Gemini Vs Induction Wheels – Which One Should You Go With?

Gemini vs Induction wheels

Tesla always offers a fantastic selection of automobile wheels for its vehicles. However, it’s odd that the company only provides three different wheel selections for the Tesla Model Y. For long-range, they have two alternatives, but for performance, they merely got one. A little extra cash is required to purchase an induction wheel. And the Gemini vs Induction wheels discussion among these two long-range objects is perpetually in the news.

The automobiles for the other two types can cost up to 5,000 US $ greater than the performance tires. The performance Model Y gets purchased for its superior appearance. However, those who do not wish to spend a significant amount of money typically like the long-distance wheels. This guide will review these two long-range tires to assist you in making the best decision.

Quick Summary: The Induction wheel is a fantastic choice if you desire a stunning wheel with extra bottom clearance. However, suppose you require a less costly wheel that rides more comfortably. In that case, the Gemini wheel gets recommended.

Read more to learn the distinction between these two long-distance wheels.

Two options are available if you go for Long-Range. Are you unsure about the wheels you should buy for your upcoming Tesla Model Y? Or perhaps all you need is a spare tire for emergencies? Teslas, however, do not include one. Alternatively, you could require winter tires and use them along with the winter tire set. Let’s look at the comparison of Gemini vs Induction wheels.

Gemini vs Induction Wheels 

Let’s dig deep.

What Are Gemini Wheels?

On the Tesla Series Y longer distance, the Tesla Gemini gets regarded as the standard. Tesla Gemini tires have a sidewall measurement of 4.53 inches and an outside diameter measurement of 28.04 inches.

Additionally, it features a 255 mm groove width and 45 sidewall ratios. A Tesla Gemini has slightly larger sidewalls and exterior diameters over a Tesla Induction tire. It improves the convenience and smoothness of the ride.

What Are Induction Wheels?

The long-range Tesla Model Y is also compatible with the Tesla Induction tires. However, it isn’t the default one. To purchase the Induction tires, you must pay an extra $2,000. Tesla Induction tires have the following measurements: 255 mm groove width, 40 ratios on the sidewalls, 28.03-inch exterior diameter, and 4.02-inch sidewall.

Although perhaps not as comfy as Gemini tires, these tires go well with the Tesla Series Y. It is a preferred choice if you fall into the category of appearance-oriented persons.

Gemini vs Induction Wheels Comparison

The two Gemini vs Induction wheels gets developed for various uses. As a result, they both experience highs and lows. However, let’s compare them to determine which one would be more suitable for your Tesla Series Y.


Induction tires will usually have an advantage in terms of look. It ensures that your Tesla Series Y would seem more relaxed, for which the Induction tires got initially designed. Although they don’t look terrible on your vehicle, the Gemini tires don’t feature as spectacular as the Induction tires. They serve more as an extra layer of convenience.

But be aware that the Series Y’s default tires are Gemini, and Induction tires cost an extra $2,000. You get informed that the Tesla Series Y is slightly higher priced than other vehicles available on the marketplace. Paying an additional $2,000 on a vehicle’s appearance may not be realistic for many individuals.

Ride Experience

It’s Tesla Gemini Tires’ area of specialization. They are comfier and provide excellent stability than the Tesla Induction tires because of their slightly larger sidewall and outside diameter. Although the sensation of riding in a Series Y with Tesla Induction rims isn’t terrible, Tesla Gemini tires would offer a far better ride.

Depending on the color of the Model Y you are utilizing, the Tesla Gemini tires give up a little in terms of looks and distance. While still giving us comfort during our trip.


It’s impossible to resale the Gemini tires because they are Series Y Tesla’s stock tires. Since they get included with the Series Y, you receive them complimentary. They only purchase a new pair of Gemini tires when the standard tires break.

Induction tires, on the other hand, are often purchased individually. For this reason, it’s much simpler to resell them as customers could usually utilize a used item if they can obtain it for less money.


The Gemini tires of the Tesla Series Y provide the most fuel economy for its 330 miles of driving range. You could go 330 miles on a single charge with Gemini tires. The performance and distance of the EPA on a single battery charge decrease from 330 to 318 miles by the induction tires.

Gemini vs Induction Wheels; Which One Should You Go With?

So it’s essential to choose the right tires for your automobile. The following ideas could be helpful if you’re unclear about which one is ideal for you:

  • The wheel dimensions and the dimensions of your car must match.
  • The width of the tire is still another essential element. It should be proportional to the width of your automobile. A massive wheel on a little car would look weird, while a thin tire on a wide truck wouldn’t function as well.
  • The tire you choose must be appropriate for the travelling you’ll be doing. There are numerous different types of wheels for different driving styles. Suppose you engage in a bunch of off-road traveling. In that case, you require a particular tire if you only intend to travel on the motorway.

Bottom line

Both wheels have different specialities, advantages, disadvantages, and distinct tasks to complete. The Gemini tires are ideal if you desire a more excellent driving range, relaxation, and a comfortable ride without incurring extra costs. And if you prefer wheels with superior aesthetics than the Gemini tires, greater agility on icy and rainy roadways, and longer tread life. And if you don’t mind investing an additional $2,000 on wheels, the Induction tires are ideal.

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