Ford Expedition vs Lincoln Navigator – Is the Luxury Badge Worth?

ford expedition vs lincoln navigator

Ford Expedition is an SUV, a three-row full-size vehicle manufactured by Ford. The Ford Expedition is designed as the successor of the Ford Bronco. The expedition was manufactured in 1996; it is a full-size class with a four-door body. The structure and layout include a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, and front-engine four-wheel-drive. The models designed prior are Ford Bronco and Ford Excursion. The Lincoln Navigator is also a complete luxury SUV manufactured by the Lincoln brand of Ford. These types of SUVs are found in North America. This is the only vehicle built for six to eight people seating and cargo capacity. Let’s see the Ford expedition vs Lincoln navigator.

Is the Lincoln Navigator a Luxury Car?

The Lincoln Navigator is a popular and super-luxury SUV. It has quality material used for seating and a 30-way adjustable power seat set with a massage option available. And, it has its own unique and premium interior. It has two models, the long and short-wheelbase L models. These navigators are large, spacious, and very comfortable to travel on.

Anybody who prefers comfort and calm can buy a Lincoln navigator as their best option. The vehicle provides its owner with an effortless drive with the most advanced and innovative technology incorporated. The options allow drivers to travel hands-free in the hands-free blue zones on North American roads for 130 000 miles or more.

Which is the Bigger Ford Expedition or the Lincoln Navigator? 

The two SUVs are counterparts of each other. These vehicles are quite similar regarding nearly all options and features available. Both SUVs are full-sized and can carry 6 to 8 passengers with sufficient cargo space. But according to the comparisons, the Ford offers extra space to carry more cargo.

The Ford allows a maximum of 121.5 cubic feet of space, and the Lincoln Navigator offers 120.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Another difference that makes Ford Expedition bigger is both SUVs’ towing capacity. The Ford has an extra towing capacity making it better than the Lincoln. The towing capacity of Ford is 9300 pounds allowing one to tow large entertainment boats, at least two horse trailers, and even a 25 feet long camping trailer. In comparison, the Lincoln Navigator can tow around 8700 pounds.

Do the Navigator and the Expedition have the Same Engine?

Different models of both SUVs are designed differently. And some models of both vehicles have similar engines. They are not entirely the same. For example, the ford expedition of 2022 model has an engine that is twin-turbo 380-horsepower which is a 3.5-liter v6. And the timberline ford model has a 440-horsepower engine with a 3.5-liter v6. 

The Lincoln Navigator to has the same 440- horsepower twin-turbo engine with a 3.5 liter v6. So, there is a minimal difference in the engine of both these SUVs. This difference is minimal and based on the year of manufacture and model designed. But both have the same engine, especially the 2022 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models.

Ford Expedition vs Navigator Suspension? 

A suspension system is an essential part of any vehicle. The suspension absorbs imperfections and bumps on the road, creating a good balance so the passengers and driver can comfortably travel. It helps maximize and stabilize the vehicle’s contact with the road. The suspension system includes the tires, springs, struts, shock absorbers, linkages, joints, bushing, and the air inside the tires.

Both ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator had different forms of suspension systems over the years, depending on the models manufactured. Many luxury and super luxury vehicles have air suspension to create balance and stability on the road. The Ford Expedition has a suspension system called the CCD- continuously controlled damping suspension.

This suspension system helps Ford detect and react to any obstacles, challenges, barriers, and deviations on the road. The Ford uses an air suspension system that levels and balances the vehicle under heavy loads or when a trailer is attached. It has two airbags in the rear axle of the expedition.

A Lincoln Navigator has an air suspension system. The air suspension for a 2WD model vehicle is in the rear wheel. And a four-corner leveling air suspension for a 4WD model. This creates immense comfort on the road. 

Ford Expedition vs Lincoln Navigator

Both SUVs are luxury vehicles with similar features and performance. But let us look into some difference between the two that makes one better than the other when we compare the ford expedition 2022 with the Lincoln Navigator 2022 trim and price range. We can see that Ford Expedition has the lowest trim price range. Ford Expedition XL is $52 500, XLT is $55 640, limited $65 000, etc., Lincoln Navigator standard is $80 000, the reserve is $85 000, and black label is $100 000.

When comparing both interiors, the Ford Expedition has many styles, including primary and luxury. At the same time, Lincoln Navigator has only a high-end cabin. Ford Expedition has captain chairs, many cubby options, leather steering wheels, sufficient internal space, and cushioned front seats.

The Lincoln Navigator has an open pore wooden trim with spacious 3-row seating and adjustable massaging seating. The exterior dimension of the Ford measures 210″ L x 80″ W x 76″ H. The Lincoln has the same features but has 18-, 20- or 22-inch wheels.

Ford’s seating and cargo space can accommodate 5 to 8 passengers, while the Lincoln can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers. The long-wheelbase has more cargo space in both types. The towing capacity of Ford is more extensive (9300 pounds) than Lincoln’s towing capacity (8 700 pounds).

When we compare the engine capacity, we can observe that the Ford Expedition has a twin-turbocharged engine that is 3.5 liters with a 10-speed automatic transmission that is AWD or RWD (380 to 480 horsepower). And the Lincoln has a single 3.5-liter engine with a v6 10-speed automatic transmission (440 horsepower). 

The driver assistant features of the Ford Expedition are one unique feature that differentiates a ford from the Navigator. This includes blind spot monitoring, pre-collision assistance, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping systems with core-autopilot360.

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