Chevy Volt Vs Bolt: PHEV OR BEH Chevy Is Suited For You?

Chevy Volt Vs Bolt

When it comes to automobiles, you might know that there are various vehicle brands and models where chevy cars belong to the Chevrolet Motor Division of the most famous American General Motors Company. Chevy car produces a high-quality electric vehicle which solely powered using a battery. On the other hand, a hybrid car also uses fuel and a battery. Suppose you are planning to get an electric vehicle, then knowing the comparison between chevy volt vs bolt will be helpful.

Most people think the chevy volt and bolt are similar models. Although there are some similarities, you will also see some differences. You might know Chevrolet is one of the most popular car brands producing a range of options. Because of their branded and quality production, these cars are sold worldwide in several countries.

Among different models, the chevy volt and bolt are also the two best models. If you’re planning to purchase a car of these models, then by knowing the comparison, you can decide which one will suit you.

Chevrolet is a luxury brand, and apart from the family cars, they also manufacture sports model cars, trucks, etc. Owning a chevy car is always excellent, and you will get the chance to obtain hands-on experience. If most of the automotive markets in the world, among other car models, the chevy car will have a significant place.

When you take the history of this brand, you might see it was introduced as a brand in 1911, and its first car itself was costly according to that period. Although these cars are expensive, they also provide a satisfying feature that is more advanced. This blog will significantly highlight the similarities between the chevy volt and bolt. 

What Is Chevy Volt?

Chevy volt is a successful product of the Chevrolet company, and it is their first plug-in hybrid car that came in 2011. Although this car has both an engine and an electric battery, it will solely operate on the battery’s power until it drops to a certain level. Hence the fuel consumption of this vehicle will be minimum.

Initially, when the brand introduced its new chevy volt car, it became popular and one of the bestselling vehicles globally. Later General Motors came up with the idea of closing this model in 2019, and they started focusing mainly on producing electric cars, trucks, and SUVs.

What Is Chevy Bolt?

Let’s also discuss briefly chevy bolt cars before looking at the comparison between chevy volt vs bolt. Chevy Bolt was also one of the popular cars that came in 2016. This is an entirely electric vehicle that is powered by a battery. This was initially an excellent choice for customers interested in driving an electric vehicle that does not use any fuel.

Anyways, did General Motors Continue to produce this car? There were issues in the chevy bolt’s battery, and the company decided to discontinue the production of this model. Later, they solved the problem and resumed production in April 2022.

What Is Chevy Bolt?

Chevy Volt Vs Bolt Comparison

Sometimes you might not know the difference between chevy volt and bolt, but you don’t have to worry since you can get in-detail knowledge here. The name Bolt and Volt sound similar, which is why most people confuse them. In contrast, many differences make each of these models unique. Hence let’s look at the factors differentiating volt vs bolt.

Electrified Cars

You might have heard that Chevy Bolt and Volt are electrified cars which is true as they both consist of a battery that supplies power when operating the vehicle. In contrast, when you take the chevy volt, it is not completely electric hence you will also notice an engine in that vehicle that will also need fuel.

So, the chevy volt cars are hybrid. On the other hand, the Chevy bolt model is an entirely electric version that runs only through the battery’s power. Therefore, chevy volt being partly gasoline is one of the significant differences among them.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance

The electric vehicle will not use fuel. Hence you will not have to worry about fuel consumption using a chevy bolt. When you take the battery performance on a single charge, the chevy bolt car can run a distance of 238 miles, which is high compared to the volt.

The chevy volt battery can complete a distance of 53 miles on a single charge. If the charge in the chevy volt drains, you don’t have to worry the vehicle will still perform with the help of fuel. The engine of your chevy volt will perform to take the car to a distance of 42 miles while burning a gallon of fuel.

In contrast, once the charge drains, you will need to take the vehicle to the charging station and recharge the battery of chevy bolt. Hence if you are planning for a long journey, the most reliable vehicle will be a chevy volt. This is mainly because you will find it difficult when searching for a charging station to recharge the battery of a chevy bolt car.


Safety is one of the most critical factors when purchasing a vehicle. These vehicles are designed with high safety precautions when considering chevy bolts and volts. They include ten airbags, an OnStar emergency communication system, forward collision warning, alerts on a traffic signal, and blind spots.

Most of these options will prevent the driver from an accident. Chevy volt will also include lane-keeping assist, which is not found in chevy bolt cars.  

External Appearance

The first difference you will see just by looking at these two models is the external appearance of the vehicles. Since the physical appearance is quite different from one another, you will be able to identify a chevy volt and bolt. Chevy volt will resemble the sedan, which means it is a conventional vehicle. In comparison, when you take the chevy bolt, it will look very similar to a sub-compact hatchback.


You will also consider the cost when purchasing a car along with the other features. As already mentioned in the article, both chevy volt and bolt are quite expensive due to their advanced features.

The cost of the chevy bolt will be $37495 while the chevy volt will cost $34395. Both these vehicles will have an additional destination cost which is $875. The price might change according to the taxes that apply to the country where you reside.

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