Does Audi Q5 have Remote Start? Everything You Need To Know!

does audi q5 have remote start

No. Audis, in general, does not come with remote starts. If you are from Germany or from any other Europe country, you might probably know that they don’t come with remote starts. But if you are not from a Europe country, you’ll wonder that does Audi Q5 have remote start. Having a remote start is important on some occasions, and you drive comfortably and safely when your vehicle has a remote start. So, for your knowledge, in this article, we will tell you facts to know about remote start and remote start in Audis.

What is Remote Start and How Does it Work?

Remote start is a system that allows you to start your vehicle automatically, whether you are closer to it or not.  You can start the vehicle from a distance by using a key fob or a mobile app. Basically, remote start allows you to start or turn off the vehicle. But in advanced systems, it allows adding extra comfort and security to your vehicle.

Remote start is a highly user-friendly tool on your end.

This is how it works:

The car starts by pressing the button, and you can exit the building to get in a cold car in the summer and a warm one in the winter. However, the technology within the car is extremely complex. The components in charge of ignition are connected by a lot of wires.

The auto start of your vehicle can be controlled by a key fob. When you press the button on it, the components in your vehicle receive a signal to start or initiate.

This switches on all the systems required to operate the temperature and start the engine.

Some vehicles also can be initiated using mobile apps. Even when the engine is running, the automobile won’t entirely operate until you put in the key.

Does Audi Q5 have Remote Start?                     

No. Audi Q5 or any other Audi model does not have remote starts. Over in Europe, in Germany, it is actually illegal to have a remote start. Because they have much tighter environmental laws, using remote starts will increase environmental pollution, and the cars will be less efficient due to more fuel burn.

Therefore, they don’t produce Audis with emote starts as it doesn’t go with the concept of being environmentally friendly.

Also, Germany has laws mentioning running a vehicle without its driver in the driving seat, and using remote start is prohibited. However, automakers frequently create unique variations of their best-selling car models for use in various regions of the world.

Within the year and with the same model of a car, they make adjustments in octane levels, fuel quality, special features, various laws, and consumer preferences to match with various regions.

Therefore, you can find Audi Q5s with remote starts in countries outside Europe. Authorized auto dealers will add the remote start facility to your Audi Q5 if you request it from them.

Which Audi Q5 Models Have Remote Start?

As we mentioned before, none of the original Audi models has a remote start. A remote start is not a factory setting you’ll ever see in Audi models. But if you want a remote start and it is not illegal to use the remote start option in your region, you can add them on your own or by contacting an authorized auto dealer in your country.

You can add the remote start for Audi Q5s from 2009 to the present. Auto dealers have remote start kits to add to your Audi. However, if you want to check whether your Audi Q5 has a remote start, you just have to press the load button on your key fob three times.

After about 5 seconds, it will start if your Audi Q5 has the remote start option. Also, the Audi Q5 2021 comes with the facility to operate remotely by using a smartphone App. Therefore, you can also use it to remote start your Audi Q5.

How to Use Remote Start in Your Audi Q5?

After installing the remote start kit to your Audi Q5, you should program it. If you are not specialized or knowledgeable about it, contact an authorized auto dealer, an experienced mechanic, or a professional. After all the work and wrapping up, you can use the remote start. Given below are the steps on how to use remote start in your Audi Q5.

How to Use Remote Start in Your Audi Q5

  1. Get your factory key / key fob and find the lock button on it. It is usually on the upper corner on your right-hand side.
  2. Press the button three times. When you press it, the vehicle will give you a little light show on the front or in the back, signaling that your Audi Q5 has accepted the remote start. After hitting it, in about four or five seconds, your vehicle will start.
  3. It will be on start mode for about 15 minutes. In advanced settings, remote start will warm or cool the interior of your Audi Q5 and adjust the security features.

If you want to turn off your vehicle, you just have to press the lock button three times again, as before.

Alternatives to Remote Start

The popular alternative to remote start is installing an after-market remote start kit. As Audis don’t come with remote starters, it is also the best method to use if you want to start the vehicle remotely.

As for pre-warm or pre-cool the interior of your vehicle, it is better to install a tiny electric heater or a preheater in the car, set it on a timer, and switch it on to warm the vehicle up before you get in.

The same goes for pre-cooling your vehicle. Purchase and install a precooler for your vehicle. Or use a smart home device. This will warm or cool the vehicle’s interior supplying you with a comfortable place to drive.

Does 2015 Audi Q5 have Remote Start?

No. Audis are not factory-made with remote starts. Therefore, you won’t be able to find a remote start in your 2015 Audi Q5 unless it has installed an after-market remote start kit.

Does Audi Q5 have Push Button Start?

Yes. It is an optional feature that comes in some models of Audi, including the Audi Q5. It is called Audi Advanced Key. This allows the vehicle to have more advanced remote features than in the base model.

Push button start is one of those features. It will stop the engine of the vehicle like a short-range remote start.

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