Ford Explorer Vs Toyota Highlander – Latest Model Comparison

Ford Explorer vs Toyota Highlander

An SUV that maintains composure and provides consistent capability is ideal for hauling ATVs and RVs. SUVs have a distinct character in the automotive world in the present day. The histories of the Explorer and Highlander go back to the initial years of the popularity of SUVs. Both have subsequently developed distinct identities. They are two of the most popular SUVs available today, and several people struggle to decide which is better. Comparing these two three-row SUVs makes sense since they both have a considerable utility potential hybrid economy. Several high-tech facilities make your daily travel more pleasant. This guide will put together a Sport – utility vehicle comparison to address the subject of Ford Explorer vs Toyota Highlander.

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Quick Summary: The Highlander makes an effort to be efficient in every manner. It has unique security systems and significant resale worth. On the other side, the Explorer offers a more accurate steering feel and focuses more on usability.

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The three-row Explorer is a vehicle that attracts folks who lead active, exciting lifestyles. Because it gets prepared for anything the day may bring. It has versatility inside with its intuitive design. And it provides the luxury and ease you want and allows various load arrangements. Additionally, all three powertrain choices offer the quickness and mobility you need for your travels.

A three-row SUV with the cutting-edge features that buyers are seeking is the Highlander. Inside the cabin, you’ll find a bunch of technology, security, and a significant external design. Let’s look at the critical differences between the Ford Explorer vs Toyota Highlander.

Ford Explorer vs Toyota Highlander

Here is a detailed analysis of the more dependable cars.


Three engines are available for the Ford Explorer, one of which is a 300-hp turbocharger four-cylinder powertrain. A V6 engine with two turbochargers for optimal efficiency. And a high-powered drivetrain that integrates an electronic motor with a V6 isn’t supercharged. The hybrid powertrain is only available in the limited model as the rest models lack them, which reduces the vehicle’s EPA.

Two engines are available for the Highlander. A standard V6 engine with 295 hp and a hybridized variant. And it integrates a four-cylinder powerplant with a few motors hidden behind the seating. All Highlander variants have a hybrid powertrain option. The vehicle has an EPA of approximately 24 mpg when powered by the V6 engine. The car also has an EPA of around 36 mpg while in hybrid mode.


Using the technologies included in Explorer and Highlander, stay connected on all your adventures. Both variants’ entertainment systems come equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen interface.

And also the mobile capability for CarPlay and Android Auto. Satellite Radio gets also included with both methods and has a high-end 12-speaker B&O audio setup with an amplifier and mood-setting multicolor ambient illumination. These are just two examples of the technology featured uniquely on Explorer.


The Highlander has a lot of safety measures. It includes pre-collision technology that warns the driver before hitting something or hitting another car during daylight or nighttime. Following the environment, it automatically switches the bean height from higher to lower and vice versa.

It also incorporates a lane change alarm. It also includes a road indicator assistance feature that assists drivers with speed limits and other indicators. While the Ford Explorer lacks pre-collision technology, it does include co-pilot 360. It gives you a perspective of your environment and has driving assistance that aids the driver in an emergency.


The eight comfy seats in the Toyota Highlander have adequate legroom, raising the degree of luxury for the occupants. To perceive the surroundings adequately, Highlanders feature a head-up screen that widens the driver’s field of vision. A Rearview digital reflector gets also included with this vehicle. The digitized rearview reduces glare from moving vehicles’ headlamps while improving nightly sight.

Seven-person accommodation with enough legroom is available in the Ford Explorer. However, several individuals have had trouble getting to the third row of seating because of a lack of room. The Explorer lacks a digitized rearview mirror but includes a camera that allows users to see the back of the vehicle on display.


The Toyota Highlander features a sophisticated exterior that gives them a high-end appearance. The automobile is equipped with LED lighting for crystal-clear vision in all weather. The Highlander has a smart key that allows you to start the car using only a contact of your finger.

Much like Highlander, the Explorer features a stylish appearance with LED lighting. However, there are no keyless entry alternatives, which is something of a drawback for the customer in this day and age.


Finding a sufficiently broad area could be trickier for the Ford Explorer because it is more comprehensive than the Toyota Highlander. They use approximately a similar amount of room in your carport when measured by overall dimension.


When determining a vehicle’s total cost, several things must get considered. Maker’s recommended retail Pricing gets weighed the most. The price of the Explorer is slightly higher than the Highlander’s.


The above statistics show that the Highlander is a superior alternative to the Explorer. Several folks assume the Toyota Highlander is anemic, despite its ability to manage any circumstance, thanks to its dependable V6 engine and hybrid drivetrain.

Bottom Line

If you can’t decide between these two SU Ford Explorer vs Toyota Highlander, opt for the Highlander, It is a safe option. The Highlander is the most incredible three-row moderate SUV based on its dependability, security, and worth preservation. If speed, steering pleasure, and hauling capabilities are essential to you, the Explorer must be your choice.



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