Grand Cherokee WK vs Grand Cherokee – What’s The Best Deal?

grand cherokee wk vs grand Cherokee

A Jeep Grand Cherokee is a line of mid-size SUVs manufactured by the American company Jeep. Jeep began producing and selling the third generation in 2005. This is a mid sized SUV. What distinguishes “Grand Cherokee WK vs Grand Cherokee”?

This article examines the distinctive differences between these automobiles. It discusses outward and interior decorating, as well as speed and driving. This one will help you determine the best model that suits you. Continue reading to learn more regarding the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What is the Grand Cherokee WK?

For the 2022 prototype phase, the classic Grand Cherokee has been renamed the Grand Cherokee WK. In light of this, the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, in addition to the new Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L, was effectively a late-model automobile that continues to be constructed from the ground up.

The previous-generation Grand Cherokee, which debuted in 2011, remains available in addition to the new version and is decided to carry over into the WK. Its 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine, which is supple and potent, remains constant across all Jeep Grand Cherokee WK variants.

The general information about it, along with its power as well as towing capacities, is listed below.

Power: 295 hp.

260 lb-ft of torque.

6,200 lb. towing capability.

A non-WK Jeep Grand Cherokee would be a modern car with more advanced technology. However, the WK model has a long list of basic features and is reasonably priced.

What is the Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee would be a line of mid-size SUVs manufactured by the American company Jeep. While all standby SUVs were made using a body-on-frame structure when a Grand Cherokee was first made, this always had a solid frame.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a lot of positive attributes. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was designed around 1983 to serve as the replacement here to the tinier Jeep Cherokee. During 1985, the American Motors Group started research here on Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Crucial Characteristics

Petrol would be a fuel variety. 1995 Engine Capacity (cc). The cylinder number is 4. 268.27 horsepower max at 5200 rpm. Maximum torque is 400 nm at 3000 rpm. The number of seats is 5. Automatic would be the mode of transmission. The gas tank has an 87.0 size. SUV seems to be the Body Type.

Key Elements

Electric steering. Power Lights in the Front. Brake Anti-Lock Mechanism. Cooling system. Vehicle airbag. Driver Airbag. Auto-climate control. Front-facing fog lamps. Aluminum wheels.

How Do the Exterior Designs of the Grand Cherokee WK and the Grand Cherokee Differ?

A Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as Grand Cherokee WK’s distinctive seven slot Cherokee vents plus dazzling LED daylight adaptive headlights, leave an intense mark.

Including an updated look, improved interior, and cutting-edge technologies, a Jeep Grand Cherokee has undergone a facelift for the current model season.

A Redesigned Grand Cherokee features a sleeker, more muscular look than the model that preceded it. The latest design iteration would be the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK.

With Headlamps and 17-inch rims, the Grand Cherokee has a whole new outer appearance. Halogen lighting and 18-inch wheels are included with the Grand Cherokee WK, which maintains the iconic appearance of the 4th vehicle.

The appearance of the Grand Cherokee WK is in keeping with its style. This type is distinguished by its curved trunk lid, square tire water sources, and high profile. When it curves into the bar-shaped grille, the lid has a slight slant.

Identical wheel wells but a grille style can be found on the innovative Grand Cherokee. A sculpted, attractive front plate and a lower hood are additional features of the new Grand Cherokee.

How Do the Interior Designs of the Grand Cherokee WK and the Grand Cherokee Differ?

Among the most significant differences between these cars is their interior spaciousness. Capacity is more than plenty for casual travelers and fewer children in the Jeep Grand Cherokee model Jeep Grand Cherokee WK.

Internal dimensions of the new Grand Cherokee WK

  • The volume of Passengers: 105.0 cubic feet.
  • Front and second row headroom are respectively 39.9 and 39.2 inches.
  • First and second row legroom is respectively 40.3 and 38.6 inches.
  • Space Allowed for Cargo: 68.3 cu feet.

How Do the Interior Designs of the Grand Cherokee WK and the Grand Cherokee Differ

Interior Measurements for the New Grand Cherokee

The volume of Passengers: 145.0 cubic feet.

Front and second row headroom are respectively 39.9 and 39.4 inches.

Front and second row legroom measure 41.3 inches and 38.2 inches, respectively.

The maximum cargo capacity is 70.8 cubic feet.

A number of the possible connection between the Grand Cherokee WK as well as the New Grand Cherokee WL are present in both vehicles. Among them are features like leather seats, a roof, warmed seats, a guidance system, connected device compatibility, a power liftgate, a premium audio system, a computerized driver’s dashboard, and others. Yet there are variations among the numerous trim levels.

How Do the Performance and Handling of the Grand Cherokee WK and the Grand Cherokee Compare?

The V6, 3.6-liter engine is available as standard equipment with all these Grand Cherokee variants. This machine generates 293 horsepower. Other powertrain options for the 2017 Grand Cherokee are also offered.

Most model levels come with the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder connector hybrid powertrain, which delivers 375 overall hp. Top models also have a 357-horsepower, 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine. Here on Grand Cherokee WK, those features are coupled with only an eight-speed automatic car.


The Grand Cherokee has 293 horsepower.

290 horsepower in the Grand Cherokee WK.


The Grand Cherokee has a 257 lb ft.

WK Grand Cherokee 260 lb ft.

The Grand Cherokee WK’s 5.7-liter V8 motor is outfitted with everything. Because of its highway fuel economy rating of 25 MPG, this vehicle is ideal for both long and short commutes. Each vehicle has an 8-Speed automatic transmission with a dual shift option.

Which Model is Right for you?

A Jeep Grand Cherokee has additional customization options right away, as you’ll see. A Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, on the opposing side, delivers simple options and a reduced overall price.

We recommend the Jeep Grand Cherokee when you desire the greatest performance and personalization options. If you’re searching for a great investment and simple options, then Jeep Grand Cherokee WK is a great choice.

Even if you don’t select the third-row layout, the Grand Cherokee is bigger and comes equipped with modern technologies. Having said that, this Grand Cherokee WK has an outstanding system as well as a screen which are more than adequate for most drivers.

Needless to add, the Grand Cherokee WK’s inside is still very comfy. But if you truly want the most recent technologies, we advise choosing this Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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