Do Car Batteries Come Charged? Let’s Find Out

Do Car Batteries Come Charged

When you are out of the station for a long vacation, you will probably park your car in the garage. When you return home after a few weeks, there are chances of you finding a car with a dead battery! Do car batteries come charged? This is a common question that all the new purchasers spend some time to clarify when they want to replace a dead battery. 

A car battery is a key factor in starting the electrical motor responsible for the internal combustion engine. The battery is the energy provider to the vehicle’s various accessories when the engine is stopped. The air conditioner, sounds, wiper, headlights, extra lights installed, and airbags are some features powered by the electricity provided by the battery. The usual life span of a car battery is between 3 years-5 years. When it is time to change the battery, it will show some functional issues in the car. 

Do Car Batteries Come Charged?

When running, the alternator recharges the battery by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. When the car is being parked for a long period, tools like the clock, security alarms, radio, interior lights, door lights, and trunk lights continuously drain the battery power.

There is no way to regain power as the vehicle is parked. Thus, this parasitic drain will make your battery dry within two weeks. Therefore, if you are not using the car for some time, make sure you start the car at least once a week. It is also a wise method to disconnect your car’s battery when you cannot use it for several weeks or months. 

Finally, when it is time to replace your battery, you will have to jump-start it as the battery does not perform. According to specialists, jump starting can cause damage to your car if it is not done following the exact technical procedures. It is a good idea to move on with a new battery once the battery health decreases to 40 % or lower rates. Do car batteries come charged? This is the next probable question you will be searching around regarding an emergency replacement.

It is unnecessary to charge a battery just after you purchase it or before you use it for the first time. A brand-new battery is typically 90% charged, and this charge is sufficient to start your car. The purpose of charging batteries before putting those on the dealer’s shelves is to stop degradation. 

How Long Does Car Battery Take to Charge After Jump?

Taking the power supply for a car with a dead battery from another properly functioning battery with the help of jumping cables is simply called jump-starting a car. If it works, after you start the car, keep it on start for at least 30 minutes. It would be better if you could ride the vehicle rather than keep idling. Because within 30 minutes, most car batteries are designed to get charged completely.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Battery?

The total process will cost you somewhere between $45- $500. The prices may vary according to the size, brand, power, labor cost for mechanics, etc. If you are doing a DIY replacement, you could cut off installation expenses. 

How do I Know When My Car Battery Needs Replacing?

We have explained the warning signs that showcase a battery failure below. It is important to know about these to avoid unexpected breakdowns when you are in the middle of an important journey or on a gloomy winter night.

  • Trouble Starting– If your car needs to start with a key, usually one turn will be more than enough to do it. If there is a button, it will need one simple press. If your car battery has become out of use, you will have to try it many times. If you face this kind of situation, run the car for at least 30 minutes to supply enough electrical power to the battery. 
  • Malfunctioning of Car’s Electric-Powered Components– As we discussed above, the battery is the power supplier for various electric devices in a car. If the battery has no power to transmit for those, they will stop working, or it will be too late to respond.
  • Warning Lights Appear on the Dashboard– Warning lights similar to a dry cell appear when there is a corroded battery cable, issues with the alternator, or a voltage regulator malfunction. If the alternator does not charge your battery while riding, the warning lights will turn on. It says that now the car is only powered by the stored charge of the battery and will stop suddenly when that amount of charge is over. 
  • The Time Used– If you have used the battery for over 5 years and have issues with starting and functioning, the old battery bears most of the blame. 
  • The Start-stop Feature Cannot Be Used– If the battery has less power, this option will be disabled as it draws a lot of currents. Therefore, we can also get it as a sign prior to a breakdown due to a dead battery. 

Do you Need to Drive Car After New Battery?

Approximately 30 minutes from the start of the engine will make your new car battery charged fully. 

How Do You Know If your Car Battery is Fully Charged?

You can check the voltage of your battery by purchasing a voltmeter. If you get a reading of 12.6 volts or higher than that, the battery is in fully charged condition. 

How Can I Start My Car with a Dead Battery Without Another Car?

If you cannot find another jump start using jumping cables, try the pushing method. Collect enough people to push the car. Turn on the switch. Paddle on the clutch and use the second gear while the emergency brake is on. Release the handbrake while pressing on the brake pad. Then ask the supporters to push and release the brake. Release the clutch quickly, and the engine will start. If it does not work, try following the same steps again. 


This article describes the answer to the question regarding the charge of a car battery when you purchase a brand-new one. This also contains solutions for some FAQs on car battery failures. 

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