vary your cost. The options you have are Plasti dip., powder coating, spray paint and truck bed liner.

The second thing is the size of your rims and their current condition. If they need some preparations, such as removing the rust, you have to spend some money on those tasks too. And sometimes, you may want to paint one or two rims to repair them; then, your cost will be lower.

Last but not least, if you wish to get the job done by a professional, your bill will increase. If you have enough knowledge regarding this subject, you can do this alone as a DIY project.

What is the Most Cost-effective Color to Paint Rims? 

There are a few different colors to paint rims, such as silver, black, gold and bronze. And the most common and cheaper color is silver.

There are tons of silver coatings for rims in the market under various price ranges. Black, gold and bronze-colored rims are outstanding, so they are a bit pricey. But if you do this painting job as a DIY project, you can cut down the labor cost.

And the most cost-effective way to color rims is by painting. Spraying and powder-coating are a bit expensive.

Are There any Additional Expenses to Consider When Budgeting for Black Rim Painting? 

Yes, prepping is highly important before painting any color on your rim. If your rims have rust, you have to clean them thoroughly using s strong cleaning agent that is suitable for rims.

Most of the time, you will have to sand the rims, so the labor cost will increase. Then you have to prime the rims before applying the coating. The best practice is to use a self-etching primer.

Your budget can vary the method you use to paint the rims too. If you use powder coating, the cost will be higher. And sometimes, the painting requires a paint thinner to balance the thickness of the paint. And the mechanic recommends using rust-preventing paint, which can be pricey in the market. Accordingly, these factors affect your budget too.

How Long Do Painted Rims Last

How Long Do Painted Rims Last? 

The lifespan of the painting on rims can vary depending on several factors. Especially the type of paint you use determines its longevity. If you use Plasti Dip, the paint will last one to two years on the rims.

On the other hand, spray paint can last up to 3 to 4 years; thus, it would be the better option. Before applying any kind of paint on rims, it is a must to prep the rim using a primer. And several coats of paint can secure your rim for a longer time.

There are also some other common factors that affect the longevity of painted rims, such as the usage of the vehicle, the condition of the terrain, the person who did the paint job, etc.

How Much does It Cost to Get Rims Powder Coated? 

If you want to get your rims powder coated, you have to spend around $300 to $1200. The cost depends on some factors, such as the size of your wheels. If you have a small sedan-sized wheel, you have to pay less. For instance, to power-coat 16’ inch wheels, the cost will be only $300.

Larger-sized wheels need an additional gloss apart from the standard base because they have curb rash, which means the mechanic has some extra work.

It is especially vital to clean the rims before powder-coating; otherwise, the final result will not be the product you want. Thus, you are encouraged to get your rims powder-coated by a professional.

Anyways, powder-coating is better than painting since it provides the rims with a nice shine. Moreover, power-coating can protect the rims from rust.

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