Chevy Trax Vs Chevy Equinox – Which is Better? 

chevy trax vs chevy equinox

If you want to purchase a chevy SUV, you are bombarded with two options, Trax and Equinox. And choosing the best one isn’t as easy as it sounds. We are here to make it easy for you by comparing the chevy trax vs. chevy equinox. We will also cover some other topics you might need clarification on. Wait no further. Stick to the end to learn everything about the two chevy SUV models. Let’s kick start into th context.

Chevy Trax vs Chevy Equinox – Key Differences 

There are a few similarities and differences between the chevy trax and chevy equinox latest models. 

Let us break down each difference as we progress our way in. 


The chevy trax and chevy equinox have a wide range of color options. Whatnot, you also have the privilege to customize the color as you prefer. 

Chevy Trax SUV is available in the market in summit white, stone grey, shadow grey, Metallic, Stone Gray Metallic, Black Cherry Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, Crimson Metallic, Blue Metallic, Mosaic Black Metallic, and Pearl Tricoat.

Chevy equino comprises Summit White, blue metallic Pacific Blue Metallic, Nightfall Gray Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, Mosaic Black Metallic, Pearl Tricoat, and Red Tintcoat color options. 


The trax and equinox engines are rated 1263 and 1500 pounds, respectively, as of ’21. There should be no major difference in the rating at the latest. 

How are the engines of both Trax and equinox? 

Let’s look at it. 

Chevy Trax has a four-cylinder engine powered by 1.4 liters of ECOTEC. 

It has 155 horsepower and 177lb torque. 

The engine allows and facilitates front-wheel and all-wheel driving. (and guess what, BOTH trims of the edition ha this cool facility) Whether you drive on a highway or city road, a comfortable ride is promised. 

Chevy Trax will get up to 32 mpg on highways and about 24 mpg on city roads. 

How Does the Chevy Equinox Engine Compare to the Trax Engine? 

Chevy equinox SUV offers a four-cylinder engine powered by 1.5 liters ECOTEC. It has 170 horsepower and 203 lb of torque. 

Concerning driving, th premier trim gives 25 mpg on city roads and 30 mpg on highways. The rest of the trims provide 26 mpg on city roads and 31 mpg on highways. 

How Does the Chevy Equinox Engine Compare to the Trax Engine?


The Chevy Equinox is very roomy than the chevy trax. 

However, it doesn’t mean the trax are tight on space. 

Trax can accommodate upto 5 people, just the same as the equinox. 

It is just that the equinox model focuses on accommodating a whole family. It would make a great choice for road trips on the weekend and carpool karaoke sessions with the fam. 

Trax, however, isn’t focused on being generous to a whole family. But either way, it has enough room. 

Let us get specific and provide you with accurate deets about the interior of each SUV model. 

Starting Off with Chevy Trax, 

  • 18.7 cubic feet of space for cargo (second)
  • Can accommodate upto 5 passengers 
  • 48.4 cubic feet of cargo space in the first row 
  • Configured with four seats
  • Adjustable driver’s seat (in four-way) 
  • Adjustable front passenger seats (manual) 
  • Remote start (keyless)
  • The 7-inch display on the dashboard 
  • Comprises six speakers 
  • Both android auto and apple carplay friendly 
  • Wifi access and 4G hotspot access 
  • A 12-volt outlet is present 

The Interior of Chevy Equinox Offers, 

  • Passenger capacity of 5 
  • Cargo volume is 29.9 cubic feet in the second row 
  • First row’s cargo space rates 63.9 cubic feet (massive indeed) 
  • Hidden storage compartments 
  • 7-inch display screen 
  • Good connectivity options 

Safety Tech 

How Does the Safety Technology Differ in the Chevy Trax and Chevy Equinox? 

While Trax and equinox models are equipped with superior safety technologies, the chevy equinox steps up in the game by providing additional safety options compared to Trax.

Let us take a look at what they are, 

  • Chevy safety assist 
  • Distance indicator 
  • Automatic emergency braking system 
  • Front pedestrian braking 
  • Forward collision alert 
  • Lane keep assist with lane departure warning 
  • intelliBeam 

The features mentioned above are only available in chevy equinox. 

We will discuss the safety tech features in chevy trax in the latter. Keep moving. 

Pricing Plan 

The Chevy equinox is more costly than the chevy trax. 

If you’re on a budget, chevy trax will be the best option since equinox falls under the expensive category. 

Let’s get specific. 

Both LS and LT trims of chevy trax may cost roughly $21 400 and $23,200, respectively. 

The equinox trims, LS and LT, may cost roughly $25,800 and $26,900, respectively. 

Equinox RS may go up to $30,100. The premier trim can cost you 31,300 approximately. 

Chevy Trax vs Chevy Equinox – Similarities 

We are now aware of the differences between the trax and equinox SUVs. 

Let’s analyze the similarities now. It will help you make a worthy decision for your ultimate purchase. 


Trax and equinox provide tri-coat paint options (a clear paint coat with tinting hints for a deeper outlook). It has a base painting and transparent paint over it for a classy profile. 


Both engines have the same transmission speed. 

They also provide performance that depends on several other common factors. 


Even though equinox is known for its spacious interior, both SUVs can accommodate 5 passengers. 

But equinox is far more convenient and comfortable as there is more space. That doesn’t mean Trax will make it uncomfortable. 

Also, both have connectivity services for entertaining rides. 


Both chevy equinox and chevy trax have the following safety technologies, 

  • Teen driver technology 
  • Rear vision cam 
  • Electronic stability control

Whch is Bigger – The Chevy Trax or Equinox? 

Chevy Equinox is the bigger SUV when considering the space. 

However, chevy trax also has enough space volume in its interior even though It doesn’t match the size of the equinox.

Refer to the specifications we have already provided above on the spatial context of the SUV for a thorough understanding. 

Is Chevy Equinox a Reliable SUV? 

In terms of both outlook and performance, chevy equinox is doing a great job so far. It can make a reliable SUV if maintained properly. 

Which is Better – Trax or Equinox? 

It depends on your needs and requirements. 

Both SUVs perform well with the spectrum of their features. 

The exterior profiles are no less, either. Both of them have a gorgeous and elegant outlook. 

They can make reliable SUVs as per the way you will utilize them. 

Refer to the specification we have already explained. Once you are clear about your plan with the SUV, you will know which one will make a good choice for you. 

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