Car Feels Loose When Driving? [Causes and SIMPLE Fixes]

Car feels loose when driving

Sometimes your car feels loose when driving. On such occasions, don’t panic and find a specific issue that causes the car to feel loose. A car feels loose when driving for many reasons. Some of them are loose steering systems, unbalanced tires, and worn suspension components, including brake rotors, wheels, and driveshaft. After reading this article, you will know how to diagnose the issue when your car feels loose and how to take necessary precautions.

Therefore, refer to this article if you have a vehicle that has been owned and used for a long time and is at risk of feels lose to be prepared for such a condition.

What Causes a Car to Feel Loose When Driving?

If your car feels loose when driving, this may be because of several reasons originating from various sources of the vehicles. Let’s refer to them in brief.

  1. Loose steering system

The linkages of the steering wheel could have been worn out. These linkages include the connection between the front wheels and the steering wheel and between the steering wheel and the steering column. Also, you have to look for any worn-out parts in the front suspension parts that hold the tires.

  1. Bad brake rotors

If the car feels loosing when pressing the brake pedal, you can guess that there is an issue with the brake rotors. And it might be bad if you don’t consult professional advice immediately.

  1. Broken driveshaft

The driveshaft may malfunction due to external forces. If your car collided with an obstacle or got into an accident recently, the car may experience shaking and feel loose in some instances, including slow-speed driving as well. This may be because of a broken driveshaft.

  1. Worn-out tires

Wearing tires is one of the main reasons and should be considered as soon as possible when you feel loose in your car when driving.

What Does Loose Steering Feel Like?

When you have a loose steering wheel, the following are the symptoms that you might feel.

If the car is overturning and you feel like it is out of your control when you take a turn, this might be because of loose steering. You have to pay attention to this otherwise it will go too far than your intention.

And if you notice or hear a sound like knocking or hitting something when the car hits a bump on the road, this is another symptom of having a loose steering wheel. Also, be careful when you feel your car is moving from one side to another, like shimmering, when you are on the highway or if you are driving at high speed, it convinces you that you have a loose steering wheel.

How to Diagnose a Loose Car While Driving?

There are some issues you can diagnose by yourself, but you can’t diagnose every little reason that causes the car to feel loose. So, it is better to take your car to a service centre or get expert advice.

You can check the brake rotors this way:

Park the vehicle somewhere safe and step on the brake pedal as you usually do. If you feel that it is not the same way before or if you experience shaking of your steering wheel and can’t be controlled, bad brake rotors are the cause of this.

For worn-out and unbalanced tires, you should follow the below method:

If you notice the car consumes more fuel than before, this might be because of an issue with the tires. Drive for a little distance and check whether you can hear strange noises such as buzzing or loud humming from your vehicle. And also, check if the tires have patches on them or if they are flat or worn out.

For a broken driveshaft and damages in the linkages of the steering wheel system, bring your car to a service system and tell them the symptoms you feel when driving. It will be easy for them to take the necessary actions to fix the issues.

Can Driving a Loose Car Be Dangerous?

Of course, Yes! It is not a good idea to drive a loose car because it is not safer. Even if it is a little loose, you should fix it before driving.

Looseness in the car system will have a higher possibility of getting your car into accidents. The car would be out of your control when there is loose. It will overturn and also cause risk even when driving slowly. Once the car is loose in one section, it might affect other sources as well when driving. Therefore, it is better to not drive until you fix the issue and get your car back to normal.

How to Fix a Loose Car While Driving?

Here we provide you with a detailed guide on how to fix a car that feels loose while driving, including tips for replacing worn suspension components, adjusting the steering system, and balancing the tires.

First, you have to diagnose the issues in the specific parts. And some problems can be fixed on your own, and some need professional guidance, and you have to take your car to a service centre.

If there is an issue in the tires, such as wearing out or problems in alignment, you will be able to fix it on your own by following the below steps.

  1. Check the pressure of your tires.
  2. Examine the components such as steering knuckles, springs, and ball joints for wear or tear. You have to check all the front suspension components.
  3. If any repairment needed, you have to do it as needed. For this, it is better to contact an expert or a mechanic.
  4. Measure the gap between the front and the rear tires and decide whether it should be aligned inward or outward. It would be better if you could bring your car to a tire shop for these changes.
  5. If the tire is worn out, you have to replace it with a new tire. Instead of filling the gaps, it is better if you can change your tire for a long-lasting drive.
  6. Go for a test drive and see whether the problem is fixed.

Follow the below steps to fix the wheel bearings.

  1. Lift the car’s side you need to repair using a jack.
  2. Remove the side of the tire that causes the issue
  3. Remove the inner and outer wheel bearings.
  4. Remove the rotor.
  5. Apply grease to the case.
  6. Install a fresh bearing behind the rotor.
  7. The bearing should be pushed into the seal.
  8. At the same time that you tighten the nut, rotate the rotor in the other direction.
  9. Replace the tyres and brake rotors.

Go for a test drive to see if the issues are fixed. For the issue with the steering wheel system, you must take the vehicle to a service centre.

Preventing a Car from Feeling Loose While Driving

To prevent your car from feeling loose while driving, you have to take good of the car. Maintain the vehicle regularly and take your vehicle to a service centre at least once every two months. Regular maintenance is the main option for fixing most of the issues in your vehicle.

Check the pressure of your tires as well. It might help you to notice if there is any problem with your tyres and wheels. Also, it is better if you can avoid potholes and rough roads when driving. And be careful not to get into accidents and collisions. Every car is not made better for every rough road. Therefore, you must be careful of your car by referring to a user manual or by getting advice from experienced mechanics.

Will Alignment Fix Loose Steering?

Yes. It is a good option most of the time. If there are no other unidentified issues, an alignment of the wheels may bring the steering wheel back to its centre. The steering can feel a little bit slack if the alignment angles are not in line with the vehicle’s factory specs. Wheel alignments can remedy this situation.

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