Does Tesla Have a Check Engine Light? [Updated Guide]

does tesla have a check engine light

We all know that Tesla is an electrically powered vehicle, different from an ordinary car that runs on fuel. Hence, the way you need to handle and drive the Tesla will be new for you if it’s your first time. Out of all the odds in the car and questions listed in your head, does Tesla have a check engine light? We know that the check engine light plays a significant role in notifying you when there are defects. But since there was a question spreading along, does Tesla have a check engine light? You might have a list of questions piling in your mind. But it would be best if you relaxed because you can count on this article for your question.

What does a Check Engine Light Tell?

A check engine, as the name implies is a safety component connected to the engine, playing a major role in notifying you of the defects in the car. When a light ignites in your check engine, it is a warning signal that there is a fault in the emission system, engine, or any system connected to the car’s engine. Thus, when a car’s defect is related to the engine, the check engine light will ignite to notify the driver about the fault and take immediate action.

The check engine light ignites in different colors, too, indicating the severity of the fault. If the engine light ignites red, it denotes the defect is severe and has to be fixed immediately. And,  if the check engine light is lit yellow or orange, the severity of the faulty component is less, but it needs to be repaired and serviced. If blue or green ignites in the check engine light, the issue is mild in the car and implies the faulty system in the car is operating.

Do Electric Cars have Check Engine Lights?

The system used to operate electric cars is different from regular cars running on fuel. One of the major differences between electric and gasoline cars is the absence of the engine Tesla, which makes most electric car buyers ask if electric cars have a check engine light.

Hence, the answer is no, because electric cars do not have an engine, they lack the check engine light from the car too. But instead of an engine, electric cars have electric motors and battery packs to power the vehicle, which has an equal or more power capacity as much as an engine.

Does Tesla have a Check Engine Light?

As previously stated, the Tesla is an electric car that is operated differently than an ordinary gasoline car powered by motors instead of an engine. Because of this reason, the answer to does Tesla have a check engine light is a “No,” as it makes it evident because the Teslas do not have an engine.

But if you are worried, how might a driver know if there are any defects or faults in the Tesla car, it shouldn’t be your concern. Tesla’s car health is consistently tracked in the car app and recorded in the car’s computers. An onboard diagnostics system is used to track data points using sensors in the car, like the vehicle speed, tire pressure, and battery charge level. Hence, the onboard diagnostics system will also warn the driver and display the defects in the car’s touchscreen.

Hence the onboard diagnostic system detecting the defects in the car is equal to the check engine light used in a gasoline car.

Why does Tesla Don’t have a Check Engine Light?

As previously discussed, the Tesla doesn’t have a check engine light as it is an electric car. The fact that electric cars do not have an engine excludes the check engine light from Tesla’s car. But as discussed above, Tesla uses an onboard diagnostics system to track the car’s health and display it on the touchscreen if there are any defects to notify the driver.

Does Tesla have an Engine Sound?

Electric cars are manufactured with silent motors and do not have an engine. Thus, Tesla’s car will not make any loud engine noises. However, the Tesla car might emit other noises besides an engine sound but less than a gasoline car.

Though the Tesla is a silent car, they make “fake noises” while accelerating, which means fake engine noises are lodged. The fake engine noises are emitted through a speaker hidden behind the front bumper to make the car audible on the roads when accelerating.

How does Tesla Indicate Malfunction?

If you have just switched to Tesla from a gasoline car, you might panic for a moment in the absence of a check engine in the Tesla car. It is one of the biggest concern for most first-time users to understand how Tesla indicate when there is a defect in the car. But you don’t have to worry because the Tesla establishment indeed has a better alternative to detect the faults in the car and alarm the drivers.

Hence, if there is a defect or faulty system in the Tesla car, the driver is immediately notified through the touch screen with a probable reason. If not, apps are also built to inform you if there is any faulty system in your Tesla car. The app and the Touch screen method used to indicate the problem in the car is also far more convenient than the check engine light.


It is natural for people to give overall research if it’s their first time switching to an electric car from a gasoline car. First-time buyers might be curious about the features and are tempted to ask questions regarding Teslas.

One common question asked by many is whether Tesla has a check engine light. Since the check engine light is a vital system ensuring the safety of the passengers, you might need more clarification about the alternative used in Teslas.

Thus, in the article does Tesla have a check engine light, we have discussed topics like why Tesla doesn’t have a check engine light and how Tesla indicates a malfunction.

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