How Long Does a Car Service Take? [EXPLAINED]

how long does a car service take

Has your car’s scheduled maintenance date come, but you’re short on time? What can you do when you don’t have time to service your vehicle, but it needs to be? You can alter your busy schedule if you know how long does a car service take. So, how long does a car service take? Let’s find out.

What is a Vehicle Service?

A vehicle servicing would be when you carry your automobile to a mechanic for normal maintenance. A technician may assess the state of your vehicle and search for signs of deterioration in components like the propeller belt, brake pads, lubrication, and filters.

Your oil filter is frequently changed as a portion of the servicing at the facility. They could advise you to update more replacement parts as well. In this method, having your automobile maintained will enable you to identify any problems and address them when they result in a catastrophe.

Your automobile requires significant maintenance every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres and intermediate maintenance every six months or 10,000 kilometres. It will guarantee that your vehicle performs effectively and that you’re as protected as you can be while driving. 

Your automobile will last longer with routine maintenance. A thorough maintenance history might even boost your vehicle’s worth by demonstrating that it has been carefully taken care of.

What Exactly Does a Vehicle Service Entail?

Some inspections could be included depending on the kind of facility you select. Factory maintenance, for instance, will be customized for the brand, type, year, and usage of your automobile. Still, an intermediate or full service covers the same tests for all kinds of vehicles.

All procedures entail visual inspections of your automobile, including searching for any potential unibody or suspension issues. Additionally, physical tests will be made to ensure the safety of your tires and transmission.

If the mechanic needs to dump and replace lubricant or install new purifiers as part of the servicing, they may also have to disassemble some components of your automobile.

Most of the service centres generally provide only these kinds of replacement inspections according to your package.

  • Replacing the solvent and filters.
  • Lubricants are checked and topped off as necessary.
  • A visual inspection of your equipment and tires.
  • an examination of your radiator system
  • A computerized examination 

How Long Does a Car Service Take?

Vehicle maintenance normally takes three to five hours. The duration of the process largely relies on the vehicle’s state and the criteria the vehicle maintenance business utilizes. Let’s see one by one what car service centres provide on service day.


The technician will change the lubrication and ventilation filters. Additionally, they will examine the interior and fuel filters to determine whether they need to be replaced.


Frequent motor oil changes are necessary to maintain the health of your vehicle. While doing the maintenance, the specialist looks for significant oil leakage. The cooling and the state of each belt are also inspected.

Transmission and Brake Systems

A technician will determine if it’s time to repair the brake pads or additional parts. Additionally, the clutch and gearbox’s operating conditions will be examined.


Parts for vehicle steering and stability should be inspected often for age, breakage, or rust. Any unusual sounds will be considered, and one of the coworkers will decide whether a more involved fix is required. The catalysts and smoke are also inspected for good operation in the exhaust system.


For a vehicle to operate safely on the street, its electrical and every other component must function properly. While the automobile is being serviced, The Dealership professionals will inspect the windows and every component of the car’s surface.


Wheels and axles must be in fine shape since they link the car to the surface. A qualified individual will examine the tires’ traction and quality in addition to the tire pressure.

Whether you’re performing routine maintenance on the automobile, it should just take between three and four hours, and you may pick up your vehicle on that same day. The response to the question of how long does a car service take that has not been regularly maintained is that it fluctuates. In many processes, there may occasionally be a number of parts that must be updated. This implies that if significant repairs need to be made, it might take a whole day or longer.

What Does Auto Maintenance Cost?

Depending on where in the nation you are, the typical price of a car service fluctuates from facility to facility.

Private mechanics’ costs will differ greatly, whereas big service centres should have a set pricing.

A temporary service can cost between 90 USD and 150 USD. And a complete servicing may cost more than 180 USD. If specific parts require replacement, the price of the service won’t cover those costs.

How Frequently Should Your Automobile be Serviced?

If the product warranty still covers your vehicle, you must maintain it under the recommended by the manufacturer’s regular plan to maintain the guarantee. A well-preserved, consistently serviced vehicle will last for generations and clock tens of thousands of kilometres without experiencing any issues. Elderly automobiles could also profit from yearly maintenance. When it’s time to market your automobile, you may assist in maintaining its worth by doing basic maintenance and maintaining a thorough record of all services.

How Significant is the Maintenance Record of a Vehicle?

Once you trade your automobile, having a complete maintenance history might assist it in retaining its worth. It will demonstrate that it has been well-kept and may enable you to sell it for a higher sum.

Another item to keep an eye out for when purchasing a secondhand automobile is a complete service record. Once more, it demonstrates that the automobile has cared. The absence of maintenance records might indicate a prior issue with the vehicle.

You may obtain a used automobile vehicle examination to determine whether the car has a maintenance record.


So, how long does a car service take? A typical service would take around two to three hours, while a specific repair or any alteration could get you upto days. Maintain your car for maximum durability and safety, as well as resell value.

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