How Much does a Subaru Outback Weigh? Different Trims and Configurations!

how much does a subaru outback weigh

The Subaru Outback represents a midsize SUV recognized for a variety of characteristics, notably its spacious cabin and a few versions that are going to go in automotive history as the worst ever. If you’re contemplating buying a new or previously owned Outback, you ought to find out what kind of weight it weighs. How much does a Subaru Outback weigh? The Subaru Outback’s mass and towing capabilities are discussed further below.

What Exactly is the Subaru Outback?

The Subaru Outback is an automobile moniker employed by the Japanese manufacturer Subaru for two separate vehicles: a compact station wagon called the Outback plus an Impreza-derived compact called the Outback Sports.

All-wheel drive has been standard for the majority of Outback wagons plus Outback Sport models.

What Is the Definition of Curb Weight?

Before we go into the dimensions of the Subaru Outback, we as a species might as well establish some terms. While most drivers understand the word “towing capacity,” others may be unfamiliar with the concept of “base curb weight.” The following are various interpretations of the Subaru Outback weighing ratings:

Weight at the Curb

The weight for a Subaru Outback without baggage, passengers, or towing capacity.

Capacity for Towing

The automobile’s maximum safe towing capacity.

The curb load of an automobile is the total weight of its body, less the combined weight of the people inside and luggage. This covers the mass of the gasoline as well as all of the basic amenities of the vehicle.

However, if you want a more precise estimate of the weight of your Subaru Outback, you must first determine how much every passenger, as well as all of your goods, weigh. Its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is calculated by adding it to the curb mass.

Why Is Car Weight Important?

The fuel efficiency of an automobile is arguably the most significant factor to consider when examining the mass of a vehicle.

Simply put, a car uses less gasoline to drive a specific distance, the lighter it is. Given that lighter things move with less energy when exerting the same quantity of force, this theory is quite simple to comprehend.

Of course, other factors such as how you drive, the weather, the amount of baggage you have in the vehicle, the engine’s authority, the dimension of the car’s tires, and other factors all have an impact on fuel efficiency.

How Much does a Subaru Outback Weigh?

The total weight of your Outback could differ based on the period in which it was produced, but on average, Subaru Outbacks weigh between 3,637 and 3,937 pounds.

The various packages and features that every version comes with give it a unique curb weight.

With a curb weight of 3,637 pounds, the regular Outback is among the lowest; the Touring is close behind at 3,772 pounds.

The Touring XT, as well as Limited XT are among the largest Outback variants, each weighing 3,937 as well as 3,926 pounds, respectively.

Throughout 2005, we have provided a curb weight breakdown by year.

Curb Weight Pounds Kilograms
2019 3,622 to 3,902 1,642 to 1,769
2018 3,622 to 3,902 1,642 to 1,769
2017 3,580 to 3,856 1,623 to 1,749
2016 3,593 to 3,810 1,629 to 1,728
2015 3,593 to 3,810 1,629 to 1,728
2014 3,423 to 3,648 1,552 to 1,654
2013 3,423 to 3,647 1,552 to 1,654
2012 3,389 to 3,631 1,537 to 1,646
2011 3,386 to 3,658 1,535 to 1,659
2010 3,386 to 3,658 1,535 to 1,659
2009 3,357 to 3,631 1,522 to 1,646
2008 3,350 to 3,625 1,519 to 1,644
2007 3,330 to 3,610 1,510 to 1,637
2006 3,265 to 3,630 1,480 to 1,646
2005 3,310 to 3,630 1,501 to 1,646

How Much Space does the Outback Have?

Five passengers may comfortably fit in the car’s two rows. 40.8 inches of headspace, as well as 42.9 inches of space for legs, are available upfront. You will get 38.1 inches of space for legs as well as 38.9 inches in headspace if you move to the rear.

Additionally, you, along with your loved ones, may travel in luxury on a variety of trips thanks to the 108.1 cubic feet of seat space.

Additionally, it’s simple to transport all the gear required for your adventures. Considering that the third row of seats can be pulled down, one has 35.5 cubic feet in cargo space behind them and 73.3 cubic feet overall.

The 60/40 split-folding bench makes up the rear row. As a result, you may pack certain bulkier objects while still allowing room for a rear passenger. Additionally, loading those goods into the car is simpler than ever, thanks to the lightweight floor and optional hydraulic liftgate.

How Much Can This Subaru Model Tow

How Much Can This Subaru Model Tow?

If correctly armed, the Subaru Outback has a towing capacity of 2,700 pounds.

You may easily carry along a few watercraft when you’re going to the beach. Rather, if you’re going camping, tether a pop-up canvas trailer onto your SUV for ease of use.

These locations are also easily accessible because of the car’s remarkable off-roading ability. For example, it includes X-MODE as well as 8.7 inches of conventional clearance from the surface.

The second one enhances the Symmetrical All-Wheel Driving technology. As a consequence, you may confidently drive on everything, including snow, dirt, and sand.

What Measurements does a Subaru Outback Have?

The 2023 Subaru Outback’s basic trim has dimensions of 191.9 inches lengthy, 74.2 inches wide, as well as 66.1 inches high. With dimensions of 191.3 inches long, 74.6 inches wide, and 66.9 inches high, The Wilderness distinguishes out from the crowd.

The Forester Versus the Outback: Which One is Larger?

Despite having different body types, both of them have the same 8.7-inch minimum clearance from the floor.

Forester Wilderness elevation rises to 9.2 inches, while Wilderness Outback protection rises to 9.5 inches.

The outward proportions of the two cars differ significantly from one another. Despite being 2.0 inches lower to the ground, the Subaru Outback is 9.2 inches bigger and 1.5 inches broader than the Forester.

The basic model of the Outback weighs 3,634 pounds, contrasted with the Forester’s 3,449 pounds, making it heavier overall.

When matched with the 2022 Forester Wilderness, which touched its weight at 3,610 pounds, the Outback’s Wilderness checked in at 3,928 pounds.

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