Does the Prius C Have a Backup Camera? (Price, Specs & More)

does the prius c have a backup camera

Some people prefer practicality over performance. If you are one of them, you can never go wrong with the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Prius is the only car you need if budget and fuel efficiency are your top priorities, although you will have to come up with some nasty highway characteristics. The Prius C is the compact hatchback version of the Toyota Prius, and it also provides you with all the key things you can expect from a Prius. So if a car’s first priority is practicality, it should be a very safe ride, right? It should be equipped with the best safety and features, isn’t it? So, does the Prius c have a backup camera? Well, let’s find out.

Does Prius Come with Backup Camera?

The latest Toyota Prius models come with a backup camera as a standard, no matter what trim level you choose for. However, the older generations had it standard in high-level trims and an extra for the low-level trims. The new Prius comes with the Toyota Safety Sense feature as default, which includes full-speed intelligent cruise control, automated emergency braking, and lane departure alert. Parallel parking assistance is also available on higher-end variants.

Does the Prius C Have a Backup Camera?

The new Prius c has a backup camera as standard in every model. However, you can’t find the backup camera in the older model Prius c’s. Even though you have the touch screen in the car, you don’t include a reverse camera in most of the trim levels, which is really annoying for a car’s MSRP starts at 25,000 $.

Of course you can upgrade it with a reverse camera as an extra, but when the time you are going to buy a used car, you don’t have the option to make that choice. You either have to filter your options to look for a car that is equipped with a backup camera which is going to cost more than an average Prius c or have to buy a car without a camera and install an aftermarket camera to your car.

Is Adding a Backup Camera to Prius Worth It?

Yes, ofcourse you won’t regret spending money on a backup camera that might save you or a pedestrian’s life one day. It is an essential device to eliminate blind spots, park in narrow spaces, deal with traffic, and many more. Backup cameras may aid in avoiding accidents that could result in harm to you, others, or your automobile.

While determining the space between yourself and other vehicles or structures they are useful. Whether you attach a backup camera manually or have one placed when your car is new, it offers a number of safety aspects for yourself, your household, and other drivers. Here are some of the benefits of having a backup camera listed below.

Get Rid of Blind Spots

You are limited to seeing a certain amount in your vehicle’s rearview mirror, and even moving your eyes to glance out while you reverse up your car does not really enable you to see all that’s going on. Your vehicle’s rear cam aids in removing blind areas while you reverse. 

Safeguard Kids and Animals

Kids are little, and also most animals are close to the floor. Children and pets may remain hidden when you reverse your automobile in the garage and storage places. A backup camera enables you to see what is immediately beneath your vehicle. A backup camera that is mounted on the vehicle may spare the existence of your kids and dogs. Certain sensors have a larger field of view than most others.


When attempting to reverse your automobile out of a small enclosed space, crowded parking lots are a total mess. Even worse, a headache is parallel parking on a crowded roadway. When trying to do these duties, a backup camera can prevent you from driving into or perhaps even simply brushing another automobile.


Envision yourself in a circumstance where you or the vehicle that is ahead of you in congested areas must perform a little reversal. This reversing is a simple and pressure-free operation made possible by rear cameras.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Backup Camera Prius C?

You can install a reverse camera for your Prius c for approximately 400 USD. However, Determining which kind of camera is appropriate for your car might be a little difficult with so many options.

However, based on whether your automobile currently has an in-dash display, you may start to take it apart. The price of cameras for a car with a monitor is between $150 and $400. For labor, budget $400 to $600. however, there will be extra costs if the vehicle lacks a display: $150–200 for a display only and $500–1,500 for a new head system with a display.

How to Install Backup Camera on a Toyota Prius?

It’s not hard to set up a rearview camera. However, it necessitates some effort and some automobile knowledge. Perhaps “cordless” rearview cameras require electricity, necessitating unplugging the battery in your car to join cables.

The majority of folks ought to choose a skilled setup, which will set them back at least $50. However, mounting a rearview camera is not difficult if you have experience operating cars.

The procedure is summarised as follows:

  • Remove the battery from your vehicle.
  • Install the rearview camera, in most cases, to your number plate
  • For electricity supply, hardwire the device, in most cases, to your reverse indicator
  • Send visual cords through the door seal to your car stereo or screen.

You might be required to connect an add-on display to the display system or inner lighting system if you purchase one. However, when used with a Bluetooth camera system, certain add-on screens may be powered by the smoking socket in your car, which might make setup quite simple.

Remember that an electric current from your automobile might result in your fatal injury. Hire a trained technician to set up your rearview camera if you do not understand how to properly operate an automobile.

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