Can you Fix a Bent Rim with a Hammer? Truth About Using a Hammer!

can you fix a bent rim with a hammer

Driving with a bent rim is not an easy job and is almost impossible because of the unpleasant noises, vibrations and instability in the steering wheels. You are also prone to accidents due to imbalance and less control to drive the vehicle. Though bent rims are not a severe issue and are quite normal in vehicles, they should not concern you because there are plenty of ways you can fix them. One of the famous hacks many use to fix a bent rim is hammering the rim. Since this looks harsh and tough on the wheel, most are unsure if using a hammer is safe. Hence, the question followed by most is, can you fix a bent rim with a hammer? Though it is possible and safe to fix a bent rim with a hammer, there are a few complications because the wrong method can worsen the bent rims. If you want to find out more about can you fix a bent rim with a hammer, stick to the article and read till the end.

Can a Bent Rim be Repaired, or Is a Replacement Necessary?

A bent rim to be repaired or replaced depends on the condition of the bent rim.

Though most of the time, you can repair the rim if the issues are minor, it will be necessary to replace them with new ones when the condition is worse. However, replacing rims is quite expensive compared to repairing them.

It costs nearly $750 to replace new rims, but it will not cost more than $150 to fix them.

That is why it is better to fix bent rims before the condition worsens; replacements will not be necessary. Thus, once you recognize the signs of a bent rim, it is better to fix them soon.

What Happens When you Hammer a Metal?

Since most rims are made of metal, you might wonder what happens when you hammer a metal.

Hammering against a metal directly will bend them and sometimes misshape them if you hammer too hard. However, hammering on metal is safer than other materials because they are flexible and will not break.

Thus, it will be safe to use hammers on metal rims but ensure not to hammer hard as they can bend too much.

Can you Hammer Rims Straight with a Hammer?

It is not recommended to hammer rims straight because the effect is less and could damage the rims.

Using a block of wood to reduce the pressure is safer for the rims and helps to fix them if they are bent.

Thus, if you want to fix a bent rim using a hammer, it is safer to avoid hammering them directly as the increased pressure will damage them and only worsen it.

However, you can only use the hammer if your car has metal rims because hammering against alloy rims will worsen the condition.

What are the Risks of Using a Hammer to Repair a Bent Rim

What are the Risks of Using a Hammer to Repair a Bent Rim?

If you do not use the hammer properly to fix the rims, there is a chance for the rims to get worse with no option to fix them.

Hammering too hard or directly without a wooden block will put extra pressure on the rims causing them to bend and worsening the bent condition in the wheels.

Thus, using a wooden block and a right size hammer is advised. Avoid using the hammer directly, hammering too fast or slow, and maintain a consistent pace to straighten the rim safely.

How Do you Fix a Bent Rim with a Hammer?

Using a hammer to fix a bent rim is one of the easiest go-to options if you want to fix the car quickly, and it takes less than 15 minutes.

However, the hammer method can only be used on metal wheels and avoided on alloy wheels as they are not strong as metal.

Hammering alloy wheels will only worsen the condition. You must understand how to fix a bent rim with a hammer because there are a few tips you need to remember during the process. Thus, ensure you read the instructions properly and follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. First, you must wear safety goggles with ear protection because the hammering noise is loud and to avoid flying objects harming you. It is also better to wear safety gloves since you are using a hammer.
  2. Figure out the bent rim and clean them before you start the process.
  3. Heat the bent area in the rim using a blow torch, and avoid overheating, as you can burn yourself. Heating the rims will make it easier to fix the bend.
  4. Now place the wooden block on the bent and heated area. Using a 5-pound sledge hammer tap the wooden block from the parallel end. Maintain a consistent rhythm without hammering too hard or slowing until the bent rim is straightened.
  5. Refill your tire with the correct air pressure and check for leaks or bulges.

Alternative Methods for Fixing a Bent Rim at Home

If you do not wish to use the hammer to fix the bent rims, you still have alternatives to fix at home. The method below can also be used on alloy rims because hammering them will worsen the condition. Thus, the alternative is briefly explained with the method in the following.

Bottle Jack Method

Most of the time, the method is used to fix bent allow wheels at home using a bottle jack and a blow torch.

  1. First, straighten the rim and place the bottle car jack inside the rim in the center.
  2. Place sanding underneath the bottle jack to make it stable and provide support.
  3. Clean the bent rim from dirt, grease and debris.
  4. Heat the bent area using the blow torch. Ensure not to overheat the rims too much, as the alloy can break easily when the pressure is applied.
  5. Now pump the bottle using its handle. Maintain the pressure throughout the process till the rim is straightened. You can use the hammer and lightly tap the edges to straighten the bend.

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